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Unit 5 Topic 1

1.look excited/tired/worried

2.feel disappointed/upset/nervous

3.prepare for=get ready for

4.be proud of

5.wait in line

6.be pleased with…

7.care for=look after=take care of

8.say thanks to

9.give a surprise to…

10.come into being

11.be strict with


13.pass/fail the exam

14.It seems that…/ seem to

15.How time flies.

16.invite sb to do sth

17.go to the movies

18.a ticket to

19.set the table

20.have a temperature

21.ring sb up

22.because of

23.at first

24.fall into

25.in the end

26.be full of

27.end with

28.make peace with sb

Topic 2

1. as…as…; not as/so…as…

2. how to solve problems

3.how to get along with classmates

4.refuse to do…

5.It is useful/useless to do…

6.I hope everything goes well.

7.But I am not used to everything here.

8.She feels lonely because she has no friends to talk with.

9.Since she is very strict with herself, she is unhappy.

10.Helen is as lovely as Maria.

11.First, the roads here are not so clean as those in our hometown.

12.seem to do sth

13.have a talk with sb

14.be worried about/worry about

15.take it easy

16.at one’s age

17.tell jokes

18.have difficulty doing sth

19.as usual

20.be/get used to (doing) sth

21.clap one’s hands

22.deal with

23.even though

24.no longer

Topic 3

1.learn sth. by oneself=teach oneself sth.

2.give sb. a hand=do sb. a favor=help sb. do sth.=help sb. to do sth.= help sb. With sth.

3. give advice/suggestions to…

4.may be/ must be/ can’t be

5.be afraid of doing…/be afraid to do…

6.take turns to do…

7.in a good/bad mood

8.put on / put up / put out

9.try out/ try on

10.calm down

11.hate to do sth

12.follow one’s advice

13.get well

14.at the end of

15.get along/on (well) with sb

16.smile at life

17.put on

18.get together with sb


20.fall asleep

21.in good spirits

22.such as

23.think over

24.make a decision

25.get back to…

26.a sense of…

Unit 6 Topic 1

1.go on a visit to / visit to

2.make the decision

3.bring back

4.go on a field trip

5.decide on (upon) sth

6.see the sunrise

7.make a reservation

8.come up with

9.look forward to (doing) sth

10.pay for

11.raise money

12.book a ticket

13.hear from sb. / receive a letter from sb.

14. way of doing sth. / way to do sth.

15.work out

16.make a room for sb

17.have a wonderful time

18.in the daytime

19.a two-day visit

20.find out

21.some places of interest

22.rooms with furniture

23.a hard (soft) sleeper

24.my pleasure

25.over the phone/ on the phone / by phone

26.as soon as

27.in the open air

28.the sea of clouds

Topic 2

1.make a plan 2. make sure

3. come along with 4. at the foot of

5. be satisfied with 6. out of sight

7. step on one’s toes 8. can’t help doing sth.

9. spread over 10.rush out

11.raise one’s head 12.ask sb for help

13.thank goodness 15.make sure

Topic 3

1.slow down 2.run into

3.avoid doing sth. 4.warn sb to do sth

5.ride into 6.get used to (doing) sth.

7.a sharp turn 8.be popular with

9.get a fine 10.go on doing sth.

11.the way to success 12.obey the traffic rules

13.break the traffic rules 14.be afraid of doing sth.

15.be famous for 16.be in danger

17.after a while 18.mean to do sth.

19.according to…

20.around the world = all over the world

21.traffic accident 22.air pollution

23.rush into sb 24.get hurt

25.lose one’s life 26.traffic lights

27.a middle school student 28.once again

29.it’s certain that 30.a dark horse

31.one or two days 32.go through


1. be good at doing sth.

2. What about/How about doing sth.

3. be busy (in) doing sth.

4 spend time (in) doing sth.

5. have a problem/difficulty/trouble(in) doing sth.

6. stop doing /to do

7. look forward to doing sth.

8. do well in doing sth.

9. keep sb. doing sth.

10. enjoy doing sth.

11. finish doing sth.

12. keep doing sth.

13. mind doing sth.

14. practice doing sth.

15. imagine doing sth.

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