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第Ⅰ卷( 选择题 70 分)


1. He has given the blood to ______ ['medik?l] research for 20 years.

A. member B. medical C. medicine D. matter

2. When and where did the accident ______ ['h?p?n]?

A. happy B. hospital C. captain D. happen

3. The math book is on the ______ [?elf].

A. leaf B. deaf C. staff D. shelf

4. Working as volunteer is a great ______ [iks'pi?ri?ns] for the young students.

A. exception B. experience C. expression D. experiment

5. Each of the student got a ______ ['prez?nt] on the first day of the school.

A. price B. pencil C. picture D. present


6. Dave often studies by _____ flashcards for an English test.

A. make B. making C. do D. doing

7. What about _____ tapes? Oh, yes. It improves my______ skills.

A. listening, spoke B. listening, speaking

C. to listen, speak D. listening to, speaking

8._____ you ever studied ______ a group? Yes, I have.

A. Have, with B. Did , with C. Did, for D. Do, with

9. — Do you ever practice ______ English with your friends?

—Yes, I do that______.

A. Speaking, sometimes B. speak sometime

C. Speaking some time D. speak, some times

10. It’s important ______ the piano well.

A . of him to play B. for him to play

C. of him playing D. for him playing

11. My sister was afraid ______ out at night, because she was afraid _____ the dogs.

A. of going, to B. to go, of C. going, of D. to go, to

12.—Do you know how to pronounce this word?

—Yes. I _____ in the dictionary yesterday.

A. looked it up B. worked it out C. gave it away D. picked it up

13. Xiao Li has ______ homework and she really doesn’t know____ first.

A. much too, what to do B. too much, to do what

C. much too, to do what D. too much, what to do

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14.You will fail your next exam______ you start to work hard at your studies now.

A. because B .unless C. so D. if

15. Jim used to _____ ice cream when he was a child.

A. ate B. eating C. eats D. eat

16. Jack is good at basketball. He is _____ the city basketball team.

A. at B. on C. of D.with

17. Don’t you remember me? _________.

A No, I do. B. Yes, I do. C. No, I didn’t D. Yes, I don’t

18.I’m terrified the dark.. I go to sleep my bedroom light on.

A. of, on , on B. of, with, on C. with, with, on D. with, of, on

19 You should really ______ smoking. It’s a terrible habit.

A grow up B. pick up C. give up D. set up

20. After class, I like chatting ______ my friends ______ the Internet.

A to, by B. with, on C. for, in D. about, through

21. That woman is ______ and she has a _______ daughter.

A. forty years old, fifteen years old

B. forty- years- old, fifteen- years- old

C. forty -year- old, fifteen years old

D. forty years old, fifteen -year- old

22.Tom came to school on time______ he was badly ill.

A .because B. but C. even though D. so

23. _____ rules do you have at home?

I have to stay at home ______ school nights.

A. Which, at B. What, on C. Which, on D. What, at

24.He_____ for two years. We are still sad about his ______.

A. died, dead B. died, death

C. has been dead, dead D. has been dead, death

25. Zhengzhou _____ a lot in the last 3 years. It’s now one of the important ______ in the middle of China.

A. changed, city B. changes, cities

C. has changed, cities D. has changed, city

26. We _____ to go to the movies on Friday nights.

A. allowed B. are allowed C. allowing D. allow

27. I’m afraid there is ______ with you, Tom.

A. nothing serious B. something serious

C. serious nothing D. serious nothing

28. Oh, you have _____ the math exam again.

______. I’ll work hard to pass it next time.

A. failed, So I have B. passed, So do I

C. failed, So have I D. passed, So I do

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29. We should be strict _____ ourselves ____ our work.

A. with, with B. in, in C. with, in D. in, with

30. I _____ think teenagers _____ go out at night.

A. /, shouldn’t B. don’t, should C. don’t, aren’t D. /, aren’t

31. She said she met an old friend in the street _____ .

A. the other day B. other day C. some day D. another day

32. I couldn’t get through the door because there was a big box ______.

A. by the way B. on the way C. out of the way D. in the way

33. Mike is serious _____ English.

A. on B. to C. in D. about

34. What time did Helen leave the New Year’s party?

At 10 pm. She is not allowed to ______ too late.

A. stand up B. end up C. stay up D. give up

35. Mr Wang is a warm-hearted man. He asked to have one month_____ to volunteer and help the people in Wenchuan.

A. on B. off C. of D. over

36. Why are you _______ this morning? Listen to the teacher carefully.

I didn’t sleep well last night.

A. sleepy B. asleep C. slept D. sleep

37. What______ you do if everybody else succeeds in the exam?

A. would B. should C. could D. will

38. If you don’t know _______ at the party, you can talk to Tom.

A. someone B. anyone C. nobody D. everybody

39. I don’t know ________ .

A. how to say or do B. what to say and do

C. What to say or do D. how to say and to do

40. What would you do if someone _____ you to take part in a contest?

A. ask B. asks C. asking D. asked

41. I think I would rather _____ at home than _____ out under the sun.

A. to stay, to go B. to stay, go C. stay, to go D. stay, go

42.If a friend said ______ about you. Would you care about what he said?

A. something bad B. nothing bad

C. bad something D. something well

43. What if ______ back?

A. he come B. he comes C. does he come D. he does come

44. I don’t know Peter’s address. You’d better ask_______.

A. else somebody C. other somebody

C. somebody else D. anybody else

45. Mr Smiths always comes up _____ good solutions ______ our math problems.

A. with, to B. with of C. at, to D. of, of

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Ⅲ. 完形填空: 阅读短文,从每题A、B、 C、D四个选项中,选出一个能填入文


A man got a new car and he was very proud it. One day, when he came back home, he saw his three-year-old son the new car with a toy hammer. The man angry that he ran to his son, grabbed the hammer from him , and used the hammer to hit the little boy’s hands too hard. The poor boy cried out but his father didn’t care.

he took his son to the hospital as fast as he bones, he had to cut the fingers from both of the boy’s hands in the end.

When the boy in the hospital and saw his hands, he innocently said, “Daddy, I’m sorry about your car.” Then he asked, “but when are my fingers going to grow back?” The father very sad.

Think about the story when steps on your feet or when you wish to take revenge(报复). Think first before you lose your patience with someone. Cars can hurt feelings often can’t.

People often make mistakes. But we should remember that forgiveness is greater than revenge. Think before act!

( )46. A. to B. of C. in D. from

( )47. A. hit B. to hit C. hits D. hitting

( )48. A. so B. very C. too D. such

( )49. A. came out B. came down C. calmed down D. calmed out

( )50. A. can B. could C. is D. was

( )51. A. break B. breaking C. broken D. broke

( )52. A. stood up B. woke up C. got up D. put up

( )53. A. felt B. fell C. feel D. feels

( )54. A. anyone B. everyone C. no one D. someone

( )55. A. repair B. repaired C. be repaired D. be repairing

Ⅳ. 阅读理解 (15)


If you get into the forest with your friends, stay with them always. If you don’t, you may get lost. If you really get lost, this is what you should do. Sit down and stay where you are. Don’t try to find your friends—let them find you by staying in one place.

There is another way to help your friends or other nearby people to find you. Give them a signal (信号) by shouting or whistling (吹口哨) three times. Any signal given three times is a call for help. Keep up shouting or whistling always three times together. When people hear you, they will know that you are not just making noise for fun. They will let you know that they have heard your signal. They give you two shouts, two whistles, or two gun-shots (枪声). When someone gives you a signal, it is an answer to a call for help.

If you don’t think that you will get help before night comes, try to make a little house---cover up to the holes with branches (树枝) with lots of leaves. Make yourself a soft bed with leaves and grass.

英语试题 第 4 页 共 10 页

What should you do if you get hungry or need drinking water? You would have to leave your little house to look for a river. Don’t just walk away. Pick off small branches and drop them as you walk so that you can find your way back. The most important thing to do when you are lost is— stay in one place.

56. If you lost in the forest, you should _______.

A. stay where you are and give signals three times

B. walk around the forest and shout so that your friends could hear you

C. try to find your friends as soon as possible

D. try to get out of the forest and shout for help

57.If you want to let people believe that you are not just making noise for fun, you should _______.

A. tell people that you are lost

B. keep up shouting or whistling

C. shout at the top of your voice

D. shout or whistle three times

58. When you hear two shouts, or whistles, or gunshots, __________.

A. you should shout more loudly

B. you can whistle three times

C. it is an answer to your call for help

D. you should try to run to them

59. When you want to leave your place to get drinking water, you should ________.

A. just go to the river

B. find some glasses or bottles before you go

C. make a fire so that you can have some tea

D. leave marks so that you can find your way back

60. This passage mainly tells you __________.

A. when you hear a signal always three times, it is a call for help

B. What you should do if you get lost in a forest

C. any signal given twice means an answer to a call for help

D. how you can live longer in a forest


Happiness is for everyone. You don’t need to care about those people who have beautiful houses with large gardens and swimming pools or those who have nice cars and a lot of money and so on. Why? Because those who have big houses may often feel lonely and those who have cars may want to walk on the country roads at their free time. In fact, happiness is always around you if you put your heart into it. When you are in trouble at school, your friends will help you; when you study hard at your lessons, your parents are always taking good care of your life and your health; when you get success, your friends will say congratulations to you; when you do something wrong, people around you will help you to correct it. And when you do something good to others, you will feel happy, too. All these are your happiness. If you notice a bit of them, you can see that happiness is always around you.

英语试题 第 5 页 共 10 页

Happiness is not the same as money. It is a feeling of your heart. When you are poor, you can also you are very happy, because you have something else that can’t be bought with money. When you meet with difficulties, you can say loudly you are very happy, because you have more chances to challenge yourself. So you cannot always say you are poor and poor and you have bad luck. As the saying goes, life is like a revolving(旋转的)door. When it does, it also opens. If you take every chance you get, you can be a happy and lucky person.

61. Those who have big houses may often feel ________.

A. happy B. lonely C. free D. excited

62. When you fall down in a PE class, both your teacher and your classmates will ________.

A. laugh at you

B. play jokes on you

C. quarrel with you

D. help you up

63. What will your friends say to you when you make great progress?

A. Oh, so do I. B. Congratulations.

C. Good luck. D. It’s just so-so.

64. Which idea is NOT RIGHT according to the passage?

A. People who have cars would never like to walk in the open air.

B. You can get help from others when you make mistakes.

C. You can still be a happy person even if you have little money.

D. Happiness is always around you though difficulties come towards you.

65. Which of the following is this passage about?

A. Bad luck. B. Good luck. C. Happiness. D. Life. C

When you want to go shopping, decide how much money you can spend for new clothes. Think about the kind of clothes you really need. Then look for those clothes on sale(销售).

There are labels(标签)inside all new clothes. The labels tell you how to take care of your clothes. The label for a shirt may tell you to wash it in warm water. A sweater label may tell you to wash by washing in cold water. The label on a coat may say "dry clean only." Washing may ruin(损坏)this coat. If you do as the directions(说明)say on the label, you can keep your clothes looking their best. Many clothes today must be dry cleaned. Dry cleaning is expensive. When buying new clothes, check(核实)to see if they will need to be dry cleaned. You will save money if you buy clothes that can be washed.

You can save money if you buy clothes that are well made. Well-made clothes last longer. They look good even after they have been washed many times. Clothes that cost more money are not

always better made. They do not always fit(合身)better. Sometime less expensive clothes look and fit better than more expensive clothes.

英语试题 第 6 页 共 10 页

66.If you want to save money you can buy clothes that _____.

A. don't fit you B. don't last long

C. need to be dry cleaned D. can be washed

67.The label inside the clothes tell you______.

A. how to keep them looking their best

B. how to save money

C. whether they fit you or not

D. where to get them dry cleaned

68.The first thing for you to do before you buy clothes is ______.

A. to look for well-made clothes

B. to see how much money you can pay

C. to know how to wash them

D. to read the labels inside them

69.We learn from the reading that cheaper clothes ______.

A. are always worse made

B. must be dry cleaned

C. can not be washed

D. can sometimes fit you better

70.The best title(标题) for the reading should be ______.

A. Buying Less Expensive Clothes

B. Taking Enough Money When Shopping

C. Being a Clever Clothes Shopper

D. Choosing the Labels inside New Clothes

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第Ⅱ卷( 非选择题 30分)

Ⅴ. 选词填空 (5分)


Liu Wei, a 23-year-old form Beijing, became champion of China’s Got Talent by playing the piano with his feet. to do daily chores with his feet. At the age of 19, he began to teach himself how a chance to work with the famous Hong Kong star Andy Liu. “Iwithout it,” Liu Wei had said.

It’s said that Liu Wei Ⅵ.句型转换 每空一词 (5分)

1. 76. You should ask someone to repair your bike .(同义句转换) You should 77. My sister used to dance 划线提问)

dance ?

78. Her mum made her clean up her room (被动语态)

She was clean up her room

79. Jim can’t pronounce the words correctly. (改为同义句)

Jim can’t get the 80. We can see the stars at night. (改为被动语态)

The stars can at night。

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Ⅶ完成句子。根据汉语意思完成句子,每空一词 (5分)

81. 我们应该更多地全神贯注于我们的学习. (concentrate on)


82. 他为他儿子的成功感到自豪 (take pride in)


83.我们如何处理我们的问题?(deal with)


84. 刚才没有人注意他所说的话。(pay attention to )



Balanced diet and sports ___________ _____________ ___________requirements for health. Ⅷ. 任务型阅读 阅读短文, 按要求完成各题 (5分)

This is a true story about two friends, Tony and Ben.

One day Tony said to Ben, “I can see that one day you will become rich.”

“Really? ” Ben smiled and said, “

“ Are you serious? ” Tony asked , “If so , write it down.”

“No problem.” Ben replied and then write down his promise (诺言)on a piece of paper. Tony just treated it as a joke, but Ben was serious and treated it as hope and power.

Twelve years later. The two friends had their own lives in different cities and hardly kept in touch with each other. Tony still lived a poor life. What was worse ,he fell seriously ill and couldn’t afford to go to hospital .What his family were worried ,a black expensive car stopped in front of their house one day. A gentleman got out of it. It was Ben. He really became rich. From one of his classmates, Ben knew about Tony’s illness . He was very sad and couldn’t wait to visit Tony. Ben wrote a check (支票)and then handed it to Tony’s wife. Tony’s family were surprised.

“Many years ago, I promised that I would give Tony 1,000,000 dollars if I become rich. Just with this promise, I worked hard to get what I have had today. So the money should belong to Tony. ” Ben said.




英语试题 第 9 页 共 10 页

He was seriously ill and didn’t have money to see a doctor.




89.Why did Ben go to visit Tony ?


90.How much money did Ben give Tony?



根据所给图片写一篇80词左右的英语短文,要求完整叙述故事内容,可以适当想象。提示词: a cigarette case 香烟盒 a garbage bin 垃圾箱

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