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江苏省灌南县实验中学九年级英语上册 Unit 4 TV programmes Reading II练习题

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Unit 4 TV programmes Reading II练习题

( A 级)

一、短语翻译 1.许多最新信息_____________________2. 覆盖不同体育________________________


5. 在颁奖开始前 ___________________6.宣布结果____________________________



11. 充满神秘_______________________12.喜欢解决谜团________________________

13. 容易受惊吓_____________________14.一部1小时的纪录片__________________





1. Feng Xiaogang is one of the most famous ____________(导演)in China.

2. I saw him _______________ (消失)in the rain.

3. When we __________(面临)danger, we should keep calm.

4. I have got two ____________(音乐会)tickets. Will you go with me?

5. The village is ____________(覆盖)with snow.

6. This red dress is the ________________ (最新的)fashion.

7. Can you take a ______________(口信)for me?

8. A poor girl was found ____________(死亡) in the snow this morning.

9. If you are an animal lover, you may be a bit _____________(心烦意乱的) .

10. Many pop stars will _________(出席)the meeting.


( ) 1. A sports meeting ____________the coming Saturday.

A. will hold B. will be taken place C. will take place D. will be held

( ) 2. Mr Li, please ______ who broke the front door.

A. look for B. look at C. find out D. find

( ) 3. he has ________friends here. So he often feels lonely.

A. few B. a few C. little D. a little

( ) 4. There ____ a number of tigers many years ago. But now the number of them ____ getting smaller and smaller.

A. are, is B. was, is C. were, is D. were, are

( ) 5.I was listening t music while __________my homework yesterday evening.

A . to do B . doing C. did D . is doing


( B级 )

四、完成句子 1. The number of the students in Grade 9 is 920.(对画线部分提问)

_____________the number of the students in Grade 8?

2. We will hold a meeting to discuss the problems.(改为同义句)

A meeting _______________________ to discuss the problems.

3. Simon went home after he finished his homework. (改为同义句)

Simon ____________________________ he finished his homework. 4. The tigers are being killed for their skin and bones. (对画线部分提问) ________________________________________________?

5. The football match between China and Japan ________________ (现场直播)

this coming Friday.

6. We can ________________________ (网上投票)our favourite singers.

7. Zeng Zidan _______________(获得奖项)his excellent performance in the last film.

8. While _________(read) a book, Amy heard someone laughing outside.

1.—Do you know where the 16 ________ Games will be held?

—Yes, in Guangzhou.

2. The ___________ Olympic Games will be held in London in 2010.

3. My father jumps much ____________ than your father.

4. You may feel a bit disturbed while _________ these TV programmes about tigers.

5. The next day, a 28-year-old doctor was found _________ with a lot of blood in his office. th


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