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2013人教新版八年级上册Unit 9 Section B练习

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Unit 9 Section B


accept an invitation________________ make an invitation_________

turn down an invitation_____________ at the end of______________

the best way to do sth.______________ go back to________________


1 She’d love _____________(go)with you.

2 You ________________ (not have) to worry.

3 Are they _____________ (practice) English?

4 Thank you for ______________ (write ) to me .

5 They aren’t ___________________(go) to movies this evening.


1 She often b __________ her sister.

2 What are you doing ___________(明天)?

3 Are they __________ (去)to movies with you ?

4 When do you usually get up on ___________(工作日).

5 ---W________ is today? ---It’s Tuesday ,the 15th.


1. Thank you for i______ me to your party.

2. We’re going to have a c_____ test tomorrow.

3. His brother has many A______ pen pals

4. I have basketball t____ with my friends.

5. Tomorrow is Sunday ,and I’ll be f_______


1. Thanks a lot for ______me______ your birthday party.

A. invite for B. invite to C. inviting for D. inviting to

2. —Listen! Is Tom singing in the classroom?—NO, it___ be Tom. He has gone to Pairs.

A. may not B. needn’t C. can’t D. mustn’t

3. —Harbin is really a beautiful city and there’re many places of interest.

—So it is. Why not stay here for____ two days?

A. other B. others C. another D. the anthers

4.Chinese climbers carried the Olympic Flame to the top of the world’s highest mountain______8th of May 2008.

A. on B. at C. in D. from

5. —Ben, would you like to play football with us?

—_____,but I have to wash the dishes first.

A. No, I can’t B. I don’t want to C. Yes, please. D. I’d love to.

6. Great changes have taken place in China, who can tell ______it would be like in ______five years?(2008,青岛)

A. how;other B. what; more C. how; another D. What; another


1. Today is Monday. (提问) ______ ___ _____ today? 提问)

_____ ____ they going to the doctors?

3. Call me after the test. (否定句) ______ ____ me after the test.

5. Why don’t you have an English party? (同义转换)

_____ ____ have an English party?

6. Do you want to come over to my house?(同义转换)

______ ____ ____ to come over to my house?

_____ you come over to my house?

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