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九年级英语人教版 unit3 sectionA Grammar Focus

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Unit 3

Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes.
Section A

Grammar Focus

Look at these sentences.
I think students should be allowed to do homework with friends.
Sixteen-year-olds should not be allowed to drive. Do you think sixteen-year-olds should be allowed to choose their own clothes?

Grammar Focus
Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes.

肯定句: 主语+ 情态动词+be+ 动词过去分词

否定句: 主语+情态动词+not+ be+动词过去分词
疑问句: 情态动词+ 主语+ be+ 动词过去分词

情态动词有四类: ①只做情态动词: must, can (could), may (might) … ②可做情态动词又可做实义动词: need, dare ③具有情态动词特征: have (had, has) to, used to ④情态动词表猜测 should have done, …

Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes.

Students should not be allowed to have part-time jobs. 学生们不应该允许做兼职工作。 Can these books be taken out of the reading room? 可以把这些书带出阅览室吗? When must the work be finished? 这些工作必须什么时候完成?

be finished 1. Their work must ____________ (finish) by
four o’clock. 2. Your homework should ___________ (do) by be done yourself. 3. These books mustn’t __________ (take) out be taken of the reading room. be kept 4. Should these food _________ (keep) dry?

翻译下列句子。 1. 青少年需要被好好地教育。

Teenagers need to be educated well. ________________________________________
2. 这辆小汽车不能修了。

This car can’t be repaired. ________________________________________
3. 这封信必须现在寄出去吗?

Must this letter be posted now? ________________________________________
4. 会议应该在哪举行?

Where should the meeting be held? ________________________________________

1.You must give back the dictionary before Friday.(改为被动语态) be given The dictionary must _____ _______ back before Friday. 2. He should be told about the meeting.(改为一 般疑问句) Should ______ he ______ told about the meeting? be

3. The machine can be used for washing dishes.(对画线部分进行提问) _____ _____ the machine ______ used for? What can be

Ⅰ. 完成句子
1. 你可以参加补考。

You can _______ _______ _______ later.

答案:1. take the test

2. 这项工作必须按时完成。 The work must _______ _______ on time. 3. 青少年应被允许发展自己的爱好。 Teenagers _______ _______ _______ to practice their hobbies.

答案:2. be finished 3. should be allowed

Ⅱ. 句型转换

1. You should make up the bed every day. (改
为被动语态) The bed _______ _______ _______ up every day. 答案: 1. should be made

2. We can’t see stars in the day time. (改为被 动语态) Stars _______ _______ _______ i

n the day time. 3. You must return the book on time. (改为一 般疑问句) _______ the book _______ _______ on time? 答案:2. can’t be seen 3. Must;be returned

【2011天津】39. Today a lot of information can _____ online.
A. receive B. be received

C. is received

D. receiving

【解析】 被动语态。今天有很多信息能在网上收到, 信息被收到要用被动语态。含有情态动词的被动语态 的构成:情态动词+be +过去分词。

【2011浙江金华】22. —Must we clean the classroom now? — No, you needn't. It _____ after school. A. may clean B. must clean C. need be cleaned D. can be cleaned 答案:D 【解析】由句意可知it指classroom,it和clean为被动 关系,所以用被动语态,含有情态动词的被动语态 结构为“情态动词+be+动词过去分词”。排除A和B。 need意为“需要”,can意为“可能,可以”。由句 意“—我们必须现在就打扫教室吗?—不,不必要。 可以放学打扫”可知。故选D。

【2011山东滨州】 Dear Erie, your room is too dirty. It should be cleaned (clean) right away. ________ 【2011?无锡】 be kept Food cannot __________ (keep) properly in a fridge at an unsuitable temperature.

【2012四川自贡】 I think teenagers B should ______ drive. They are not serious enough. A. be allowed to B. not be allowed to C. not allow to

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