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江苏省灌南县实验中学九年级英语上册 Unit 4 TV programmes Reading I练习题

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Unit 4 TV programmes Reading I练习题 (A 级)

一.翻译下列短语: 1.一周概要 _________________________ 2.即将到来的世界杯_______________________

3.被现场直播 _______________________4.许多最新的信息_________________________

5.采访某人__________________________ 6.发送文本信息给某人____________________


2. Now young people like _________________________ to their friends.

3. They have many kinds of hobbies, _______football, swimming and so on.

4. A sports meeting ____________________________in our school every year.

5. Have you ____________ your favourite singers?

6. The result ___________________________ during the programme yesterday.

7. Many famous Asia pop stars will ___________the presentation.

8. The ____________went to the youngest runner.

9. This Year’s Beijing Music Awards will ________.

10. your names on the paper, please .


1. My father likes reading. He often buys________________ (week) newspapers to read.

2.The presentation will be held this__________________ (come) Saturday.

3. Do you mind my _____________ (open) the window? It’s too hot.

4. I’m afraid I may be_______________ (bore) with the ___________ (bore) story.

5. Twenty students went to plant trees, (include) me .

6. Many famous_____________________(Asia) pop stars will attend the presentation.

7. We found it difficult ___________________ (get) there on time.


( )1.If you are not a basketball fan, you may find this Sunday______________.

A. a bit boring B. a little boring C. a little bit boring D. A, B and C

( )2.The World Cup_________________________ every four years.

A. happened B. holds C. takes place D. is happened

( )3. Twenty-two people were killed in the accident,__________________ two children.

A. include B. includes C. included D. including

( )4. The maths problem is so difficult that ______students can work it out.

A. few B. a few C. little D. a little

( )5.There_____________ a number of students and teachers in the school .The number of the

students and teachers______________ eight hundred.

A. are; are B. is; is C. are; is D. is; are

( )6. They found _________________very hard to work out the problem.


A. it B. its C. this D. that

( )7.____________ big fish they are!

A. How B. What C. What a D. How a

( )8. He could hardly understand what you said, ____________?

A. could he B. couldn’t he C. did he D. didn’t he



___________________________ you yesterday?


_____________________fans____________________________ their favourite songs.

3.也有许多对著名足球运动员的采访。 There are also_________________________________ the famous football players.

4. 今年的北京音乐颁奖晚会将现场直播。 This y ear’s Beijing Music Awards ______________________________________.

5. 颁奖仪式将于本周六在北京举行。 The presentation in Beijing this coming Saturday.

(B 级)



New (1)t_______ laws have been carried out on May Day this year. The law has new rules for

(2)d________ and pedestrians (行人). For(3)e , drivers have to drive slowly when they are close to crosswalks. If people are in a crosswalk, cars must(4)s to let them walk. If there are no traffic lights, drivers must also let pedestrians go first. Pedestrians will have to walk more safely under the new law. They must cross streets at crosswalks. If people cross the street when the light doesn’t turn(5)g , they can be fined (处罚) as(6) m as 50 yuan. There are rules for bus drivers, too. If bus drivers smoke, drink or make phone calls while (7)d , they can be fined. Buses that carry too many people are also against the law. Do you ride in cars often? Don’t(8)f to put on your seat belt, even if you’re going for a short taxi ride. It could (9)s______ _ your life. New traffic laws also say that if you see a hit-and-run person(肇事逃逸者), tell the police. They may give you a reward. And don’t be afraid to help people to the hospital if they are hurt in an (10)a . Don’t worry about money. The new law says that doctors must take care of them even if they can’t pay right away.


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