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南外剑桥1revision for mid-term examination(units1-2)

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Revision for Mid-term examination(Units1-2)

I. Complete the sentences with the proper words according to the first letter given.

1. Female k_________ carry their babies in the pocket. It is a famous animal in Australia.

2. She was so excited to go up in the air in a b_________.

3. It has become a m_________city which has got an airport and many shopping malls.

4. India is in the N_________ hemisphere. It has got a p_________of 1 billion people.

5. Our English teacher always asks us to sit up s_________on the chairs and not to lean(倚靠)against the back in class.

II. Sentences Transformation.

1. She is good at playing the guitar.(同义句) She_________the piano very_________.

2. James has got short,curly hair.(改为一般疑问句,并做否定回答)

_________James_________short curly hair? _________,he_________

3. Liverpool has a very big port.(改为一般疑问句,并作肯定回答)

_________Liverpool_________a very big port? _________,it_________.

4. There are some quizzes about Australia in this book.(改为疑问句)

_________there_________ _________about Australia in this book?

5. They went to Vancouver on a train.(同义句)They________ ________ _________to Vancouver III.Translation


_______is a country in_______ _______ _______. The first_______of people there is_______.

2.去年我去罗马旅游。这个城市和南京不一样。所以我寄了一张罗马的明信片给我家人。 I went to_________on_________last year. This city_________ _________ _________Nanjing,so I_________a_________of it to my family.

3.这个一头短卷发的新手船长是西班牙人。我们跟着他乘坐潜水艇抵达了利物浦。 The_________ _________with short_________hair is a_________. We_________

_________Liverpool with him_________ _________ _________.


Li Lei is a student__1__Class Two,Grade Seven. He likes football very__2__. He often plays it after school. And he often goes home__3__. His home is__4__the school. His mother doesn’t worry about__5__. One Sunday morning Li Lei goes to a shop__6__his mother. The shop is very__7__. There are many things__8__it. They get some things. Then his mother says to Li Lei,”What do you__9__?””I want to get a red blouse,”says Li Lei.”Ared blouse?”asked his

mother.”You are a__10__. You can’t wear a red blouse.”Li Lei smiled”OK,please get me football clothes.”

( )1.A.at B.of C.on D.with

( )2.A.good B.fine C.well D.much

( )3.A.early B.back C.late D.soon

( )4.A.near B.in C.on D.to

( )5.A.her B.he C.his D.him

( )6.A.to B..from C.on D.with

( )7.A.small B.big C.nice D.good

( )8.A.on B.in C.at D.under

( )9.A.want B.get C.put D.take

( )10.A.girl B.woman C.boy D.man

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