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1.There (be)a river near our school . 2.Here (be) some flowers for you. 3. He has been to Dalian, and so I. 4.John can’t speak Japanese , nor Helen.

he ever (stay) in bed. A.So I have B. So have I C. So I do D. So do I

19.We think Jack in a hard –working boy. (确实如此). 20.I could play basketball when I was ten. (汤姆也会). 反意问句


Ann. 7.Mary didn’Jim. Lily . 9.—Would you like to go shopping with me ? —If Kate goes, .

A. so I will

B.so will I

C. Neither will I

10.—It’s terrible cold today, isn’t it ? —yesterday. A. so it was B. so was it C. so it is 11. I am not watching TVis Jim.

A. also

B. either

C. neither

12.He didn’ I. 13.—He likes listening to pop music. — does.

14. Only in this way the work well. A. we can do B. can we do C. we do 15. Look ! Here the bus. A. comes B. come

C. are coming

16. Here .

A. are you

B. you are

17. —Peter doesn’t know much English . — .

A. So does he

B. So is he

C.Neither does he

D.Neither he does.

18.—You have made great progress in maths.

— .That’s why I got an A in the maths exam .

D. so is it

D. too

D. came


2. He didn’t tell you the story , ? 3. She isn’? ?

? ? ?

? ? ? 11. There wasn’? ? 13. Don’? ? 15.Let’ ? ? 17. He’ ? ? ? ? ? ? 23. You’?

24. Eric’ ? ? ?

? 28. You won’? ? 30. Those aren’? 31. Lucy skates very well, doesn’t she ?

, .是的,她滑得很好。 32.They don’t like the house , do they ?

.是的,他们不喜欢。 ? ?

? 36. We needn’ ? ? ? ?

? 41. We don’? 期中复习Unit 1——Unit 6练习

( )1.—How about out for a walk after supper ? —That’s a good idea.

A. to go

B. go

C. going

D. to going

( )—How do you learn English well ? —I learn it by more. A. speak

B. speaking

C. telling

D. talk

( )3. Please the recording twice and tell me what you .

A. listen , to hear

B. hear , listen to C. listen to , listen to D. hear , hear ( )4. When we practice speaking English , we often end up in Chinese.

A. to speak B. to speaking C. spoken

D. speak ( )5.The boy is very lazy. He doesn’t get writing practice.

A. some

B. many

C. a lot

D. much

( make some good friends to help you with yuor English ?

A. Why don’t B. Why not you C. Why not D. Why doesn’t you ( )7.I have work to do . I have no time to talk with you.

A. too much

B. much to

C. too many

D. many to

( )8.—Would you like to go bike riding with us tomorrow ? —I am busy. A. since

B. unless

C. when

D. until

( )9.My dad a heavy smoker, but now he has given it up .

A. used to do

B. used to be

C. used to being

D. used to doing

( )10.— ?

—Yes, he

A. did he , did

B. didn’t he , did

C. did he , didn’t D. didn’t he , didn’t ( ?

A. is he B. is there

C. isn’t he

D, isn’t there

( )12.—You aren’t a professional athlete, are you ?

— , I am just a footall fan.

A. Yes, I am B. No, I’m not.

C. Of course

D. Sometimes ( )13. The children not to play with the fire.

A. are often told B. tell

C.are telling

D. told ( )14. Old people must .

A. be spoken to politely B. speak to polite

C. be spoken politely

D. speak polite ( )15. “What a heavy rain ! “So it is . “I prefer stay at home on such a rainy day.” A. watch TV , to go out

B. watch TV, go out

C. watching TV, to going out

D. to watch TV, going out

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