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新目标初二下册Unit6 Period 2课件

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How long have you

been collecting shells?

翻译句子: 1.他们已工作两小时了。

They have been working for two hours.
2.从6点起他们一直在跑。 They have been running since six o’clock.

3.自从4岁起我就一直学英语。 I’ve been studying English since I was 4 years old.

4. 雨下了多久了?

How long has it been raining?
5. 我学英语学了4年了。 I have been learning English for 4 years. 6. 他住在长沙有14年了。 He has been living in Changsha for 14 years.

3a Reading
Name Has been skating for


5 hours 4 hours

Sam Lu Ning
Li Chen

4 hours
1 hour

Listen and choose.
( B )1. Why are the students skating? A. To keep healthy B. To raise money for charity C. Just for fun ( C )2. How much does each student raise every hour? A. 5 yuan B. 9 yuan C. 10 yuan ( B )3. ___ has been skating for the whole 5 hours. A. Sam B. Alison C. Lu Ning

Read and answer.
1.Why are students skating?

To raise money for charity. 2. How much does each student raise for every hour they skate? Ten yuan. 3. How long has the skating marathon been going? For five hours.

4. Who was the first to start?
Alison was the first to start. 5. How long has he been skating? He has been skating for five hours. 6. How long have Sam and Lu Ning been skating? They have been skating for four hours.

7. How long has the skating marathon been going? It has been going for five hours. 8. How many skaters are still skating ? Four skaters are still skating.

9. Who was the last one?
Li Chen was the last one.

10. When did he start? He started an hour ago.
11. How long has he been skating? He has been skating for an hour.

3b It’s now 2pm. Write the Students’
names from 3a on the time line.
9am 10am 11am 12am 1pm 2pm

Alison Sam Lu Ning


1. I’m talking to you from the Hilltop School Skating Marathon. 我正在Hilltop学校的滑冰马拉松为您 报道。 from此处指电视直播的发出地点。

2. Students are skating to raise money for charity. raise vt. 举起 rise vi. 起身,升起(太阳、月亮等) raise one’s hand 举手 raise one’s hat to sb. 向某人举帽致敬 raise a child 养育孩子 raise funds 筹集资金 raise salaries 增加薪水

3. For every hour they skate, each student raises ten yuan for charity. 每滑一小时,每个学生为慈善机构筹集 10元钱。 every, each 都表“每一”,但every 大家 具有的共性,every 还等于all,表示全体齐 全,一个不缺; 而each强调每个人或事物 有着各自互不相同的个性或差异性。此 外every还可表每隔(一段时间/距离)。

e.g. Every student is here. 学生都到齐了。 Every two weeks he goes to visit his friends in the town. 他每隔一周去看一次他在城镇的朋友。 Each person has his own advantages. 每个人都有他的优势 (长处)。 Each story has an interesting name. 每个故事都有一个有趣的名字。

4. Alison was the first one to start and
has been skatin

g for the whole five



注: 序数词前必须用定冠词the, 后接名词 或代词。句中不定式短语“to start”作 后置定语,修饰代词one, one指代滑冰的 人。 whole adj. “整个的,完整的”,前常加 “the”或物主代词。 e.g. I want to get to know the whole story. He puts his whole life on education.

I. 选择填空。 1. Mr Green _______ in China since five years ago. A. lived B. has lived C. lives D. is going to live
2. ___ is the meeting going to last? About twenty minutes. A. How far B. How soon C. How long D. How often

3. I have been skating __ two hours. A. in B. at C. for D. since 4. If I __ enough money, I __ a hospital for SARS patients. A. will have, build B. will have, will build C. have, will build D. have, build

5. He’s been collecting shells _______ he was ten years old. A. when B. while C. and D. since

II. 请根据句意及首字母提示,用适当的 单词完成下列句子。 1. When did you begin to collect stamps? c_____ 2. There is a p___ of shoes under the bed. pair store 3. Why not s_____ some tomatoes in the fridge? 4. The players are playing tennis to r____ raise money for charity. 5. Marcia has been swimming s____ she since was five years old.

III. 请用括号中所给单词的适当形式完 成下列句子。 slept 1. His father _____(sleep) for six hours last night. 2. The boy has been _______(play) playing computer games since eight o’clock. got 3. Ben’s sister _____(get) her first bike on her ninth birthday. 4. Lots of ______(skate) are still skating. skaters 5. Does your grandfather _____(take) a take walk every morning?

IV. 请按括号中所给要求完成下列句子, 每空一词(含缩写)。 1. I played chess for six hours. (改为否 定句) didn’t play I _____ _____ chess for six hours. 2. Victor has been playing tennis for three hours. (就划线部分提问) _____ long has Victor been playing How _____ tennis?

3. Tony got his favorite tennis rackets on Children’s Day. (就划线部分提问) When did get _____ _____ Tony _____ his favorite tennis rackets? 4. He has been skating for two hours. (改为同义句) He has been skating _____ two hours since _____. ago

Please say out how long you and your family have been doing something. Who How long my mother She has been teaching English for15 years.

Recite this article. Finish your exercises of Period Three.

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