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1、Some dogs just don’t know .(怎样玩乐)

2、do you start lessons? (什么时候)

3、I the school vollelyball team.(在)

4、I would like to you my life here.(告诉)

5、We don’t have lessons Saturday Sunday.(在……和……)

6、Sandy doesn’t to play tennis.(没有多少时间)

7、I am not tall,so I cannot (玩得好)

8、They get ready for the day.(有助于我们)


1— is your little brother?

—The boy in the blue T-shirt is my little brother.

2— your father ?

— My father is a driver.

3— he to school today?

—My fathar is a driver.

4— Bob from?

—Bob comes from Canada.

5— the woman?

—She is my dear aunt.


1、They often knock on (people) doors in the evening.

2、She often (have) a party on her birthday.

3、—What do you do when the evening of Halloween (come). —We visit (house) and play a game with people.

4、The students paint their in different colours.

5、It is (wonder) to make some orange lanterns.

6、I’m (real) sorry for your sick mother.


()1、The guest will arrive here the night I May.

A at; of B in; of C on;of D on;in

()2、I will go to work carly tomorrow mornnig. Can you your baby sister, Tom?

A wear B put on C dress D have

()3、—Don’t run in the street, boy.

— .

A I will B Ok,I won’t C Ok,I don’t D No,I will

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