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8A Unit 8 Natural disasters Welcome to the unit课件

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Welcome to the unit

Objectives ? To get a general idea about

natural disasters
? To learn to talk about natural disasters

Words review disaster mop up earthquake thousands of accident coach n. 灾难;不幸,祸患 vt. 用拖把擦干净 adv.完全地 n. 地震 成千上万的 n. 事故,意外的事 n. 长途汽车

Words review
crash flood wash away village lightning storm thunder catch fire vi. & vt. 猛撞; 碰撞 n. 洪水,水灾 冲走 n. 村庄 n. 闪电 n. 风暴,暴(风)雨 n. 雷;雷声 着火

What’s the weather like today?
What’s happened to Hobo?

Let’s have a look.

Listen and answer the questions.

1. What’s the weather like? It’s raining. 2. What’s happened to Hobo? His house is all wet. 3. What was Hobo doing when it started to rain? He was sleeping. 4. When did Hobo hear the rain? When he woke up, he heard. 5. Why does Hobo want Eddie to go home with him? He wants Eddie to mop up the water.

Natural disasters and accidents
What words do we use to talk about natural disasters? rainstorm, snowstorm, typhoon …

What words do we use to talk about accidents?
car accident, plane crash, fire...

All these natural disasters are caused by natural force. They are different from accidents. Accidents are usually caused by people. Can you tell the difference between natural disasters and accidents now? Here are some newspaper headlines. Please find out which ones are natural disasters.

Natural disasters and accidents 1. School football team loses final

2. Earthquake kills thousands of people
3. Car accident kills three men 4. Coach crashes into tree

5. Flood washes away village

6. Lightning starts big fire in
classroom building 7. Young boy falls from tree and

hurts legs
8. Big storm kills 20 people

Please distinguish (区别) the following natural disasters


forest fires





volcanic eruptions


2008——China——snow havoc



2013——China—— earthquake

Complete the following sentences. 1. 1998年的特大洪水冲走了许多房屋和 大树。 washed a lot of The big flood in 1998 ______________ houses and trees away. ________________________________ 2. 在唐山大地震中,成千上万人遇难。 killed The Tangshan Earthquake _________ thousands of people. ________________________________

3. 昨天一个年轻人从2 楼摔下来,竟然安然无 恙。 fell from 2nd floor Yesterday a young man ________________, but he didn’t get hurt. 4. 上个星期五两个小学生在教室里玩火, 将整幢大楼烧了起来。 Two pupils played with fire in their classroom last Friday and started a big fire ______________ in the building _________________. 5. 在昨晚的事故中,一辆大客车撞到了树上。 in the accident A coach crashed into a tree _____________ last night.

Write an article around 70

words on the topic of

‘natural disasters’. Collect

enough information before
you write.

1. To read the text on Pages 94-95.
Try to get the basic information of

the Taiwan earthquake
2. To read the new words of unit 8

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