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2013新人教版八年级英语上unit10课堂练习section Aand B

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Unit 10 If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time! The First Period (Section A 1a-2d)


( )1.If Tina tomorrow, I will call her.

A. come B. doesn’t come C. will come

( ) 2. Don’t ’s not allowed.(被允许的)

A. wear B. put on C. dress

( ) 3. If Mary is late again tomorrow, the teacher won’t .

A. let in her B. let her in C. let into her

( ) 4. Do you know if Gina back this weekend? If she back, please let me know.

A. comes, will come B. will come, comes C. will come, will come

( ) 5. What will happen if they to the party?

A. going B. goes C. go


1. The students will go to the beach if it (rain) this weekend.

2. If he (have) a basketball, he 3. I don’t know if Gina (not let) you in if you (wear)jeans to the party.

5. I think I (take) the bus to school tomorrow.



if they a video at the party?


If they a party tomorrow, .


when a class party.


If you go to the party, you .


Jack is his room.


Do you know Lee Minho? He is one of the most famous actors in

South Korea. He is not only an actor, but also a model and singer. He was

born on June 22, 1987. He is young, but he has been popular for several


In many people’s eyes, Lee Minho is tall and handsome. He has a

perfect shape. He is 186cm tall and he weights 69 kg. Of course, he is a

born fashion model.

Do you know Lee Minho’s favorites? His favorite colors are black,

white, gray and red. His favorite food is meat. His favorite sport is soccer. To be a great soccer player was his dream when he was young.

Lee Minho is also very popular in China. Thousands of Chinese teenagers consider him as their idol(偶像). Lee became popular all over Asia with the TV drama Boys Over Flowers(《花样男子》).His drama City Hunter(《城市猎人》) was also a success.

( ) 1.What does the underlined word “shape” mean in Chinese?

A. 性格 B. 身材 C. 职业

( ) 2. Lee Minho wanted to be when he was young.

A. an actor B. a model C. a soccer player

( ) 3. We can know some information EXCEPT A. Lee Minho’s favorite colors B. Lee Minho’s favorite food

C. Lee Minho’s favorite sport

( ) 4. Which of the following is NOT TRUE according to the passage?\

A. Lee Minho’s birthday is on June, 22.

B. Lee Minho is 186cm tall.

C. There are three TV drama mentioned in the passage.

( )5. What’s the main idea of the passage?

A. It’s about a popular actor in South Korea.

B. It’s about some good fashion models in South Korea.

C. It’s about some South Korean actors in Chinese TV dramas.

Unit 10 If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time! The Second Period (Section A Grammar Focus-3c)


to work, because it’s too expensive.

on how to learn English well? I’m weak in it.

if I don’t get enough exercise?

5. I’ the party games.


1. If I’m late for school again, .

2. If I can’t pass the math test, .

3. If I talk in class, 4. If I bring food to the library, 5. If I exercise everyday, .


( )1. If he harder, he will catch up with us soon.

A. study B. studies C. will study

( )2. You can go out and play if you your homework.

A. finished B. finish C. will finish

( )3.If you help others, others help you.

A. won’t, don’t B. don’t, won’t C. don’t, don’t

( )4.Mr Lee asked Gina .

A. go to his office B. to go his office C. to go to his office

( )5. The teacher my MP3 because I listened to music in class.

A. put away B. take away C. took away


If you want to watch the penguins, you can choose to visit New

Zealand. It is the penguin capital of the world. And it is the best

place to see penguins. If you are lucky enough, you can have a

chance to watch the Penguin Olympics.

In 2009, there was a kind of Penguin Olympics in an ocean center.

Visitors could get close to these lovely animals and played with

them happily.

There were five events: football, Frisbee(飞碟), surfing, swing ball (摇摆球) and waddle races. People watched the penguins compete with each other and couldn’t help laughing.

Visitors could also take part in the Penguin Olympics. They were invited to wear big penguins feet to compete in the games. That brought them much enjoyment.

The Penguin Olympics were so popular that the ocean center hoped to hold it again the next year. Now New Zealand gives a warm welcome to people all over the world.


1. What is the best place to see penguins?

2. What were the five events?


3. There was a kind of Penguin Olympics in .

4. Visitors were invited to wear 任务三:给短文拟定一个适当的英文标题。

The Third Period (Section B 1a-1d)


( ) 1. We have friends all A. in B. of C. over

( ) 2. We’ll go to the Great Wall it doesn’t rain tomorrow.

A. when B. if C. until

( ) 3. I’m not sure if they a party next Sunday.

A. will have B. would have C. had

( ) 4. What’s your hometown famous A. for B. of C. in

( ) 5. Gina wants to the English club in her school.

A. take part in B. join C. join in


1. If I enough money , I will .

2. My dream is to (上大学).

3. 中国因长城而闻名。

China is 4. 我们应该帮助那个穷孩子接受教育。

We should help the poor child 5.为了赚许多的钱,他努力地工作。

He works hard to 三、完形填空。

QQ. It is becoming a popular way to communicate with QQ? It was Ma Huateng.

Ma Huateng was born in 1971. When he was very young, he was in astronomy(天文). However, he decided on computer when he entered Shenzhen University in 1989. In his eyes, computer science was to everyday life compared(相比)to astronomy. He worked hard and became the best student in his class.

He worked a computer programmer in a company in Shenzhen. Five years later, he quitted(辞去) his job and his own company in 1998. It was difficult at the beginning and he had to work hard every day, After he invented QQ, his business got . It is said that now there are at least 300 people using QQ. It is a wonder(奇迹), isn’t it?

( ) 1. A. use B. uses C. using

( ) 2. A. another B. other C. others

( ) 3. A. found B. invented (发明) C. found out

( ) 4.A. interested B. bored C. excited

( ) 5.A. repairing B. selling C. learning

( ) 6.A. close B. far away C. near

( ) 7.A. with B. as C. in

( ) 8.A. started B. began C. finished

( ) 9.A. better and better B. worse and worse C. fewer and fewer

( ) 10.A. millions B. million (百万) C. millions of


A:Hello, Tony. I’.

B: I’d like to, but I can’t. A: .

B: Oh, no. She may be very noisy in the movie theater.

A: B: I hope you will have a great time.



The Fourth Four (Section B 2a-2e)


’t finish my homework yesterday.

3. I really don’this problem, it’s too difficult.

6. Mrs. Black’ chores every day.

in life.

me to practice speaking English every day.

like surfing the Internet and play computer games.

10. I won’t二、单项选择。

( )1. I won’t pass the exam A. when B. if C. unless

( )2. I have some problems with my schoolwork. Can you give me some ?

A. advices B. advice C. advise

( A. worry B. worried about C.worried

( )4. Sara studies English very in her class.

A. careful, good B. carefully, well C. carefully, the best

( )5. Some students are so A. careful B. careless C. serious



we talk to someone, we’ll feel worse.


Mr. Black common problems.


It is not to our problems.

4. 如果人们有烦恼,他们不应该埋在心底。

If people have problems, they shouldn’t them .


In English, we say that it .


A. Because Lucy argued with her. B. Because Lucy sent messages to a boy.

C. Because Lucy didn’t finish her homework.

( )2. Lucy thinks it’s to make friends with boys.

A. unusual B. strange C. common

( )3. The underlined word “misunderstanding” means “in Chinese.

A. 理解 B.误解 C.警告

( )4. Linda thinks that Lucy should A. ask the teacher for help. B. talk with her mother often. C. tell her mother about her boyfriend ( A. more worried B. happier C. more unhappy The Fifth Period (Section B 3a-Self Check)



3. If you don’.

should learn to look after themselves.

二、用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。 2. What (happen) if there is no water or air on the earth?

3. If Gina (have) enough money, she 4. To keep in good health, it is best

5. The little girl is too young to (dress) herself.


( ) 1. My mother often asks me more vegetables.

A. eat B. eating C. to eat

( ) 2. The little boy is go to school now.

A. too; to B. to; to C. so; that

( ) 3. If you don’t finish your homework, your teacher will you.

A. be angry with B. be angry at C. be angry about

( ) 4. Half of the students in our class interested in playing computer games.

A. is B. are C. have

( ) 5. –Are you going to the Summer Palace this weekend?

-Yes, I am. But if it , I A. will rain, will stay B. will rain, stay C. rains, will stay


1. Get up early, or you will be late for school.(改为同义句)

2. I will be free next Sunday. I will go shopping. (用if连接为一个句子)

I go shopping.

3. I think they had a good time at the party yesterday. (改为否定句)

I they a good time at the party yesterday.

4. Tony will travel all over the world. (改为否定句)

Tony 对划线部分提问)


It’s hard to make friends if you stay at home alone all the time. Get out of the house and do things that will put you in touch with(接触) other people. It is easier to make friends when you have similar interests.

Don’t be afraid to show people what you are really good at. Talk about the things you like and do best. People will be interested in you if there is something interesting about you.

Look at people in the eye when you talk to them. That way, they will find it easier to talk to you, or people may think you are not interested in them and may stop being interested in you.

Be a good listener. Let people talk about themselves before talking about “me, me, me”. Ask lots of questions. Show an interest in their answers.

Try to make friends with the kind of people you really like, respect(尊敬), and admire(崇拜),not just with those who are easy to meet. Be friendly with a lot of people. That way, you will have a bigger group of people to choose from and have more chances for making friends.


1. How can we have more friends, get in touch with other people or stay at home?

2. When Jim talks to people, he always look right, left, or at the floor. Do you think it is right? Why or why not?

3. Gina always talks about herself when she talks to other people. What advice do you think she

needs to follow?

4. What should you do if you want to have more chances for making friends?

5. What is the main idea of this passage?


以后你可能会很富有,想一想如果你富有了,你会用你的钱干什么?请展开联想,以 “If I’m rich”为题写一篇短文。(60-80词)


1. buy a big house, family, a happy and comfortable life;

2. travel all over the world;

3. charity, help the poor children, get an education.

If I’m rich

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