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九年级英语第二单元测试题 (1)

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一 单项填空(本大题有15小题,每小题1分,共15分)


[ ]26. Mario is afraid of alone.

A. be B. being C. is D. /

[ ]27. You used to be outgoing, ?

A. do you B. don’t you C. didn’t you D. did you

[ ]28. I haven’t him for a long time.

A. see B. saw C. seen D. seeing

[ ]29. I used to have short hair, but now I have hair.

A. curly B. long C. straight D. brown

[ ]30.----- You used to be short, you ?

------Yes , I .

A. didn’t, did B. usedn’t, used C. didn’t, used D. usedn’t, did

[ ]31. Playing basketball is very , so I’m more in it.

A. interesting, interesting B. interested, interesting

C. interesting, interested D. interested, interested

[ ]32. ----Who do you often swim ?

-----I swim with my classmates, because I am the swim team.

A. /, on B. with, on C. with, in D. with, of

[ ]33. The glass is broken, Try to who did it.

A. find out B. look C. see D. found

[ ]34. My life has changed in the last few years.

A. a lot of B. lots of C. a lot D. a lots of

[ ]35. He’s always busy. And he working late until night.

A. gets used to B. used to C. got used to D. is used for

[ ]36. The light in his room was , but nobody was .

A. in, in B. on, on C. in, on D. on, in

[ ]37. My problem is I’m so busy.

A. that B. what C. how D. /

[ ]38. You can find out the answer to it only in the way.

A. rightly B. right C. wrong D. true

[ ]39. I used to a lot of time games with my friends.

A. take, to play B. cost, playing C. spent, on D. spend, playing

[ ]40. His father makes a living driving a taxi.

A. by B. with C. for D. through



66.我过去常常很晚起床。 I get up late.

67.医生要求戒烟。 The doctor asked him to .

68.他太激动了,不能入睡。 He is too excited .

69.令他惊奇的是,那只迷路的狗3天后回来了。 , the lost dog walked back after 3 days.

70.我过去喜欢开着灯睡觉。 .

一. Useful expressions(43)

1. 列词汇清单_________________________________________________________________

2. 向老师请求帮助_____________________________________________________________

3. 查字典_____________________________________________________________________

4. 用这种方式学到了很多_______________________________________________________

5. 提高我的笔头表达能力_______________________________________________________

6. 问我有关学习物理的方法_____________________________________________________

7. 明确的建议_________________________________________________________________

8. 有点帮助____________________________ 9. 感觉不同__________________________

9. 见到你我很激动_____________________________________________________________

10. 以唱一首英文歌而结束_______________________________________________________

11. 对学英语做个调查___________________________________________________________

12. 用英语做笔记_______________________________________________________________

13. 英语口语__________________________ 14. 犯错误___________________________

14. 使语音正确_________________________________________________________________

15. 获得大量的笔头练习_________________________________________________________

16. 首先(2)__________________________________________________________________

17. 后来__________________________ 18.嘲笑______________________________

18. 造完整的句子_______________________________________________________________

19. 做大量的语法笔记___________________________________________________________

20. 把它写下来_________________________________________________________________

21. 怎样拼写这个单词___________________________________________________________

23. 把英语作为第二语言_________________________________________________________

24. 什么时候处理这些 问题______________________________________________________

25. 为他们担心_____________________ 26.我们的行为方式_________________________

26. 生他的气(3)______________________________________________________________

27. 不公平的事情_________________ 29_随着时间的流逝__________________________

28. 持续两年半_________________________________________________________________

29. 通过学会遗忘解决问题_______________________________________________________

30. 学会把问题当成挑战_________________________________________________________

31. 抱怨太多的雨水____________________________________________________________

32. 把问题变成挑战_____________________________________________________________

33. 在科学家的帮助下___________________________________________________________

34. 想象更为糟糕的事情_________________________________________________________

35. 把自己和其他的孩子相比较___________________________________________________二. Fill in the blanks using the words given or according to the meaning of the sentences.(27)

1. Do you learn English by____________(study) with a group?

2. What about ___________(read) aloud?

3. Practice ____________(memorize) articles, and you will be able to say complete sentences.

4. Read every day__________________(practice) your___________________(pronounce).

5. Do you know how to _______________(pronounce) the word?

6. Are you excited about____________(travel) to Asia?

7. At first, they argued with each other. Later on, they ended up_____________(fight).

8. It’s not easy for me ____________(follow) the teachers because they speak too quickly.

9. _________(do) much listening practice is one of the secrets of ____________(become) a good language ______________(learn).

10. They decided ______________(not hang out) any more.

11. Write your original sentences_____________(use) the grammar.

12. Have you ever___________(join) an English club?

13. It’s good to improve my ____________(listen) skills.

14. He asked about ____________(study) grammar.

15. Do you often watch actors__________(speak) while watching English moves?

16. ____________(join) an English club is a good way ___________(learn) a language.

17. It’s __________(amaze) how much it helps.

18. Do you enjoy ________(learn) English?

19. My parents are very _____________(impress) by my great progress.

20. Do you have trouble __________(take) a lot of grammar notes?

21. The best way ____________(improve) English is _______(use) Grammar in original sentences.

22. I saw him ___________(enter) the classroom.

三. Complete the sentences.(13)

1.I learn English_________ watching English-language movies.

2.May I have ____________(some/ any) bananas?

3.Do you have a partner to practice English___________?

4.He finds watching English moves ________________(frustrate). So he often feels___________


5.___________(worry) about our problems can affect our _____________(behave).

6.My pronunciation is very p ___________.

7.His vocabulary is very s_____________.

8.Can you solve the difficult problems _____________(easy)?

9.Do you have any _______________(disagree)?

10.Harking can’t speak ___________ walk, but he becomes so ____________(succeed).

四. Change the sentences.(17)

1.He was too old to go on with the job.

He was not__________ __________ _________ go on with the job.

He was __________ old _________ he _________ go on with the job.

2.Do you have difficulties speaking to a native speaker of English?

Do you have________ ________ _________ to a native speaker of English?

Do you have__________ ________ to a native speaker of English?

Do you have __________ ________ to a native speaker of English?

3.If he doesn’t deal with his problem, he will get unhappy.

__________ he_________ with his problem, he will get unhappy.

If he___________ ________ with his problem, he will get happy.



4. 对某人很友好_______________________________________________________________

5. 对谈弹钢琴更感兴趣_________________________________________________________

6. 在游泳队____________________

8. 害怕独处___________________________

12 关灯睡觉_______________________________________________________________

9. 经常嚼口香糖___________________________________________________________

10. 这么多的时间___________________________________________________________

11. 这么多的问题___________________________________________________________

12. 直接回家_______________________________________________________________

13. 花费很多时间玩电子游戏_________________________________________________

14. 不再有时间_____________________________________________________________

15. 带我去听音乐会_________________________________________________________

16. 几乎没有时间___________________________________________________________

17. 怀念过去的日子_________________________________________________________

18. 在过去的几年中_________________________________________________________

19. 压力大_________________________________________________________________

20. 变化很大(变化很小)___________________________________________________

21. 引起很多麻烦___________________________________________________________

22. 给妈妈天添很多麻烦_____________________________________________________

23. 艰难的多_______________________________________________________________

24. 惹麻烦_________________________________________________________________

25. 最后(3)______________________________________________________________

26. 做出一个艰难的决定_____________________________________________________

27. 使他感到吃惊的是_______________________________________________________

28. 即使_____________________ 不再_______________________

29. 为我所做的一件事情而骄傲 (2)_________________________________________ _________________________________________

30. 注意_____________________________ 浪费时间______________________

31. 改变他的主意___________________________________________________________

32. 是历史学习变成真正的经历_______________________________________________

二. Fill in the blanks.

1. Did you use to be afraid of____________ (speak) in front of a group?

2. A: Are you ____________(terrify) of the dark? B: Me? Yes.

A: What do you do about it? B: I go to sleep __________ the light __________.

3.A: Does he enjoy p__________ pictures?

B: Yes, he would like to be an a______________ when he ___________(grow) up.

4. My daily life _______________(change) a lot.

5. w____________ about things will make you_____________ out.

6. We will go camping into the mountains. Would you like to ___________ us?

7. I used to have short hair. But now I ____________ it long.

8. His mother was too poor to a______________ his education.

9 Can you afford ____________(pay) for such an expensive computer?

10. Our parents look after us as ____________(好) as they can.

His mother didn’t allow him to practice his hobby as __________(多) as he could.

11. U_________________ , he died in the accident.

12. Did Mario use to be interested in _____________(study) ?

13. L______________ it isn’t so rainy as it was on that day.

14. It’s necessary for Martin ___________(talk) to his mother.

15. The doctors are very p_____________ with these patients.

16. That’s e_____________ what I want.

17. Do you feel good __________ yourself?

18. A: Is your grandpa still alive? B: No, he has ___________.

A: When did he___________? B: He _________ the year before.

A: You mean he has been __________ for two years?

B: Yes. My grandma feels very lonely because of his ________.(die)

三。Change these sentences.

1. He spent a lot of time (in) chatting with my family.

________ ________ _______ a lot of time _______ ________with my family.

2. He used to like reading comics.(一般疑问句。否定句和反义疑问句)


3. He taught me how I should swim.

4. He taught me __________ _______ ___________.

5. The Greens moved to another town last year.

The Greens ________ _________ in another town __________ last year.

__________ _________ a year_________ the Greens moved to another town.

A year _________ ________ _______ he Greens moved to another town.

6.The mother was too poor to afford to call in a doctor for the poor child.

The mother was _________ poor __________ she __________ afford to call in a doctor for the poor child.

6. Martin Murray paid a lot of money for the extra classes.

7. Martin Murray ________ a lot of money_________ the extra classes.

8. He wrote to his grandparents as often as possible.

He wrote to his grandparents as often as __________ __________.

9. I discovered my purse in the dresser in surprise.

_______ ________ _________, I discovered my purse in the dresser .

I was __________ ________ discover my purse in the dresser .

10. We are no longer children.

We are __________children___________ __________.

10. Has your father stopped smoking?

Has your father __________ __________ __________?

11. LeiFeng died in 1963.

LeiFeng _______ ________ _________ _________ 1963.

_________ _________ for over 40 years _________ he ___________.

Over 40 years _________ ________ _________ he died.


1. His father’s d___________ made him very sad.

2. I love music, my father used to take me to c_________ .

3. He used to be s___________ ,but now he is more outgoing .

4. His mother couldn’t a ___________ to pay for his education.

5. I enjoy c__________ with friends on the Internet .

6. We call a sick man a p_____________.

7. Hurry up! There is no time for you to w__________ .

8. His mother made a d________ to send him to a boys’boarding school.

9. It is n____________ for Martin to talk with his mother.

10. He is t_____________ of the sea , so he doesn’t know how to swim.


I. 选择填空(共20小题,每小题1分,计20分)

( ) 1. He learnt English by____ English songs. A. listen B. listen to C. listening D. listening to

( ) 2. If you practice ________ English every morning, you will improve it quickly.

A. to read B. reading C. read D. be reading

( ) 3. It’s Sunday today. What about ___ the mountains? A. to climb B. climb C. climbing D. climbed

( ) 4. Tom decided ____ in China. A. travel B. traveling C. to travel D. traveled

( ) 5. Do you enjoy _____ on the Internet? A. surfing B. surf C. to surf D. surfed

( ) 6. She said she had some trouble ___________ her homework.

A. finish B. finishing C. to finish D. finished

( ) 7. Do you find this book ____________?

A. frustrate B. frustrating C. frustrated D. frustration

( ) 8. Can you tell me the best way ____ the problem? A. solve B. solved C. to solve D. solving

( ) 9. Jenny does not know where _____ on National Day. A. to go B. going C. goes D. will go

( ) 10. I spend some time ________ newspaper every day. Sb Spend time/money in doing /on sth

A. read B. reading C. to read D. on read

( ) 11. _____ you work harder ,you will not pass the examination .

A. Until B .If C. Till D. Unless

( ) 12. There is ______milk in the bottle. Let’s go to buy some. A. a little B. little C. a few D. few

( ) 13. Did you see them _______ basketball this morning? Watch/hear/ See sb doing/do sth

A. playing B. play C. to play D. are playing

( ) 14. My father gave up ________ at last. A. smoke B. smoking C. to smoke D. smokes

( ) 15. I spent half an hour ___________ my homework .

A. finish doing B. to finish doing C. finishing to do D. finishing doing

( ) 16. At the age of 18 he began to work___ a teacher in a country school. A. as B. by C. in D. at

( ) 17. Have you decided which coat_______? A. choose B. choosing C. chosen D. to choose

( ) 18. I read very slowly. I can’t spell some English words, _____. A. also B too B. either C. but

( ) 19. Lucy thinks that ____ English movies isn’t a good way. A. watch B. watched C. watching

( ) 20. At first they hated each other ,but they ended up _____ on very well .

A. get B. got C. getting D. to get

卷 II (非选择题,共25分)

I. 词语运用 (共10小题,每小题1分,计10分)

56. Please read _________ (大声地),I can’t hear you.

57. Yesterday he ___________ that he made a lot of mistakes at last. (认识到)

58. We should not be afraid of any ____________ outside. (挑战)

59. He was very ___________ by what his father did. (使感动)

60. I really don’t know how to _____________ the problem? (处理)

61.Do you have any _________( 单词卡) ?

62.I learn English by making___________(词汇)list.

63. Your ______________(发音) sounds good.

64. ________________________(读英语杂志)is the best way to learn new words. 65. __________________________(加入学校的英语俱乐部)is the best way to improve English.

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