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新目标八年级下Unit2 period4课件

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1.Your best friend is more popular than you. 2.You lost your sports clothes. 3.You can’t get good grades.

a. You’d better be careful. b. You should practice English every day. c. Maybe You need to talk with them.

4.You have to get up early.
5.You don’t have enough money. 6.You often argue with your parents. 7.It’s difficult to learn English.

d. Why not be more friendly?
e. What about asking your teacher for help?

f. You could find a part-time job
g. Why don’t you go to bed early?

2 Read this letter. Underline the problem.
Dear Aunt Chen, My cousin is the same age as me. She’s really nice, and we get on well, but she always borrows my things. Last week, she borrowed my math book and didn’t return it. So I couldn’t do my homework. I don’t want to have a fight with my cousin, because she’s my best friend. I don’t know What to do. Could you please give me some advice?

Yours Looking for Help

Self Check
talk find out call up argue say
1. Let’s call up Joe and invite him to play tennis. 2. You should talk about your problems with your parents. 3. My friend is angry with me. What should I say to him? 4. I don’t want to argue . Let’s forget it. 5. I thought I failed my best but I just found out I passed!

Are you busy in a week? What do you do after school?

I do:

I don’t do:

Section 1 Before You Read
What do you usually do after class?
I do: I don’t do:

Section 1 Before You Read
Look up these words in a dictionary.
football complain pressure freedom compare


1.The Taylors don’t want their children to do anything after class. F 2. The Taylors’ Children often get home

at 5:00 pm.


3. Linda Miller’s children are under too much pressure. F 4. Kids need time and freedom to relax. T

Find the following words and phrases in the article.
not…until 直到…才
it’s time for… send to 发送到 all kinds of 各种;许多

fit 适合;适应 as much as possible 尽可能多 under pressure 有压力 complain about抱怨 take part in 参加 include 包括,包含 pushy 一意孤行的

compare ….with 和…比较
crazy 疯狂的 push督促

themselves 他们自己
adult 成年人

on the one hand 在一方面 organized 有组织的
on the other hand 在另一方面 freedom 自由

1) Exercise book(1), 特训3。 2) Copy wordsP16-17(5times)
3) 用P15 1中的5个词语造句。 准备听写(P13-15, self-check)

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