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江苏省灌南县实验中学八年级英语上册 Unit 6 Birdwatchers Detective stories Reading Ⅱ练习题

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Unit 6 Birdwatchers Detective stories Reading Ⅱ练习题

(A 级)


1.We______(记录)the great men’s words.They always encourage US to work hard.

2.Many Chinese people have realized the ___________ (重要性)of protecting the environment.

3.A large number of ___________(旅游者)come here to enjoy themselves every year.

4.Building more and more houses will l______ to less and less space for public land.

5.It is warm in spring in Kunming all year r__________.


1.The park is a perfect place ____________ (meet) friends.

2.The wetland in Yancheng is an _____________ (idea)place for birds.

3.Now the Chinese government has made laws to prevent people from _______ (kill)wild animals.

4.People want to make more ____________ (space)for farms.

5.We hope ____________ (fly) to the moon one day.


( )1.There are plenty of fish in this river.Many birds catch ________ food.

A.they for B.them for C.it as D.it for

( )2. 一Could you please provide us __________ some information about the students’ health? —Of course,it’s my pleasure.

A.to B.of C.from D. with

( )3.There are __________ people on the Earth and there is_______ space for them to live on.

A.fewer and fewer;less and 1ess B.more and more;

C.1ess and less;fewer and fewer D.more and more;

( )4.They are changing the farmlands_________ an amusement park.

A.making B.made C.to make D. make

( )5.一Can we see cranes on this wetland in June?

—No.Cranes only come here ________ a short stay.

A.at B.in C.after D.for



Dafeng in Jiangsu is a _________ _________ for Milu deer to live in.


If people keep fishing here,there will be _______ _______ ______ food for birds.


You should ________ ________ ___________ _________ ____________ the poor.


_________ __________ _____________ the birds are the most basic things for the birdwatchers to do.



This nature reserve is __________ ____________ the world’S most important nature reserves.

(B 级)


In the past 300 years,more than 1 30 species of animals have become extinct.these extinct species is the passenger pigeon(旅鸽).At one time there were millions One of these birds in the north of America,but now there are none.The last one died in the Cincinnati Zoo in 1 9

14.Another extinct species is the Cape Lion(开普狮).The animal has been extinct since1860.What causes animals to become extinct? Too much hunting is one cause,pollution is another.Governments around the world have begun to protect wild animals in danger.In the United States,the USA Fish and Wildlife Service is responsible for(承担义务)endangered animals.It has listed nearly 200 species of endangered animals in the north of America.


1.What does the underlined word“extinct”in the first sentence probably mean?


2.When were there many Cape I.ions in the north of America?


3.What causes animals to become extinct?


4.Do governments around the world take action to protect wild animals?


5.How many species of endangered animals are listed in the north of America?



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