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Unit 1



A: the weather outside, Mom? Is it still raining? B: Yes, Susan. It's raining and dogs.

A: I hope it stops tomorrow. I am planning to go a picnic my friends. B: to the weather forecast, it may stop by tomorrow. A: Oh, that's great.

B: But it will be and really windy. A: Then I can't go on a picnic. B: You can go to the museum A: That's a great idea. I should call my friends and ask them.



A: The sun late these days, Zhang Wei. B: Yes, winter is . A: me?

B: I said winter is coming, Mike. Winter has days.


A: Is that so? Did you learn that your science teacher?

B: No, I learned it from a book the sun. a very interesting book. A: Can I the book for a few days?

B: I’m I don't have the book right now. I the book to Susan. You can borrow it next week.

Unit 3


A: I saw strange in the sky yesterday. B: In the sky?

A: Yes, I was walking the street. I saw something white and round the sky. It was not very B: strange! It was a UFO.

A: Do you know UFOs, Li Jun?


B: Yes. There many stories about UFOs. A: Well, I don't really believe them.

B: Susan, space is huge. There be different kinds of UFOs there.

Unit 4

1. A: Hi, Sara. I’m calling Beijing. What’s the weather there? B: It’s very cloudy. It start raining in the afternoon. A: Really? It’s hot and sunny here!

2. A: There is a play, Hamlet Tuesday. you like to go? B: I’m I can’t. I have a math test on Wednesday. A: How Saturday? B: Sounds great.

A: meet at a quarter to seven. B: ?

A: I mean let’s meet at 6:45. 3. A: Look at this picture.

B: Wow, strange! A: Isn’t it big?


B: Yes, it is. And it doesn’t look a tree. is it? A: It lies in Africa. I really want to see it my own eyes.

Unit 5

A: . B: What’s your food here, Amy? A: I really like the sausages.

B: Really? I think they are salty for me. What about the soup Thailand? A: It seems B: There are many different of dumplings. They look very delicious. A: You can say that . Let's try B: Okay, that great!


Unit 6

A: You made so food, Susan! B: I only my morn.

A: It really looks B: Would you like more, Li Jun? A: No, thank you. I can't eat more. B: It's time dessert.

A: Dessert? do you have?

B: I made a chocolate cake my mom's . A: Oh really? try it.


Unit 7


A: Are you ready to B: What’s the special lunch today? A: special is Beijing Duck. B: Oh, that great. I’ll have that. A: Will that all?

B: like to have some green tea. A: We serve green tea for . B: Really? great.


Unit 8


1. A: Let’s go out and get to eat.

B: Good idea. What of food do you want? A: How Chinese food?

B: Great. I Chinese food tastes good. A: You can say that . B: do you want to go?

A: I usually go to Quanjude. It’s really good. 2. A: you like some more? B: No, thanks. I can’t eat any A: The chocolate cake is very delicious. you tried the cake? B: No, chocolate cake is too for me. A: Really? I couldn’t live it. 3. A: Are you to order?

B: Yes. like two pieces of chicken, French fries, and a tomato salad. A: Do you want to drink? B: I'll have a glass of milk, please.

A: Two pieces of chicken, French fries, a tomato salad, and a glass of milk. Anything B: No, thanks.

Unit 9



A: Can you do me a , Li Jun? B: Sure, do you need?

A: Could you me a can of soda?

B: you know too much soda is bad you?

A: I know, but it’s a three cans of soda every day. B: Susan, you should be . Soda has too much sugar. You’ll gain weight. A: Okay, I’ll drink a bottle of water .

B: That sounds ’ll become


Unit 10


A: What you do on Saturday, Amy? B: I TV.

A: Did you watch interesting?

B: Oh, yeah! I watched a show snowboarding and bungee jumping. It was exciting! But I think I can do those sports.

A: , I tried rafting last summer. B: You did?

A: Yes. I enjoyed the thrill. This summer I look to going bungee jumping. B: You’d be careful, Li Jun. It be very dangerous.


A: I know, but if we the rules, be fine.

Unit 11


A: You look so . What’s the B: I a math test this afternoon.

A: are you worried? You’re the best student in your class this term. B: I’m nervous before a test.,


A: I think everyone feels before a test.

B: I know, but I can never sleep the night before. Do you have any ? A: Don’t too much. Just that you will do well. B: Okay. try.

Unit 12


1.A: Can you do me a B: A: Can I your cookbook? I am going to try to cook some new B: Is today a day?

A: Don't you I have a big party tonight?

B: Oh, I didn’t know that. Okay, I'll you my book. 2.A: Look at this picture. She’s my pen pal. B: Oh, really? Is she American?

A: Yes, she is. She’s to visit China next year. I look forward to her. B: That sounds great. I want a pen pal, A: better try to find a pen pal in our country. 3. A: You look . What’s the matter? B: I have a stomachache.

A: Have you anything bad? B: No.

A: Oh. I see. You’re about the test, aren’t you? B: Yeah, you’re right. Do you have any ? A: I think you should try to take it .


Unit1 How’s, cats, by, on, with, According, cloudy, instead

Unit 2. rises, coming, Pardon, shorter, from, about, It's, borrow, afraid, lent

Unit 3. something, down, in, quickly, How, about, are, in, could, out

Unit 4. from, like, may, on, Would, afraid, about, Pardon, How, like, Where, with

5. What,delicious, favorite,German,too,from,spicy,kinds,again,one,sounds

Unit 6 much, helped, delicious, some, any, for, What, with, help, I’ll

Unit 7 order, for, Today’s, sounds, be, I’d, free, That’s

Unit 8 something, kind, about, think, again, Where, Would, more, Have, sweet, without, ready, I’d, anything, else

Unit 9 favor, what, get, Don’t, for, habit, about, careful, instead, better, healthier

Unit 10. did, watched, anything, about, don’t, Actually, forward, better, could, follow, we’ll

Unit 11 nervous, matter, have, Why, always, stressed, well, advice, worry, believe, I’ll

Unit 12. favor, Sure, borrow, dishes, special, know, lend, going, meeting, too, You’d, terrible, eaten, worried, advice, easy


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