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robort reading

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Reading on Page 8

Circle what you prediction the robot can do drink coffee housework play the piano water the flowr dancing get married swimming show you the road eat fruit cleaning the cars

Do you think you will have your own robots

Answer the following questions:
1. What are robots like? 2. What kind of jobs do robots do? 3. How soon will the robots come out to do the things like human? 4. What can the robots in Japan do? Can these robots work for us? 5. How soon will robots talk to people ? 6. Do you believe robots? Can you give some robots’ shapes?

What things can robots do? Are they useful? Finish the form and give them the ratings.

Robots can..

Useful rating

help with the housework


Can you finish the passage?

In some science fiction moives, People in the future ______ human own have their _____robots. These robots are just like _____ They help with the housework __________and do the most __________ jobs. unpleasant Some scientist _______believe that there _____ _____such will be robots in the future. However, they ______it may take agree _______ _____ hundredsof years. Scientists are now trying to make robots look like people and do the same things ____us. as ________ ________ have already made robots walk Japanese scientists be and _______. This kind of robot will also _____fun dance ______ ________. to watch

But robot scientist James White _______. He thinks disagrees difficult that it will be ________for a robot to do the ______ same things as a person ______ _______, it’s easy for a ______. for example wake child to _____up and know where ______they are. Mr White thinks that robots won’t be _____to do this. But other able scients disagree. They think thast robots will be ____ able in to talk to people ____25 to 50 years.

make Robot scientists are not just trying to _____robots look like people. For example, there are already robots ______ workingin factories. These robots look more like____ huge over _____. They do _______jobs over and ______again. arms simple People would not like to do such jobs and would get ______. But robots will ______get bored. bored never

In the future, there will be more robots everywhere _________ less and humans will have ______work to do. New robots will have many ________ _______. Some will look different shapes like humans, and others might look like ______. After snakes an earthquake a snake robot could help look for ___________, people _______ ________. That may not ______ under buildings seem ________now, but computers, ______rockets and possible space hundred even eletric toothbrushes ___________seemed impossible a ______ happen years ago, We never know what will _______ in the future!

1. science fiction moives 科幻电影 2. unpleasant adj. 不高兴的 pleasant adj. 高兴的 pleasure n. pleased=happy adj. 高兴的,开心的
be pleased with sb./sth. 对…很满意 be pleased to do sth. 做某事高兴 选用pleasant pleasure pleased 填空: ? –--Thanks a lot

. –--That my ________. pleasure pleased ? Our teacher was _________with our study . ? I think that will be a ________trip. pleasant pleased ? I am ________ to join you.

3. hundreds of 几百 hundreds of books 我校图书馆收藏着几百本书。 There are hundreds of books in our school library. =There are ____ _____ hundred books a few in our school library.

4. It is/was/will be + 形容词+ for sb. +to do sth. 对某人来说做…..是….

5. wake up sb. 叫醒某人 不要叫醒我。 Don’t wake me up. 6. be able to +原形 =can + 原形 (可以用各种时态) (只用在过去时 和一般现在时)

用be able to can 填空: 1. I don’t think you ___________live to be 100. will be able to could 2. When I was five, I ________swim.
was able to

7. There be sb. + doing sth. 有某人正在做… 那时侯有四个人正在睡觉。
There were four persons sleeping at that time.

=Four persons ______ ______at that time. are sleeping 有个妇女正在清理垃圾。 There is woman taking out the trash.

8. over and over 三翻四次, 反反复复,不断 婴儿喜欢反复说同一句话。 Babies like saying the same words over and over

9. get bored=be bored=feel bored 形容词 * 10. Sb. seem + 名词 to do sth.


他看来似乎病得很严重。 He seems/seemed very ill/ill badly. =He seems/seemed to be very ill/to be ill badly. 看来那件事是没可能的。 That thing seems/seemed impossible. =That thing seems/seemed ___ be impossible. to ____ _______.

* It seems/seemed that + 句子 看来天要下雪了。 It seems that it will rain.


看来那只老虎要死了。 It seems that the tiger will die/is going to die. /is dying.

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