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一、 单项选择题:(40分)

( )1.I study by _____ tapes.

A.listening to B. listening C.listenning to

( )2.What about ____ _____?

A. playing the basketball B.play basktball C.playing basketball

( )3.He studies for a test____ making flashcards.

A. by B. on C.in

( )4.I?ve learned ____ that way.

A.lots B.a lot of C.a lot

( )5.It?s ____ hard ____ understand the voices.

A. too, to B.to, too C.very , to

( )6.Have you ever ____ with a group?

A.studied B.study C.studying

( )7.Studying grammar is a great way ____ a language.

A.learn B. learning C.to learn

( )8.We always read ___________ to practice pronunciation.

A.loud B.loudly C.aloud

( )9.We get ____ about something and end up ____ in Chinese.

A.excited speaking B.excite, speaking C.excited,speak

( )10.I don?t know____ use this MP5.

A.how B.what to C.how to

( )11.It wasn?t easy ___me to understand the teacher.

A. about B. for C.on

( )12.My classmates might ____ me.

A.laugh B.laugh on C.laugh at

( )13.I am enjoying ____ English .

A. to learn B. learning C.learn

( )14.If you don?t know the words, please __them__ in a dictionary.

A.look , after B.look ,for C.look , up

( )15. I regard Jim_______ my best friend.

A.at B. as C. with

( )16.I ____ be afraid of the dark.

A.use to B.used to C.used


( )17.You used to be short , _____?

A. used you B. did you C. didn?t you

( )18.We must try our best __________ hard.

A. study B. studying C. to study

( )19.Did you used to play __ piano?

A. / B. the C. a

( )20.I?m more _____ sports.

A. interesting in B. interest in C. interested in

( )21. ____, he does well in English.

A. To my surprise B .To me surprise C. To I surprise

( )22.My grandfather lives ________in a big house.

A. alone B. lonely C. lone

( )23.Don?t _____ things so much.

A. worried about B. worry about C. worry

( )24.My biggest problem is ____ I?m too busy.

A. that B. what C. when

( )25.We used to spend lots of time ____ games.

A. to play B. playing C. plays

( )26.Teenagers should ____ go out with their friends.

A. be allowed B.are allowed to C. be allowed to

( )27.Must the classroom be cleaned at once?

A. No, it needn?t B. No , it mustn?t C. Yes , it mustn?t

( )28.Mr.Wang _________ math last year.

A. tought us B. teach my C. tought my

( )29.Would you mind speaking ____? I can?t follow you.

A. quickly B. slowly C. clear

( )30.Our Chinese teacher is patient _______ us

A. at B. with C. of

( )31.He played games _____ doing homework last night .

A. rather than B. instead C. instead of

( )32.Mike has trouble ____ the math problem.

A. works out B. to work out C. working out

( )33.He must stop ____ because his sister is studying.

A. talking B. to talk C. to talk

( )34.Teachers must be strict ___ their students.

A. to B. in C. with

( )35.In my family , the kids are allowed ____ until midnight . 2

A. stay up B. to stay up C. staying up

( )36._____ our school uniforms are too ugly.

A. Present B. At once C. At present

( )37.--------I am sorry.


A.It doesn?t matter. B. That?s ok. C. Thank you.

( )38.Studying in group is ___ the students and can help them

A. good for B. bad for C. good at

( )39.I have to be back home ____ 10:00 ____ Friday night.

A. by, on B. at , by C. at, in

( )40.Little children need ____ eight hours? sleep a night.

A. at least B. at most C. at many


One day a very rich family in Guangzhou went on a trip to the people lived, the farm of a very poor family. When they got back from the father asked his son, “My dear son , how was the trip?”

“Very good, Dad!”

“Did you see how poor people lived?”the father asked.


“And did you learn?”

The son answered, “We have a dog home ,and they have four. We have a pool that reaches the middle of the garden and they have a creek(小河)that has no end. We have very expensive in the stars.Our patio(院子) reaches the front yard, they have the whole horizon(范围).”

(哑口无言). His son added, “ Thank you for me how poor we are!”

( )41.A.wanted B.wants C.want D.went

( )42.A. many B. poor C. rich D. much

( )43.A.in B. over C. on D.around

( )44.A.trip B.school C.Guangzhou D.poor family

( )45.A.what B.how C.who D.which

( )46.A. at B.in C.for D. on

( )47.A.flowers B.lamps (灯) C.tables D.plants

( )48.A. had B.has C. have D.having


( )49.A. As soon as B.While C.Before D. When

50.A.show B.showed C.showing D.to show



Look at the instructions(说明书) on the bottle of the medicine(药) and then choose the right answers.

John is twelve years old. He had a bad cold and coughed(咳嗽) day and night. He went to see a doctor. The doctor gave him some cough medicine.

Cough Medicine

Shake(摇动)it well before use.

Take it three times each day before meals.

Dose (药量):

Age(年龄):over(以上)14 2 teaspoonfuls(勺)

8—13 1 teaspoonful

4—7 1/2 teaspoonful

Not right for children below the age of three. Put it in a cold place. Use it before December 1st 2002.

( )51.John should take ____ a day.

A.1 teaspoonfuls B. 3 teaspoonfuls

C. 4 teaspoonfuls D. 2 teaspoonful

( )52.The medicine should be kept in _______.

A. a fridge(冰箱) B. hot water C. any place D. the sun

( )53.John should ____ before he takes it.

A. shake the medicine well B. eat nothing

C. do some exercise D. drink a cup of tea

( )54.When people are ____ years old, they cannot take this medicine.

A. eighty B. thirty C. two D. twelve

55.John will ____ the medicine when it is left after Dec.1st, 2002.

A. throw away B. stop to take C. take once D. take six times more


Some British and American people like to invite friends and colleagues(同事) for a meal at home. You should not be upset (心烦意乱) if your English friends don?t invite you home. It doesn?t show they don?t like you.

Dinner parties usually start between 7 and 8 p.m., and end at 4

about 11. Ask your hosts(主办者) what time you should arrive. It?s polite to bring flowers, chocolates or a bottle of wine as a present.

Do you want to be extra (特别地) polite? Say how much you like the room, or the pictures on the wall. But remember—not to ask how much things cost.

You?ll probably start the meal with soup, or something small as a “starter” (酵母), then you?ll have meat or fish with vegetables, and then a dessert (甜食), followed by coffee. It?s polite to finish everything on your plate and to take more if you want it. Some people eat bread with their meal, but not everyone does.

Before they take out their cigarettes after the meal, most people usually ask, “Do you mind if I smoke here?”

Did you enjoy the evening? Call your hosts the next day, or write them a short “thank you” letter. Perhaps it seems funny to you, but British and American people say, “thank you, thank you, and thank you.” all the time.

( )56.If your English or American friends don?t invite you to dinner at home, ______.

A.it shows they don?t like you .

B. it shows they have no time to get together

C.it shows they don?t want to make friends with you

D. it doesn?t show they don?t like you

( )57.When you are invited to go to your friend?s home, _____.

A. you shouldn?t take anything with you

B. you may go at any time

C. you may take an expensive present with you

D. you may take a small present with you

( )58.In England and America, it?s not polite to _______.

A.ask the price of a thing

B. eat all the food on your plate

C. talk to your hosts D. eat too fast

( )59.In the passage, the order(顺序)of the serving of a meal is _____.

A.Dessert—meat or fish with vegetables—coffee—soup

B.Coffee—soup—dessert—meat or fish with vegetables 5

C.meat or fish with vegetables—dessert—soup—coffee

D.soup—meat or fish with vegetables—dessert—coffee

( )60.Which is not right?

A. In England or America, it usually takes more than three hours to have a dinner party at home

B. You?d better write a short “Thank you” letter to your hosts or give them a call if you want to be extra polite.

C. You mustn?t smoke after a meal when you are with some American or English people.

D. If you are invited to go to a dinner party, you can?t arrive early.


One day we invited some friends to dinner. When it was about six o?clock, my wife found that we had little bread. So she asked our five-year-old daughter, Kathy, to buy some.

“Here?s a dollar,” my wife said, “ get two loaves(条) of bread, if they have it. If they don?t have it, get anything. But hurry!”

Kathy hurried off, and we waited and waited. By a quarter past six, all the friends had arrived. But Kathy had not returned. Finally we saw her dancing around the corner with a bright new hula hoop(呼啦圈) whirling(旋转) round her middle.

“Kathy!” her mother cried. “Where did you get that hula hoop, and where is the bread?”

“Well, when I got to the shop, they had sold all their bread,” answered Kathy. “And you said ?If they don?t have that, get anything!?”

( ) 61. One day Kathy?s parents invited some friends to ________.

A. have supper B. have lunch

C. have breakfast D. have a party

( ) 62. How much did Kathy?s mother give her?

A. a dollar B. two dollars

C. five dollars D. six dollars

( )63. Kathy ________ in a hurry.

A. played games B. went to the shop

C. went to dance D. came back home

( ) 64. What did Kathy buy at last?


A. other food B. nothing

C. hula hoop D. two loaves of bread

( ) 65. Why did she do this?

A. because the shop had sold all their bread.

B. because her mother asked her to get anything if they hadn?t had bread.

C. because she loved playing with hula hoop.

D. all above.


Many children love junk food. It?s bad for their health. Their parents don?t want them to eat too

much junk food. Although they know it?s not good habit, they still eat it. Some of them eat this

kind of food every day. Some only once or twice a week.

Paul is kind of unhealthy. He hardly ever exercises. He eats lots of junk food because he loves

it. When he has money, he?ll buy junk food. His parents worry about him. But he says,“Maybe I?m not very healthy, but I enjoy myself.”

( )66.Few children love junk food.

( )67.Many parents want their children to eat junk food.

( )68.Children know it?s a bad habit to eat junk food.

( )69.Paul is very healthy.

( )70.Paul often borrows money to buy junk food.

四,句型转换。(10分) _________ do you __________ for a test?

2.He used to be really thin. (变一般疑问句)

_________ he __________ to be really thin.

3. They hardly have time for concerts.(变反意疑问句)

They hardly have time for concerts,_________ ___________?

4.We should buy an English book. (改为被动语态)

An English book _________ _________ _________by us.

5.He is allowed to drive . (变否定句)

He __________ allowed to drive.


1. 在课堂上我们要做笔记。


We will _______ ________ in class.


I __________ __________ ________ my father.


Jenny _________ ____________ __________ last year.


Sixteen-year-olds should_______ _________to choose their own clothes.


Mike:Oh, Mary, over here! Don?t you remember me?

Mary : Is this…? Mmm,

Mike: It?s me. Mike Green, your primary classmate.

Mary: Mike? You?re Mike. Oh, I can?t believe.

Mike: Yeah, I was like what you said , but things are changing ,

don?t you think so?

Mary: Yes , and also . I remember you were shy

Mike: No, not yet . I?m studying music in a college now.

小红、小明和小刚是第一中学的三个学生。他们根据自己的兴趣和爱好,每周花几个小时的时间参加不同的志愿者工作。根据以下要点,以“Being a volunteer is great”为题,写出他们的志愿者工作及他们的感受。70-80字左右。

1.小红到小学帮助小学生阅读;(primary school—小学)

2. 小明到动物医院照料动物;





姓名: 班级: 学号: 成绩

一、 单项选择。(每小题1分,共40分)





21 24

26 29

31 34


二、 完型填空。(每小题2 分,共20分)



三、 阅读理解。(每小题2分,共40分)




69 四,句型转换。(10分)

1 ._______ ______ 2________ ______


_______ 4 _______ _________ 五,汉译英。(10分)

______ ______ ________

_______ 4 _______ ________ 六,补全对话。(15分)


七. 书面表达。(15分)

Being a volunteer is great

No 1 Middle School is proud of three students. They are 10

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