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1.Everyone’s having a good time, _______?

2.No one left here yesterday, __________?

3.Someone turn that radio down, ________?

4.Anyone can join the club, __________?

5.Somebody tried to gatecrash(无票进入), _________?

6.There’s nothing wrong, __________?

7.There won’t be any trouble, __________?

8.One can’t be too modest, __________?

9.That’s your sister, __________?

10.Learning how to repair motors takes a long time, __________?

11.That he is ill isn’t true, __________?

12.Those belong to you, __________?

13.Nothing can stop us now, __________?

14.Something’ll have to be done about the price, __________?

15.David wouldn’t get such a long holiday if he worked in industry, __________?

16.I don’t hink you’ve done it, __________?

17.If he did more work he’d be very good, __________?

18.He said his mother was ill, __________?

19.I suppose Li Ping will come here on time, __________?

20.It’s my son’s wedding next week, and I have to look my best for that , ________?

21.Whether you will go or stay won’t make any difference, __________?

22.We must get rid of carelessness, for it often leads to errors, __________?

23.Give me a hand, __________?

24.Do sit down, __________?

25.Don’t forget to phone me, __________?

26.Let’s go, __________?

27.Let us do it by ourselves, __________?

28.Let me have another try, __________?

29.Birds rarely build nests in our garden, _________?

30.Margaret scarcely seems to care, ______?

31.We’ve saved nothing this year, ________?

32.He is careless about his speech, _______?

33.I’m older than you, __________?

34.What beautiful weather, __________?

35.He has to stay here all day, __________?

36.You had some trouble finding where i live, __________?

37.He has his hair cut every month, ______?

38.Jack has coffee with breakfast, ________?

39.You have a TV set, __________?

40.You had a talk with her, __________?

41.You have bad colds every winter, ______?

42.The old lady has a couple of friends, ___?

43.We ought to read this book, __________?

44.As far as I can remember, Tom used to live here, __________?

45.I needn’t tell you the news, __________?

46.I must answer the letter, __________?

47.You must have made the mistake, _____?

48.They must have stayed at home last night, __________?

49.You must be hungry, __________?

50.I wish to go home now, __________?

51.You’d rather I didn’t say anything, _____?

52.You’d rather go, __________?

53.You’d better have a day off, so that you can look after your sick mother, _______?

54.We may go home now, __________?

55.You couldn’t lend me a pound, _______?

56.You need to come earlier, __________?

57.You did make the shoes yourself, ______?

58.He was spring-cleaning all day yesterday, __________?

59.The party won’t get going till seven, __________?

60.Harry wouldn’t have become a teacher if it hadn’t been for the holiday, ________?

61.Each of the students passed the exam, _______?

62.Each of the students had a try, _______?

63.We don’t think that he watched it, _____?

64.The jar is so small that it could hardly hold you, __________?

65.Neither you nor I am an engineer, _____?

66.Either you or he studies politics, _____?

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