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江苏省灌南县实验中学八年级英语上册 Unit 6 Birdwatchers Detective stories Reading I练习题

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Unit 6 Birdwatchers Detective stories Reading I练习题

(A 级)


1. 自然保护区______________________ 2. 在中国东北__________________________

3. 一个完美的地方__________________ 4.世界最重要的湿地之一_________________ 5. 为许多野生动物提供食物和庇护 __________________________________________

6.一年到头_________________________7. 去那儿作短暂停留 ___________________

8.在白天___________________________9. 容易在那观察它们 ___________________

10.以便于做---_____________________11. 有更多空间给农场和建筑______________


13.坚持捕鱼______________________ 14.结果__________________________________

15.中国政府_____________________ 16.制订法律阻止所有这些事________________



19.许多游客____________________ 20.理解湿地的重要性______________________


21.There is a _____________(自然) reserve in Dafen Yancheng.

22. The man ___________ (提供)new books for the schools in the west of China.

23. Many ___________ (观光者)come to visit the Great Wall every year.

24. Don’t worry. There is a little time _________ (剩余).

25. She gets up at 6 a.m._______________(以便于)get to school on time every day.

26. This is a photo of the Earth. Yang Liwei took it in the _________ (太空).

27. Our Chinese ________(政府)can go fishing around Huangyan Island(岛)because it

belongs to China.

28. Can you ___________ (描述)the animals for me?

29. Many students ____________ (理解)the ____________ (重要性)of math.

30. Children learn to _______ (数数)on their fingers(手指).


31. Changchun is in north-east China.(改为同义句)

Changchun is in_________ north-east________ China.

32. The dining hall provides three meals for the students. (改为同义句) The dining hall __________ the students _________ three meals.

33. I am busy the whole year. (改为同义句)

I am busy ________ ________ _________.

34. 有些人浪费食物,然而有些人却吃不饱。

Some people waste food _________ others haven’t enough food to eat.


35. 昆明全年气候温暖,因此被称为“春城”。 The weather is warm in Kunming _____ ______ _____, so it is called “Spring City”.

36. 条条大路通罗马。

All roads ________ _______ Rome.

37. 世界上的石油越来越少了。

There is ______ ____ ______ oil in the world.


Let’s ______ _____ _____ the woman with a baby.

39. Nanjing is _______________________________.(在中国的南部)

40. Japan is _________________________________(位于中国的东边)

(B 级)


The world of out-of-doors is full of secrets. And they are so interesting that quite a lot of people are busy studying them. All around us are birds, animals trees and flowers. The facts about how they 1 and grow are as interesting as anything could be. Do you know that one of the great Presidents of the USAspent hours and hours 2 birds?

A businessman who lives near New York city became so 3 in insects that he became to collect them. He now has more than one thousand different kinds of insects which are carefully 4 in glass boxes.

Come with me, and I will help you find some of nature’s secrets. Let us go 5 through the woods and fields. Here we shall find a rabbit tell the other rabbits that there is danger. We shall 6 a mother bear and her young ones as they look for 7 and get ready for winter sleep. We shall watch bees dance in the air to let other bees know 8 they can find food. I will show you many other interesting things, but the thing I can 9 you is to keep your eyes and ears 10 when you go out of the doors. Nature tells her secrets only to people who look and listen carefully.

( )1. A. bear B. live C. speak D. fly

( )2. A. studying B. eating C. learning D. finding

( )3. A. friendly B. carefully C. busy D. interested ( )4. A. locked B. kept C. put D. filled

( )5. A. near B. quickly C. quietly D. politely

( )6. A. hear B. follow C. catch D. help

( )7. A. food B. fruit C. vegetables D. water

( )8. A. how B. why C. where D. when

( )9. A. make B. pass C. give D. teach

( )10. A. closed B. open C. safe D. clean


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