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江苏省灌南县实验中学九年级英语上册 Unit 4 TV programmes Main Task练习题

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1. 住在一幢公寓里_______________________ 2. 总是有分歧___________________________

3. 争吵看什么电视节目___________________4. 相互生气_____________________________

5. 把遥控器扔到桌子上___________________6. 落到她的脚上_________________________ 7. 使故事如此完美_______________________8. 想到那个令人惊讶的结局_______________


( ) 1. Let’s go shopping , ?

A. shall we B. don’t we C. will you D. can you

( ) 2. I saw the accident happen _ __ my own eyes. What others said wasn’t true .

A. with B. on C. as D. in

( ) 3. The murder happened in a house ,and a doctor was found three days later.

A. dead B. death C. die D. dying

( ) 4. The actors are all new they did well.

A. so B. yet C. however D. and

( ) 5.This is a film full of mysteries .You can’t the answer until the ending.

A. look B. find out C. look after D. search

( ) 6. My father has gone on business ,and he will be back three days .

A. after B. before C. in D. until

( ) 7. Let’s have a discussion if we go to a place for the trip.

A. further; farther B. farther; further C. father; further D. farer; farer

( ) 8. The man is very ,and he is in something people have no_______ .

A. interesting; interested; interest B. interested; interesting; interest

C. interest; interesting; interested D. interesting; interest; interested

三 、根据句意和所给的中文写出句中所缺的词。

1. It is he who makes our story so _______________(完美).

2.The film _______________(导演)by Zhang Yimou is very famous..

3. The story goes ______________ (慢) than we expect.

4.Some of the animals are__________________(消失) very fast.

5. It is said that the old man has been ________________(死) for two years.

6. You will realize how much ________________ (危险) they are facing.

7. They looked at me __________________(生气).

8. How much time does it take you _______________(完成) your homework.

9. After________________(看) the program, he felt it boring.






Dear Helen





_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Best wishes,




( )1. What do

you need if you

want to kill


A. D4545

Garden Spray.




C. A2104

Canvas Bag.

D. The Dr


( )2. How

much will you

pay if you want

three shampoos

and two canvas bags mailed to you? A. $12,25. B. $20.50. C. $13.50. D. $17. ( )3. What does the underlined word "it" most probably refer to?

A. Canvas bag. B. Chemical. C. The house. D. Dr Clean.

( )4. Where can you find this passage?

A. In a travel magazine. B. In a newspaper.

C. In a fashion magazine. D. In a story book.


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