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Unit10 It’s a nice day, isn’t it Period 2课件 人教新目标八年级下

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Unit 10
isn’t it It’s a nice day,_______?

isn’t it It’s a cold day,________? Yes,it is.

It is an apple, isn’t it ? Yes, it is.


They are apples, aren’t they ? Yes, they are.

Lily , be ill yesterday
wasn’t she Lily was ill in bed yesterday, _________? Yes, she was.

students, be in the classroom, just now The students were in the classroom just now, Yes, they were. weren’t they ________?

They like playing football,don’t they ? Yes, they do.

like playing football

Jay, sing many songs

Jay sings many songs, doesn’t he ? Yes, he does.

win the gold medal, in the Olympic Games Liu Xiang won the gold medal in the Olympic Yes, he did. Games, didn’t he _______?

You, ever see, cartoon movies

You have ever seen cartoon movies, haven’t you? Yes, I have.

It’s really windy today, isn’t it?

Yes, it is.
You’re Ben’s sister, aren’t you? Yes, I am.

The No.15 bus stops here, doesn’t it?
Yes, it does.

结构二: 前否,+ 后肯

1. You aren’t an actor, ______ ____ ? are you 2. He isn’t a good boy, ______ _____ ? is he 3. It wasn’t fine yesterday, ____ ____ ? was it 4. It doesn’t rain here, ______ ____ ? does it 5. His sister doesn’t have a headache, ________ _____ ? does she 6. You didn’t call me yesterday, did you _______ _____?

7. You won’t go to U.S.A., ______ ____? will you

8. There isn’t a boy in our classroom,
______ _______ ? is there 9. There weren’t many cars in the street, _______ _______ ? were there will you 10. Don’t smoke, _______ _____ ? shall we 11. Don’t let’s do it, _______ _____ ?

Tag questions are used in small What is small talk?


People talk with other people they don’t know. Where do you want to start a small talk conversation with a stranger?

3a Complete the conversation. Write sentences in the blanks. A: This is great weather, isn’t it?
B: It sure is. But it’s a little hot for me.

A: Oh, I love hot weather. I’m going to the beach today .
B: Which beach are you going to? A: I’m going to Today Beach. Where do you usually go ? B: I usually go to Sandy Beach. adj. 沙的 A: Is it very crowded ? B: No, it’s never crowded. Well, have a good day! A: Thanks. Goodbye .

B: Goodbye. int. 再见

2a Listen to the three conversations and fill in the chart.
Where? Conversation 1 Conversation 2 Conversation 3 at a party

at school
at a ball game

2b Listen again. Match each question with the correct answer.
Questions 1. You’re Jenny’s friend, aren’t you? d 2. So, tell me about yourself. Do you play any sports? f 3. You’re new here, aren’t you? c 4. What do you think of the school? b 5. It’s really crowded, isn’t it? a 6. Did you see the game on TV Friday night? e Answers a. Yes, it is. Are you a ball game fan? b. It’s great. Have you always gone to this school? c. Yes, I am. My name’s Bill. d. Yes, I am. My name is Rita. e. Yes, I did. It was really exciting, wasn’t it? f. Yeah! I play tennis and ping-pong. yeah

int. (口)=yes

Find out the questions you think are polite ( ) or impolite ( ) small talk with the people you don’t know.

Do you like cartoons?

You’re Anna’s brother, aren’t you?

It’s delicious, isn’t it?

How much did your skirt cost?

The train is always late, isn’t it?

How big is your apartment?

Your dress doesn’t look nice, don’t you think so?

It’s really crowded, isn’t it?

How old are you?

Your mobile phone is too cheap, isn’t it?

How to start a small talk conversation with a stranger

Topic: complain, how often, The weather…
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. The bus is late again,….. You’ve been here for a long time,…….. You hate waiting for the bus,…… I’m going to be late for school. You often take the bus,…….. It is going to rain,……

How to start a small talk conversation with a stranger

Topic: introduction, party, hobby and interest

1. You are xx’s friend,… 2. It is a great party,… 3. You like sports,… 4. They are dancing well,…

How to start a small talk conversation with a stranger

Topic: introduction, talk about the place and food, weather… 1. You are new here,….. 2. This place is good,….. 3. The food here is special,… 4. You like the weather here,…

How to start a small talk conversation with a stranger

Topic: introduction, the stadium (体育馆)(crowded), the match, the players 1. 2. 3. 4. You are a ball game fan,… It’s really crowded,… The match is exciting,… He plays so well,…

Pair work

receive an invitation
to a birthday party be invited to …

take part in…

watch a funny video

dance , friendly

have a wonderful time

So you want to thank Kim. In which ways can you thank him?

a thank-you note(便条)for the party.
Dear Kim, Thank you so much for inviting me. …….. Maria

People write thank-you notes for different purposes(目的).

for help for a party for a gift

Note 1

Dear Kim,
Sometimes it isn’t easy being the new kid at school, but I had a wonderful time on Saturday night. Thank you so much for inviting me. I didn’t know some of the girls, but they were all really friendly to me. And the video you showed was really funny. I feel like part of the group now. Maria

1. Why did Maria write the note?

To thank Kim for the party.
2. Maria isn’t new at school, is she? 3. She didn’t know many of the girls at the party, did she?

Yes, she is. 不,她是新来的. No, she didn’t


4. What did Maria think of the girls she met?

They were really friendly.
5. What did Kim do at the party?

He showed a funny video.
6. How does she feel after the party?

She feels like part of the group.

Thank-you note for a party

Thank you for inviting me. I am glad to meet … They were all really friendly to me.

The party is….. I feel like part of the group.

I am sorry I had to leave early.

Note 2

Dear Tony,
Thanks for showing me the school last week. I was having a hard time findi

ng it until you came along. And I enjoyed meeting Carlos. He’s really good at math, isn’t he? He said he’d help me with my math project. Friends like you make it a lot easier to get along in a new place. Bill

1. What was the problem with Bill last week? He was having a hard time finding the school. 2. Who came along? Tony. 3.How did Tony help Bill? Tony showed Bill the school. 4. Who else did Bill meet? Carols. 5. How would Carols help Bill? He would help Bill with his math project. 6. Bill thinks friends are important, doesn’t he? Yes, he does. 7. How do you know this? He said _________________________________ that friends like Tony and Carols made _____________________________________. it a lot easier to get along in a new place

Thank-you note for help
Thank you for showing me the… You make it easier to get along…

Thank you so much for helping me with…
new here

You make it interesting to…

Note 3 Dear Allen,

Thanks for the tickets for next week’s game. I’m sorry you and your father can’t go, but I’m really happy to have the tickets. I’m going to ask my cousin, Tommy, to go with me. I’ll think of you as we watch the Black Socks win the game. (I hope!)

1. What did Allen send John? The tickets for next week’s game. 2. Allen and his father can’t go , can they? No, they can’t. 是的,他们不能去. 3. How does he feel? He is really happy. 4. Who will go with John? Tommy. 5. He will think of Allen, won’t he? Yes, he will. 6. John thinks the Black Socks will win the game, doesn’t he ___________? Yes, he does.

Thank-you note for a gift

Thank for your….. I am really happy to have the …..

I will think of you as I …..

3b Fill in the blanks in this thank-you note.
Dear Sarah, Thank you for inviting me to your house on Friday. I really enjoyed meeting your family. And your baby sister is really cute .I had a great time. I’m sorry I had to leave early, but I had a family dinner. My grandfather was having his 90th birthday party!

Yours Sincerely,

2. Imagine the small talk in the picture. Fill in the blanks.


This bus is always late

, isn’t it?

B: Yes, it is. Is the traffic busy


A: Yes, the traffic is very busy at this time.

B: The weather is good
don’t you think so. A: Yes, at least it isn’t raining.


Fill in the blanks with the words given.

look through cross make get along help with 1. Paul and I are good friends. We get along well
because we both like sports. 2. Mr. Li is a very good teacher. He makes math to easy. 3. I need some money. I’m going to look through newspaper for a holiday job. 4. Be careful to look both ways before you cross street. 5. If you have finished our homework, you could help with cleaning and cooking. the the

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