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新目标英语九年级Unit 6

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1. 喜欢…胜过… prefer…to…=like …better than…

2. 提醒… remind of
3. 黄河 Yellow River

4. 很合某人的意,对某人很合适 suit sb fine
5. 老实说,说实在的 to be honest to say

6. 对…有害 be bad for…
7. 对…有好处 be good for … 8. 与…保持距离 keep away from=stay away from 9. 意见一致 be in agreement 10. 附加疑问句 tag question

11. 随着音乐跳舞 dance to music 12. 跟着音乐唱歌 sing along with music 13. 我喜欢我能跟着跳舞的音乐。 I like music that I can dance to. 14. 我喜欢我能跟着唱歌的音乐。 I prefer music that I can sing along with . 15. 我更喜欢演奏各种音乐的音乐家。

I prefer musicians who play different kinds of music. 16. 你喜欢那种音乐? What kind of music do you like? 17. 你最喜欢的CD的名字是什么? What’s the name of your favorite CD?

18. 你不喜欢这张CD的什么?

What do you dislike about this CD?
19. 你觉得这张CD怎么样? What do you think of this CD? =How do you like this CD ? 20. 巴西舞蹈音乐 Brazilian dance music

21. 那对我来说真的不是很重要。
That’s not really important to me. 22. 这些年来,很多年来 over the years 23. 寻求娱乐,找乐子 look for entertainment 24. 它的确有些特色。 It does have a few good features.

25. 务必做…,记住做… be sure to do

26. 在Lido展馆 at the Lido Gallery 27. 当今世界上
in the world today=in the modern world 28. 最著名的中国摄影师之一

one of the best-known Chinese photographers
29. 在这次展览中 in this exhibition 30. 展览 on show=on display=on exhibition

31. 人物照 photos of people
32. 乡村照 photos of the countryside

33. 吸引某人的注意 interest sb

34. 世界水准,世界级 world class

35. (无论什么) whatever (无论怎样)however
(无论谁 ) whoever (无论哪里 ) wherever

36. 有十分奇怪的名字的音乐组合 musical groups with pretty strange names 37. 看见某人来来去去 see sb come and go
38. 使我们高兴 make us happy 39. 去度假 go on vacation 40. 没有什么比这更好的了。There’s nothing better. 41. 无法忍受 can’t stand

42. 使我感到恶心 make me feel sick

43. 写一封回信给… write a reply to sb

44. 必须坦白的说 have to be honest and say
45. 游览的好地方 a good place to visit

46. 民乐音乐会 Chinese music concert
47. 传统音乐 traditional music

48. 去吃意大利食物 go for Italian food
49. 许多不同种类的食物 many different kinds of food 50. 我的房东一家 my host family 51. 带某人参加印度电影节 take sb to an Indian film festival

52. 我只吃味道好的食物。 I only eat food that tastes good. 53. 保持健康 keep healthy=stay healthy 54. 一群年轻人 a group of young people 55. 聚会,碰头(v.)get together 56. 聚会(n.) get-together 57. 快餐 fast food 58. 垃圾食品 junk food

59. 炸

薯条,炸土豆条 French fries
60. 健康食品 healthy food

61. 实验证明it’s been found in laboratory testing that…

62. 几种类型的油 some types of oil
63. 致癌 cause cancer 64. 增加得癌症的风险 increase the risk of cancer 65. 增加了 increase by … 66. 增加到 increase to … 67. 人口已增加了20万,达到了5千万的总和。 The population has increased by 200000 to 50000000.

68. 烤透了的 well cooked
69. 均衡的饮食 a balanced diet

The main thing is to have a good balance.

71. 感叹句 an exclamation 72. 缩略词 a contraction 73. 味道好的食物 tasty food 74. 严格的素食主义者 a strict vegetarian 75. 油炸食品 fried food 76. 在热天 on a hot day

1. I prefer music that has great lyrics. (P44)我更喜欢有好歌词 的音乐。 prefer是及物动词,意为“宁愿,更喜欢”,相当于like better。 Which do you prefer(=like better), rice or bread? 你比较喜欢哪一样,米饭还是面包? 句型拓展 ◎prefer+(doing) sth+to (doing) sth 表示“宁愿……而不愿……”或“比起……更喜欢……” I prefer pears to any other fruit. 我喜欢梨胜过其他的水果。

My grandma prefers taking a walk to sitting in front of the TV.
我奶奶宁愿去散步而不愿看电视。 ◎prefer to do sth+rather than do sth 表示“宁愿做……而不愿做……”。

My brother preferred to do his homework rather than go to the zoo. 我的弟弟宁愿做作业而不愿去动物园。

1. prefer动词 更喜欢 宁愿 prefer sth. 更喜欢某事 I prefer English. 我更 喜欢英语。 prefer doing/ to do 宁愿做某事 I prefer sitting/ to sit.我宁愿坐着。 prefer sth to sth. 同…相比更喜欢… I prefer dogs to cats. 与猫相比我更喜欢狗。 prefer doing to doing 宁愿做某事而不愿做 某事 I prefer walking to sitting. 我宁愿走路也不愿 坐着。

2.The music reminds me of Brazilian dance music.(P46)
这音乐使我回想起巴西的舞蹈音乐。 remind sb of sb/sth表示“使某人回想起某人/某物”。 This song reminds me of China. 这首歌曲使我想起了中 国。

Thank you for reminding me of the meeting I have to attend. 谢谢你提醒我去开那个必须参加的会。 3. What do you think of it? (P46)你认为它怎么样? think of和what连用,表示“觉得……怎样”,“认
为……如何”,常用来询问对方对某人或某一事物的看法、 感受、印象如何,相当于How do you like...?

What do you think of the story? =How do you like the story?

4. ...they don’t interest me as much. (P48)……
它们同样唤不起我的兴趣。 (1)interest 作动词时,表示“使发生兴趣,引起注意”。 The story does not interest me. 这故事引不起我的兴趣。

I try to interest him in our plan.
我设法使他对我们的计划感兴趣。 ◎interest sb in doing sth

He tr

ied to interest me in buying the house.
他想说服我买这座房子。 (2)as much在句中表示“同样地,同等程度地”。

That is as much as saying I am a liar.

5. Whatever you do, don’t miss this exhibition. (P48)无论如何都别错过这次展览。 whatever在这里是连接代词,意为“无论什么” 是由“疑问词+ever”构成的。 Whatever has a beginning also has an end. 凡事有始 必有终。 Whatever you do, you should always do carefully. 不管做什么,你都应该认真。

知识拓展 类似的词还有whenever, wherever, however, whoever, 分别是“无论什么时候”、“无论在哪里”、“无论 什么方式”、“无论谁”的意思。 Whenever I meet him, he says hello to me with a smile. 无论什么时候我遇到他,他都微笑着和我打招呼。 The little boy went wherever his mother went. 不论他妈妈去哪儿,这个小男孩都跟着。 In my own house, I can do whatever I wish. 在自己家中, 我可以随心所欲。 Uncle Tom told his story to whoever wanted to listen. 谁爱听,汤姆叔叔就把他的故事讲给谁。

The Attributive Clause (定语从句)
在复句中修饰名词或代词的从句叫做定语从句。 ?定语从句所修饰的词叫先行词。



由于关系代词在主句与从句间既起到联系作用,又在 从句中充当一个成分,因此, 要正确判断关系代词在 从句中的功能,如作主语还是宾语等。

1. who指人,作主语或宾语 (作宾语可省略)

The man who I talked with is our teacher. A person who steals things is called a thief.
2. whom指人,作宾语 (作宾语可省略, 如介词提前则不能省) The man (whom/who) I nodded to is Mr. Li. The man to whom I nodded is Professor Li.

3. which 指物,作主语或宾语 (作宾语可省 略, 如介词提前则不能省)

These are the trees which were planted last year.
This recorder (which) he is using is made in Japan. Is this the library (which) you borrow books from? Is this the library from which you borrow books?

4. that 指人/物,作主语或宾语 (作宾语可省略) A plane is a machine. It can fly. A plane is a machine that can fly.

He is the man. I told you about him. He is the man (that) I told you about.

Fill in the blanks with who, whom, that, or which.
1 The earthquake ____________ hit the city in 1906 which/that was the biggest in American history. 2 We don’t know the number of people __________ who/that lost their homes in the 1906 earthquake. 3 The house ____________ they built in 1987 which/that stayed up in the earthquake. 4 A house which/that is built on sand may fall ___________ down in an earthquake. 5Luckily none of the people who/whom I know ___________ were killed in the earthquake. 6 people _________ study earthquakes thinks that who there will be another big

one soon.

1. I like music that I can dance B . A. with B. to C. along D. on 2. Some of her famous photos are A display in this exhibition . A. on B. in C. at D. about 3. Joe A visit London last year. A. did B. real C. was D. goes to 4. Maths doesn’t B me at all. A. interesting B. interest C. interested D. interests 5. I want to buy a book D radio. A. from B. to C. for D. about

6. I D singing to dancing . A. like B. enjoy C. love D. prefer 7. He has a friend who C the piano very well . A. play B. playing C. plays D. played 8. It’s too late. I A go home now, or my parents will be angry with me. A. have to B. have C. may D. can 9. Though it was late, D he went on with his work . A. but B. and C. so D. \ 10. We will have a B holiday after the exam . A. two month B. two-month C. two-months D. two months

B 11. Don’t worry. There is with your baby. A. something wrong B. nothing wrong C. anything serious D. something serious 12. I saw him A football on the playground yesterday. A. play B. to play C. played D. plays 13. He didn’t go to the cinema. C , he went to the park. A. While B. If C. Instead D. Either 14. I like sweet food. Ice cream D me very well. A. fit B. fits C. suit D. suits 15.The boy D TV all day, he did nothing. A. keep watching B. kept to watch C. keeps watching D. kept watching

41. The man who is talking with my mother is my father . 42. That book is the one that I bought yesterday . 43. He is one of the workers who have been saved in that accident . that 44. They talked of the things and persons _____they remembered in the factory . 45. All that can be done must be done .

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