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( ) 2.A.childs B.children

( ) 3.A.from B.of

( ) 4.A.She B.Her

( ) 5.A.their B.theirs

( ) 6.A.loves B.love

( ) 7.A.also B.too

( ) 8.A.for B.to

( ) 9.A.for B.to

( ) 10.A.play with B.plays with


Mrs Jones is an American doctor. She is in China now. She works in a children’s hospital in shanghai. She likes the children and she likes to work for children. She works hard in the day time and learns Chinese in the evening school. She also learns Chinese from the Chinese doctors and her Chinese friends. Now she can speak some Chinese. She can read and write some Chinese, too. She says it’s not easy to learn Chinese well. Mr Jones , her husband is a teacher. He teaches English in the No.5 Middle School. He works from

Monday to Friday. He teaches 3 classes every day.

( ) 1.A. Mrs Jones is _____

A. An English teacher B. an American teacher

C. An American doctor

( ) 2. Mr Jones works ______

B. In a hospital B. in a middle school

C. In London

( ) 3. Mrs Jones learns ____in an evening school.

A. Math B. Chinese C. English

( ) 4. Mr Jones works ____every week.

A. Five days B. six days C. three days

( ) 5. Mrs Jones can speak ____well.

A. English B. Chinese C. French

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