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江苏省灌南县实验中学九年级英语上册 Unit 4 TV programmes Integrated skills练习题

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Unit 4 TV programmes Integrated skills练习题



1. We found this TV programme very ______ (enjoy)

2. Betty came ______ (one) in the race. She ran the fastest.

3. Usually, she spends about an hour every day ______ (exercise).

4. Which room is ______ (脏), yours or your brother’s?

5. Tom was the winner, he won the ______ (奖品).


1. Our sports meeting will ______ (hold) in the coming week.

2. She would rather ______ (have) the small one than the large one.

3. — Would you mind my ______ (skate) here? — No, not at all.

4. The _____ (die) man told us his past days before he _____ (die). His _____ made us very sad.

5. The music Awards was covered last Sunday. Many people ______ (watch) it.

6. If you got ______ (scare) easily, don’t watch it.


Millie: Good morning,everyone! (1)

Anita: Yes, watching TV is my favourite hobby at the moment.

Sam: Me, too. However, I have little time to watch Sports World which I like best. Millie: (2)

Anita: I am a member of the Art Club. (3)

Millie: It seems a bit different from other students. Then how much time do you spend watching

TV every day?

Anita: I seldom have time watching TV every day. Rut at the weekend I can relax by it.

Philip: I spend an hour watching TV every day. I need to watch news and the up-to-date information

of sports.

Millie: (4)

Sam: To me, a little. Because I am crazy about basketball. If I don’t watch a match, I will be able to sit in front of my desk to study.

Philip: I think it’s not a problem for us. I have leant much knowledge about different things from TV programmes.

Millie: (5)


(B 级)


There are 5 channels on British television and each channel has several news programmes all day long. Some 1 are only for 3 minutes while some are one hour long. The people who read the 2 are called news presenters (介绍者) and because they 3 on television every day, they are famous.

This is a popular news presenter in 4 called Trevor McDonald in the news studio. He presents a programme called News at Ten every Monday to Friday evenings. 5 popular news presenter is Kristi Young. She has a more modern style of 6 the news and, as you can see, she sits on the desk not on a chair! Television news presenters need to have worked as journalists because they have to 7 most of the news that they read. 8 an important new event happens after the programme has started, so the presenter has to be able to read something without looking at it first. They must always keep 9 even when there are many changes during the programme. At the 10 of News at Ten Trevor McDonald says, “And finally?” Then he reads an unusual or interesting item. It’s a famous saying in England now.

( )1. A. channels B. programmes C. TVs D. news

( )2. A. books B. magazines C. news D. advertisements

( )3. A. appear B. act C. interview D. direct

( )4. A. America B. China C. Japan D. England

( )5. A. Another B. Other C. The other D. Others

( )6. A. watching B. reading C. listening to D. seeing

( )7. A. read B. check C. discuss D. write

( )8. A. Often B. Sometimes C. Usually D. Seldom

( )9. A. calm B. quiet C. stressed D. modest

( )10. A. beginning B. middle C. end D. later


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