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Project: Writing an instruction to the medicine Aspirin.

Requirements: Present your writing using verbs in passive voice.


·Discuss the following questions in your group before you start writing your instruction:

—— What problems will you probably have when you begin to know about the medicine?

—— Where can you find the information about the medicine?

—— What kind of information should be included in an instruction to medicine?

—— How can you use verbs in passive voice correctly to introduce a kind of medicine?

·Assign roles to each group member and write their names beside the following jobs.

—— Research the usage of verbs in passive voice

—— Research the style an instruction of products should be written in —— Write an outline for the instruction

——Write the instruction


·Members responsible for doing research need to find examples of

instructions to medicine. The group should discuss the information found, and decide how the instruction should be written. You may refer to the following resources for information:

—— Internet sites

—— drug store

—— hospital

—— doctors


·Those responsible for writing the outline need to make a draft and have it approved by the other members.


·Group members who are writing the instruction need to follow the outline and the teacher’s requirements.

·All members need to proofread the draft to check if verbs are properly used in passive voice. The final version has to be approved by the whole group.


·Choose one member to read the instruction in front of the class.

·Answer any questions your classmates have about your instruction.

· Display your instruction where your classmates can see it so that they can correct your mistakes in using verbs in passive voice.

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