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江苏省灌南县实验中学八年级英语上册 Unit 6 Birdwatchers Detective stories Welcome练习题

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Unit 6 Birdwatchers Detective stories Welcome练习题

(A 级)


1、观鸟 2、在市场上

3长且细的脖子 4、棕色的羽毛

5、宽大的翅膀 6、有多少种鹤


7.The swan has white__________ (羽毛).It looks very beautiful.

8. __________ (鹤) have long necks and legs.

9. He wants to be a __________ (a person who watches birds) in the future.

10. Many birds fly to __________ (north) countries in summer.

11.Look at the bird! It is flying with broad w .


( )12. -- What are you going to do?

-- I am _________.

A. go birdwatching B. going birdwatching

C. going to birdwatching D. go to birdwatching

( )13. _________ have white feathers and long thin necks.

A. Sparrows B. Parrots C. Swans D. Swallows

( )14. -- Which animal do you like _________ of all? -- Snakes. They are very dangerous.

A. better B. best C. little D. least

( )15. Golden eagles have _________ wings.

A. pointed B. small C. broad D. White


16. His father went to Beijing by air last week. (改为同义句)

His father _________ _________ _________ last week.

17. Which bird do you like best? (改为同义句)

Which is _________ _________ _________?

18. She likes parrots because they can speak. (对画线部分提问)

_________ _________ she _________ parrots?

19. 我们昨天去观鸟的。

We ________________________________________________ yesterday.

20. 我会展示不同种类的一些鸟的照片给你看。

I will _______________________________________________________.

21. 你最喜欢什么鸟?


22. 他昨天鼓励我们加入观鸟俱乐部。

Yesterday he ________________________________________ the Birdwatching Club.


(B 级) The elephant is the largest of all animals that live on land. An elephant’s trunk(象鼻) is rather like an arm and a hand. It is used to pick up and pull things in its mouth .It is also used to pull up trees when the elephant wants to make path(道路)through the forests.

The African elephant is usually larger than the Indian elephant. It often stands 10 or 11 feet high, and weighs over 6 tons(吨). Both males and females grow trunks. But only male Indian elephants have tusks.

The elephant lives mostly on grass , leaves and fruits . It has been easy for men to train elephants. They are used to carry heavy things. Elephants can live for about fifty years or more .

( )1. Elephants are ________. A. not found in the forests

B. only found in Africa C. larger than any other animal on land

D. the largest animal in the word

( )2. Elephants use their________.

A. trunks to do things as men use their hands to

B. trunks to pull up trees only when they want to make paths through the woods

C. tusks to do what men use their hands to D. tusks to eat up trees

( )3. Which of the following is NOT right?

A. Female Indian elephants have tusks.

B. All African elephants have trunks.

C. The Indian elephant is usually smaller than the African elephant. D. The African elephant usually weighs more than 6,000 kilograms.

( )4. The food for the elephant is ________.

A. grass B. leaves C. fruits D. all of the above

( )5. From the text we know ________.

A. an elephant is very clever and a good friend of men’s

B. we can hunt elephants as we like

C. we should not train the elephant

D. there are elephants everywhere in the world


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