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八年级英语(下)第五单元 检测题 (5)

班级_____ 姓名_______________ 学号________ 等级_______



1. What will you do if you go to the old_______________ (folk) home to visit?

2. Among the students Tom works the _____________ (hard).

3. Lucy can’t go to school today because she is__________ (bad) ill.

4. Many___________ (charity) sent money to help the poor people.

5. If you become a ____ (profession) athlete like Yao Ming, you can make much money.


1. He won the first place in the long jump, so he is a c___________.

2. That old man makes a l________ by collecting and selling waste paper.

3. My Chinese friends tell me Chongqing is f________________ for “Hot Pot”.

4. They said they enjoyed t____________________ during the winter holidays.

5. Jack’s father is a l_______________; he knows a lot about law.


1. Thank you for___________________ (remind) me the time of his coming.

2. When I came to the check-out, I___________ (realize) that I had no money with me.

3. My English teacher always lets me_______ (choose) the answer more carefully.

4. Tom is a good football player; he is good at____________ (play) football.

5. The students will go to the Summer Palace if it _____________ (not rain) tomorrow.

6. If you helped me with my English, I______________ (not fail) the exam.

7. It_____________ (hurt) your eyes to read in such poor light.

8. I like watching the children______________ (swim) and jump.

9. Mary asked Li Ming ___________ (help) him with his Chinese.

10. Can you finish _____________ (read) this book in five days?


1. Can you tell me how I can get to the nearest post office? (同义句)

Can you tell me ______________________________the nearest post office?

2. Work hard, or you will not pass the exam. (同义句)

____________you____________ work hard, you will _____________ the exam.

3. They are having an English evening. (用tomorrow作时间状语改写句子) They _________________________ an English evening tomorrow.

4. Some students go to school by bike every day. (同义句)

Some students _________________________ school every day. (对划线部分提问)

__________________________ are there on the farm?


( ) 1. —Listen! Somebody is coming. —No, _____ is coming. I can’t hear_____.

A. somebody, anybody B. anybody, somebody

C. nobody, anything D. somebody, somebody

( ) 2. We _____ go on a picnic if it _____ rain tomorrow.

A. don’t, isn’t B. don’t stop C. shall, doesn’t D. aren’t, doesn’t

( ) 3. He always thinks of ______ more than himself.

A. other B. others C. the other D. the others

( ) 4.Get up early or you can’t ______ the early bus.

A. catch B. catch up C. catches D. catches up with

( ) 5. Da Shan speaks Chinese ______ for us to understand.

A. good enough B. enough good C. well enough D. enough well

( ) 6. If you don’t want to go swimming, I ______.

A. won’t; too B. also won’t C. won’t, either D. won’t ,neither

( ) 7. He was_________ tired _________ he couldn’t go on working.

A. too…to B. such…that C. so…that D. too…that

( ) 8. It’s hard___________ the work in two days.

A. finishing B. to finish C. finish D. finishes

( ) 9. Our teacher said sound____ much more slowly than light.

A. traveled B. was traveling C. has traveled D. travels.

( ) 10. I don’t know if she________. If she_______, let me know.

A. comes; comes B. will come; comes

C. comes; will come D. will come; will come

( ) 11. You________ to school tomorrow if you go to look after your mother in hospital.

A. don’t need come B. don’t come C. needn’t to come D. needn’t come

( ) 12. Everyone knows that “I” ___ a word and also a letter in English.

A. am B. is C. are D. be

( ) 13. She said that she _____ more time in English next year.

A. will spend B. will take C. is going to cost D. would spend

( ) 14. What an______ story! I’m much ______ in it.

A. interested, interesting B. interesting, interested

C. interesting, interesting D. interested, interested

( ) 15. Oh, it’s you, Lily! ______ you ______ here.

A. I don’t know, were B. I didn’t know, are

C. I knew, are D. I think, were


people’s health. Many people like to watch play sports games. They buy tickets them.

games in different seasons. Sometimes they play inside the room, sometimes they play outside. We here and there. Some sports are rather people different countries cannot understand each ( ) 1. A. good for B. good at C. good D. good to

( ) 2. A. other B. others C. the other D. the others

( ) 3. A. and B. but C. or D. so

( ) 4. A. in front B. in the front C. in the front of D. in front of

( ) 5. A. change B. are C. play D. start

( ) 6. A. same B. different C. the same D. the different

( ) 7. A. see B. look C. find D. watch

( ) 8. A. Sometimes B. When C. Or D. So

( ) 9. A. from B. to C. outside D. inside

( )10. A. friend B. friendly C. friends D. more friendly



Two men were sitting together in a plane. They were on a long journey. One of the men was a businessman. The other was a farmer. They sat without talking for a while, then the farmer said, “Let’s do something to pass the time.”

“What do you want to do?” the businessman asked.

“We can ask each other riddles.” The farmer said.

“OK. Let’s make the rules first,” the businessman said, “If you don’t know the answer to a

riddle, you pay me $100. And if I don’t know the answer, I’ll pay you $100.”

“That’s not fair(公平). You are a businessman with much knowledge. You know more things than I do. I am just a farmer.” the farmer said.

“That’s true.” The businessman said, “What do you want us to do?”

“If you don’t know the answer to a riddle, you pay me $100. And if I don’t know the answer, I’ll pay you $50.” The farmer said. The businessman thought about this, then he said, “OK. That’s fair. Who will go first?”

“I will,” the farmer said. “Here is my riddle. What has three legs when it walks, but only two begs when it flies?”

The businessman thought for a long time and said, “Mm, that’s a good one. I’m afraid I don’t know the answer. ” He gave the farmer $100, then said, “Tell me the answer.”

“I don’t know.” the farmer said, and gave him $50.

( )1. The story happened_____.

A. on a farm B. in a shop C. before a long plane journey D. between two passengers

( ) 2. What does the word “riddle” means in this story?

A. Something to win money.

B. Something to help to make rules.

C. A difficult question to find the answer to.

D. A kind of game in doing business.

( ) 3. Why did the businessman agree to give more money if he lost?

A. He made much more money than the farmer.

B. He thought he knew more than the farmer.

C. He was interested in making riddles.

D. He was better at playing riddle games.

( ) 4. The farmer _____ .

A. didn’t enjoy himself on his long journey

B. didn’t want to pay even one dollar

C. spend all his money on the plane ticket

D. won fifty dollars by playing the riddle game

( ) 5. Which of the following is NOT true?

A. The two men made rules for their riddle.

B. The farmer was more clever than the businessman.

C. The two men made their riddle game more interesting by playing it for money.

D. The businessman knew the answer to this riddle.


Now machines are widely used all over the world. Why are machines so important and necessary(必要的) for us? Because they can help us to do things better and faster.

A washing machine helps us to wash clothes fast. A printing machine helps us to print a lot of books, newspapers, magazines and many other things fast. Bikes, cars, trains and planes are all machines. They help us to travel faster than on foot.

The computer is a wonderful machine. It was invented not long ago. It not only stores(贮存) information (信息) but also stores numbers millions of times as fast as a scientist does.

Let’s study hard and try to use all kinds of machines to build China into a modern country.

( ) 6. Machines can help us to do things better and faster, so they_____.

A. are difficult to make B. are expensive

C. are important but not necessary D. are very helpful

( ) 7. We have to travel on foot without_____.

A. bikes B. machines C. planes D. trains

( ) 8. Computers can store information and numbers_____ a scientist does.

A. a little faster than B. as fast as

C. much faster than D. much more slowly than

( ) 9.If we want to build China into a modern country. We must__________.

A. study hard B. try to use all kinds of machines

C. invent many machines D. all above

( ) 10. A printing machine can help us___________.

A. print a lot of books B. read more books C. invent many machines D. wash clothes fast



The well-known singer _____________________________ to “Hope Project”.

2.世上无难事, 只怕有心人。

______________________is__________________ if you set your mind to do it.


I think you should __________________________________________.

4.如果你真那样做了, 你会玩得很开心的。

You will __________________________________________if you do like this.

5.如果你带手机进课堂, 老师会没收的。

If you take you mobile phone into the class, the teacher will ______________________.


某个星期天,父母不在家,Uncle John和Aunt Mary来访。请用英语写一篇短文,描述一下你是怎样招待客人的。词数80以上,文体不限。(可另加附页)



一、A.1. folks’ 2.hardest 3.badly 4.charities 5.professional

B.1.champion 2.living 3.famous 4.themselves 5.lawyer

二、1.reminding 2.realized 3.choose 4.playing 5.doesn`t rain

6.wouldn’t fail 7.will hurt 8.swim 9.to help 10.reading

三、1.the way to/how to get to 2.If don’t fail 3.are going to have

4.ride bikes to 5.How many sheep

四、1-5. CCBAC 6-10. CCBDB 11-15. DBDBB

五、1-5. ABCDA 6-10. BDAAB

六、1-5. DCBDD 6-10. DBCDA

七、1.gave much money 2.Everything possible/easy 3.go to college

4.have a good time 5.take it away

八、One possible version:

Today is Sunday. I didn’t go to school. When the door bell rang, I was watching TV in the morning. I opened the door. Oh, my god! They’re my uncle and aunt! They are from Australia. I let them in and sit down on the sofa. Then I brought some Chinese green tea for them. They both said the tea was wonderful. Uncle John is a computer programmer. Aunt Mary is a actor. They didn’t come to my house for a long time. I talked with them, and showed them my photo album. At noon, we went out to have our lunch in a restaurant. I paid for the meal. In the afternoon my parents came back home. We went shopping together. I knew my uncle and aunt were interested in our city.

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