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七年级外研版Module8 Choosing presents检测试题

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七年级(上)Module 8能力测试


1. — Is it the twins’ bedroom?

— Yes, it is. It’s __________ bedroom.

A. Lily’s and Lucy’s B. Lily’s and Lucy C. Lily and Lucy’s

2. ________ Friday afternoon, he often ________ the piano.

A. In; play B. On; plays C. In; playing

3. Betty’s brother often buys CDs ______ her favourite singers.

A. by B. on C. with

4. — Does Tom often go to the cinema?

— ________

A. Yes, he is. B. No, he isn’t. C. No, he doesn’t.

5. We often make a birthday card _______ his birthday.

A. for B. of C. to

6. He plays football _______ he never plays baseball.

A. and B. but C. or

7. When _________ your brother ________ to school every morning?

A. does; goes B. do; go C. does; go

8. Their favourite _______ are jeans and T-shirts. A. food B. clothes C. sports

9. David Beckham is ________ favourite football star. He likes _______.

A. he; him B. his; him C. him; his

10. The students can’t ________ TV.

A. watch always B. always watches C. always watch

11. Tony always _________emails to me.

A. send B. sends C. is sending

12. Daming never has lunch at home. He _______has it at school.

A. often B. usually C. always

13. Can we make a birthday cake ________ Mum’s birthday?

A. to B. in C. for

14. Let’s ________ the classroom after school.

A. clean B. cleaning C. cleans

15. What about ________ basketball with them this Friday afternoon?

A. play B. playing C. Plays



Their Birthdays

Anna is Anna’s birthday. Her parents send a CD to her. And her good friends invite her to the concert.

Ben en’s birthday is on June 9. His sister gives him a pair of trainers. And he goes to a football match with his friends on his birthday.

Cathy On Cathy’s birthday, she gets a birthday cake from her aunt. And she often invites her friends to her birthday party. She always likes parties.

Bob Bob’s birthday is great. He sits in a chair and then his friends lift (举起) the chair up and down. Bob is very happy for this.

Linda Linda’s birthday, her friends send her lots of coloured lights (彩灯). And she puts the coloured lights outside her home. They are very beautiful (漂亮).

16. What does Ben get from his sister on his birthday?

A. A birthday cake. B. A T-shirt. C. A pair of trainers.

17. What do Bob’s friends do on Bob’s birthday?

A. Send him cards. B. Lift Bob in the chair. C. Play football with him.

18. _______ gets a CD from _______ on her birthday.

A. Linda; her friends B. Ben; his sister C. Anna; her parents

19. _______ invites her friends to her birthday party and she always likes _______.

A. Cathy; parties B. Linda; birthday cakes C. Bob; sports

20. The coloured lights are very beautiful. Who sends them to Linda?

A. Her parents. B. Her friends. C. Her sister.


Look at the big tree. It’s behind our class. A man and a woman are under it. They’re our teachers. The man in the blue coat is Mr Wang. He’s our maths teacher. He is a tall man. The woman in the yellow skirt is Miss Gao. She is an English teacher. She teaches us English. Miss Gao is a young woman. The two teachers are good. We all like them. They are my friends. We are in the same class, Class Four.

A. our school B. our house C. our class


A. teachers B. parents C. friends

23. Mr Wang wears a today.

A. blue shirt B. blue coat C. yellow coat

24. Miss Gao is .

A. an English teacher B. an English woman C. a maths teacher

25. We’re inA. Class 4 B. different classes C. the same row


This is a photo of Li’s family. Look! Mr Li is sitting in a chair. He is reading a newspaper. He’s a teacher. Mrs Li is sitting on the bed. She is watching TV. Mr and Mrs Li have two sons and one daughter. Li Zhigang is at the desk. He is writing a letter. Li Zhiwei is at the desk, too. He is doing his homework. Li Zhigang and Li Zhiwei are the students of No. 1 Middle School. They like playing football. Li Zhiyan is their sister. She is only four. She’s sitting on the floor. She is playing with her cat.

26. How many people are there in Mr Li’s family?

A. Four B. Five C. Six D. Seven

27. What’s Mrs Li?

A. A teacher B. A doctor C. A worker D. We don’t know

23. Which of the following is Not True?

A. Mr Li is reading a newspaper B. Mrs Li is watching TV

C. Li Zhiyan is doing her homework D. Li Zhigang is writing a letter

24. Who are middle school students?

A. Mr Li and Mrs Li B. Li Zhigang and Li Zhiyan

C. Li Zhigang and his brother D. We don’t know

25. Who is the youngest in Mr. Li’s family?

A. The father B. The mother C. The sons D. The daughter

三. 任务型阅读(10分)

It’s June 6. It’s Jenny’s birthday. She comes home and sees a card on the table. It says, “There is a present for you, Jenny. Go and look for it in your bedroom (卧室).” Jenny runs to her bedroom. She sees a red box on her bed. She opens it. There is another (又一) card in it. Jenny takes it out and reads, “Dear Jenny, I’m your present. My first letter is in ‘some’, but not in ‘come’. My second letter is in ‘have’, but not in ‘save’. My third letter is in ‘live’, but not in ‘love’. My fourth letter is in ‘for’, but not in ‘of ’. My fifth letter is in ‘take’, but not in ‘cake’. What am I?”

Jenny thinks and then she says, “Aha, I know! But where is it?” Jenny finds (找到) it behind the door.

26. When is Jenny’s birthday?


27. What does the card on the table say?


28. What does Jenny see on her bed?


29. What is Jenny’s birthday present, do you know?


30. Where is the present?


四. 语言综合运用(40分)

IV. 词汇。(每小题1分,共10 分)

A. 根据句意及首字母提示写单词。注意用其正确形式。

31. He always gets to school early, and he is n________ late.

32. There are three p________ of shoes under the bed.

33. His good friend s________ him a football on his birthday.

34. I have two cinema t________. Let’s see the movie.

35. She c________ a card for me on my birthday.

B. 根据句意及中文提示写单词。注意用其正确形式。

36. There are __________(不同的)kinds of clothes in the shop.

37. My father likes reading _________(杂志)after supper.

38. Does your sister wear a _________(丝绸)shirt?

39. He often goes to __________(演唱会)at the weekend.

40. I ________(通常)go to school at 7:30.

V. 按要求完成下列各题。(每小题2分,共10分)

41. They go to the cinema on Sunday.(改为否定句)

They __________________________ on Sunday.

42. He often watches matches on TV.(改为一般疑问句)


43. He likes movies. He doesn’t like novels.(合并为一句)


44. eating; candies; always; at noon; likes; she (连词成句)


45. He likes T-shirts best.(改为同义句)

T-shirts are ___________________________

VI. 从方框中选择合适的选项填在横线上,补全对话。有两项多余。(每小题2分,共10分)

Peter: Today is my sister’s birthday. She is 13 years old.

Betty: (46) _____________________

Peter: She likes a cake for her birthday.

Betty: OK, (47) ________________________

Peter: What? Can you make a cake?

Betty: (48) ________________________ I often make a cake by myself.

Peter: Well, what can we do now?

Betty: I have got some milk, but (49) ____________

Peter: (50) __________________

Betty: OK. Let’s go.

A. let’s make a cake for her birthday.

B. I haven’t got any chocolate.

C. Let’s go to the shop to buy some.

D. What do you like?

E. I have some water.

F. What does she like?

G. Of course, I can.

VII. 书面表达。(10分)


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