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Unit One初一

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Unit One:


1. What’s your name?

2. My name is Jenny.

3. I’m Gina. Nice to meet you!

4. What’s your telephone number?


1. be 的一般现在时形式

2. What 引导的特殊疑问句

3. 形容词性物主代词:my, your, his, her

重点短语:first name, last / family name, telephone number ID card

Unit Two


1. Is this your pencil? Yes, it is.

2. Is that your pen? No, it isn’t. It’s her pen.

3. Excuse me, Sonia. Is this your eraser? Yes, thank you.

4. How do you spell it? W-A-T-C-H.


1. 一般现在时(be)的一般疑问句及其回答。

2. 物主代词的使用。

重点短语:excuse me, lost and found, a set of

Unit Three


1. Is this your sister? No, it isn’t.

2. Is that your brother? Yes, it is.

3. This is my friend. These are my friends.

That is my brother. Those are my brothers.

4. Thanks for your photo.

5. Here’s my family photo.

语法:1. 指示代词 these, those 的用法

2.人称代词I,he, she 的用法。

3. 名词复数

Unit Four


1. Where is my backpack? It’s on / in / under the chair.

2. Are my books on the chair? Yes, they are.

No, they aren’t.

3. Is it on / in / under the bookcase?

Yes, it is. No, it isn’t.

语法:1. 学习并掌握where 问句的问答。



重点短语:math book, alarm clock, video tape,

bring…to, take…to

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