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Module7 Unit 1

I’m looking for the photos that you took in Australia.

用that把两个句子连接起来。 1.Australia is the country. Most British people would like to visit it. Australia is the country that most British people would like to visit . 2.Do you like the pen ? I bought it last week. Do you like the pen that I bought last week. 3Mr Li has lived in Australia for 50years .He came to our party. Mr Li that came to our party has lived in Australia for 50 years.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery Guess which country is it?

How much do you know about Australia?


It’s in the south of the earth.


What famous animals can you see in Australia?


It’s a huge rock in the center of Australia.It’s fantastic.

The Great Barrier Reef


The Sydney Opera House

It’s like a huge sailing boat

with water on three sides .

What famous things can you see in Australia?

Listen ,check the answer .
What is Tony looking for ? How many photos does Tony ‘s father show him? What are they?


Ulura The Sydney Opera House The Great Barrier Reef

In the center of Australia

Details (细节)
special huge rock
A huge sailing boat With water on three sides

Australia shark

Read the text loudly

What does Tony wants to borrow from his father ?And why?

Listen carefully and complete the forms:

is looking for 1. Tony _________ the photos that his father took in Australia.

2. Uluru is a huge rock in the center of ___________ Australia.
3. There were kangaroos that were jumping alongside the car on their way back _____________ from Uluru.

Read and answer the questions on page 57, part 5. 1. Why does Tony want his dad’s photos of Australia? Because he is doing a project about Australia. L6 2. Does he know where to find them? No, he doesn’t. L4-6 3. What does Tony think of the photos? He thinks they are great photos. L25

4. Why does Tony want to borrow the camera? Because there’s a photo competition that he wants to win. L28 5. Is Tony’s dad surprised that Tony wants to win the photo competition? No, he isn’t. L31 6. Does Tony’s dad lend him the camera at once? No, he doesn’t. L32


1,Tony is looking for the photos that his dad took in wants to do his homework Australia because he____________________ 2,Tony is going to write a letter to his mum and dad that What Australia is describes _________ the shark like 3,He likes the photo that shows_________________ 4The kangaroos that Tony’s dad saw were________________the Jumping alongside



His father took in Australia

Do a project about Australia

Tony’s father

Three photos


A huge rock in the centerofAustralia ,f antastic
A huge sailing boat
with water on three sides Was taken on the Great Barrier Reef

Sydned y Opera House shark

At last ,Tony


Photo competition

He wants to win

His father


Win the photo


for Tony is looking 1._______the photos that his father took in protect Australia .Tony’s doing a 2._________ about countries that he want s to visit ,and he wants to write about Australia.H e has to been writing imagine that he’s 3.____there ,and he’s 4._______a letter to his parents.His father asks him to have a look at the huge called rock5.________Uluru .It’s so6.________and it’s in the center of fantastic Australia.He tells Tony that the Sydney Opera House looks like sailing a huge 7.________boat with water on three sides.T here is also a photo of a shark that he saw on the Great Barrier Reef .T ony’s father says there were kangaroo that were jumping alongside the car on their way back from Uluru. borrowing Tony looks forward to 8.________his father’s camera.He’ll use it to take photos at his school dance for the competition__ bets photo9._______ that he wants towin.His father 10.________he will win the competition.

Work in pairs
?Where do you want to go or where have you been? ?Where is it ? ?What do you know about it or why do you want to go there ?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1.Would you like a hand_____(look) for the photos ? 2.----______?-----I am making a kite .(你在干什么) 3.我正在寻找你在澳大利亚拍摄的照片。 I am looking for the photos_____________. 4.有一个我想赢的摄影比赛。 There is a photo competition_____________. 5。There were kangaroos that ____(be)jumping alongside the car on our way back from Uluru.

A:Act out the dialogue B:不能表演的分角色朗读。

Thank you

1. be up to 计谋,正在干… 他们这几天正在干什么? are up to What ____they _______ these days? 我知道他在计谋什么了. is up to I see what he___________ .


Tony’s dad has been to A_______ ustralia twice and he had t_____ many photos. aken For example, there is a photo of a s_____ hark on the Great Barrier Reef. It was moving a_______ the ship, it is very h____, it’s longside uge ike l___ a boat. Most Australians like k_________ as Chinese people like angaroos pandas in china. If you carry a c______, I amera b__ you will take more photos there. et

2. have a look have a look at 看一看…
我可以看看你的新手表吗? have a look ___your new watch? Can I ___________at

3.Would you like a hand doing…? 你需要帮忙做…吗? give \ lend sb. a hand 给…帮忙 你需要帮忙浇花吗? Would you like a hand watering the flowers


Could you give me a hand with the cleaning?

4on one’s way back from... 某人从…回来的路上 我弟弟在从学校回来的路上买了风筝。 My brother bought a kite ___________ ___school. on his way back from

5. by the way 顺便问一下 6.be like look like
(强调性格) 像


那个小女孩像她妈妈。 is like The little girl _________________her mother.性格 The little girl looks l

ike _________her mother.外貌

7. I bet… 我打赌,我肯定…
我肯定马上要下雨。 I bet ___________it will rain soon.

1.what are you up to? be up to

你在做什么? 计谋,正在

2.would you like a hand to do sth…? 你需要帮忙做…吗? give \ lend sb. a hand 给…帮忙 3.have a look at sth.

4.in the centre of

看一看… 在…的中央

5.on one’s way to… 在某人…的路上 on one’s way home 在某人回家的路上

on one’s way back from… 某人从…回来的路上

6.by the way 顺便问一下 in a way 在某种程度上 7.I bet you do! 我肯定你能行
8.at once=right now / right away 马上 9.be like look like

像 (强调性格) 像 (强调外貌)

三、1. crocodile 2. hand 3. Grapes 4. alongside 5. detail 6. detail 7. shark 8. hand 9. alongside 10. centre / center

11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

looks like / is like A B A B surprised at B on her way back from school By the way I bet you do!

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