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Unit 9 Can you come to my partsectionA

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Unit 9 Can you come to my party ?

Section A


1.复习备考______________ 2. 帮助我的父母干家务__________________________

3. 去看医生________________ 4. 见我朋友_____________

5.太多作业_____________________ 6.谢谢你的邀请______________________


1. I have _____ homework to do.

A. too many B. too much C. much too D. a few

2. He ___ stay at home, because his mother was ill.

A. has to B. have to C. had D. had to

3. I went to the mountain _____.

A. next week B. the day after tomorrowC. yesterday D. Tomorrow

4. ____ Friday morning, I like to go to the movie ___ friends.

A. In, on B. On, with C. On, and D. At, with

5. Would you please ____me ____ the housework?

A.help, in B. to help, with C. help, doing D. help, do

6. Are you ___ football this weekend?

A. playing B. play C. play a D. Plays

7. I have to go to my guitar lesson ____ 19:00___20:00 __ the evening.

A. from, to, on B. in, at , on C. from, to, in D. at, at, on


1_______you play tennis? Yes , I can.

2.Mary is ill , she ___ (have)____ (go )to the doctor.

3.Look! Some people ____ (take) photos here.

4.Thanks for ____ (cook) for me .

5.She often ____ (help) me with my English .

四. 完成下面的句子

1---Hi , Jeff. Can you come to my party on Saturday?

---- I’m sorry ,I can’t .I ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ (得去看我的阿姨)on Saturday . 2 --- Hello, Marry. Can you come to my party on Saturday?

----_____ _____ ______(我愿意)

3 ---May Lee ,can you come to my party tomorrow?

--- I’m sorry I____ ___ ____ ___ ____(得帮我妈妈)

4 --- Claudia, can you come to my party on Saturday?

---- I’m sorry ,I____ ____ ____ ____ ____ (要去看电影)

5.---Hey, Paul._____ _____ ____ to my party____ ____?(周六你能来参加我的聚会吗?) ---- I’d love to .

6.It’s too late. She _____ _____ go there by bus.(不得不)


1 索菲亚这个周末要照顾她的妹妹。Sophia ___ _____ her sister this weekend. 2 我的生日晚会将于5月6号晚上8点举行。

My birthday party will be hold on May 8th ___ ____

3 汤姆打算邀请琳达参加他的晚会。Tom plans to ____ Linda _____ his party.

4.I have to clean the room right now.(改为否定句)

I ____ _____ _____ clean the room right now.

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