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英语 九年级(4-5单元)复习

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1.上百万上千万 millions of sth 2. …百万 具体数字+million+sth

3. 担心be worried about sb/sth 4. 如果……将会怎样what if

5. 根本不 not…in the slightest=not at all 6. 充足、大量 plenty of

7.与……相处 get along with sb 8. 使……失望或沮丧 let sb down

9. 提出;想出(主意,回答等)come up with sth10. 急救 first aid f

11. 出版;发表come out sth



What would you do if you had a million dollars? I?d give it to charity.

2.如果我是你,我会穿衬衫戴领带。 If I were you, I?d wear a shirt and tie.

3.1如果我是你,我会带一个小礼物。 If I were you, I ?d take a small present.


1. What _______ you do if you won the lottery? A. will B. would C. shall D. could

2. If I _______ you, I would never _______ my parents down.

A. am, make B. am, let C. were, make D. were, let

3. I don?t have a present. What if ________ brings a present?

A. everyone other B. anyone other C. everyone else D. else everyone

4. I am _______ tired to go to a movie with you. A. so B. such C. very D. too

5. If Jim was at the party, he would talk_______ someone _______ looks friendly.

A. to, what B. for, who C. to, who D. for, what

6. He is afraid to speak in _________ public. A. the B. a C. an D. /

7. If a friend said something bad _______ you, what would you do. A. about B. on C. for D. of

8.Mr Smith asked a difficult question, but finally James _______ with a fairly good answer.

A. came up B. catch up C. go out D. think out

9. He looks_______ but he is easy to get along _______.

A. friendly, about B. friendly, with C. unfriendly, about D. unfriendly, with

10. _______ it rains when we can?t get under shelter? A. How about B. What about C. How if D. What if



The Internet or “World Wide Web” or “Information Highway” is an important part of modern lift that it is hard to live without it. One of the reasons why the Internet is so popular is that you can use it to find any kind of information at all.

The Internet is also a cool place to find games, music, pictures and movies!

The Internet is also very popular because it helps people to stay connected (保持联系) with each other. These days, you can send and receive emails to and from anywhere in the world in less than a minute.

People also talk with each other on the Internet by visiting online chat rooms to “talk” to old friends or meet new ones. Internet chat rooms are loved by people who want to meet interesting new friends. However, there are safety rules you need to know when you are making friends with strangers on the Internet.

Internet Safety Rules

1. Never give information about yourself to strangers you chat with online. Do not give them your photos, your address, your telephone number, where your parents work, the name and address of your school, etc.

2. Do not believe everything that strangers tell you, even if you think you know them very well.

3. Never meet people you chat with online without telling your parents, teachers or friends about it.

4. If you have to meet someone that you chat with online, make sure you go to a public place where there are lots of people around. If possible, ask a group of friends to go with you.

5. Tell your parents or teacher when people send you messages or pictures that make you feel uncomfortable.

6. Never tell anyone the passwords that you use on the Internet.

Although World Wide Web is quite a safe place, you must remember these rules when you surf on the Internet.

Happy surfing!

1. Where can people talk with each other on the Internet?

A. In the chat room B. In the cinema C. In the museum D. In the park

2. How long do you need to send an email to a friend in Germany?

A.In less than a minute B. In a day C. In a week D. In a month

3. What can we find on the Internet?

A. game B. music and movies C. pictures D. all the above

4. If you want to meet people that you chat with online, make sure what NOT to do?

A. Tell your parents, teachers or friends. B. Go to a public place.

C. Ask your friend to go with you. D. Go by yourself.

5. Which is not safe on the Internet?

A. Never give strangers your photo and telephone number.

B. Tell strangers your password used on the Internet

C. Never tell strangers your address and where your parents work

D. Never believe everything that strangers tell you.



1.属于 belong to sb/sth 2. 发带 hair band

3. 与某人约定、约会make an appointment with sb

4. 对某人某事焦虑担心be anxious about sb/sth

5. 赶上 catch up with sb 6. 从A逃至B处 escape from A to B

7.形成、组成、构成 make up 6. 用完;用光;耗尽 use up



Whose notebook is this? It must be Ming?s. It has her name on it.


Whose French book is this? It could be Carol?s. She studies French.


Whose guitar is this? It might belong to Alice. She plays the guitar.


Whose T-shirt is this? It can?t be John?s. It?s much too small for him.



1. — Whose book is it? — It _______ belong to Han Mei. It has her name on it.

A. must B. can?t C. might D. could

2. — Who?s that woman? Is she your sister? — She _______ be my sister. My sister is taller.

A. must B. can?t C. might D. can

3. — Whose ping-pong ball is it? — It _______ be John?s or Tony?s. They both like playing ping-pong ball.

A. can?t B. must C. mustn?t D. might

4. Look at that tennis racket. _______ it _______ you?

A. Does; belong B. Is; belong to C. Does; belong D. Is; belong

5. Tony is worried _______ his English test.

A. because B. because of C. so D. with

6. — Whose earrings are they? — They might be a present _______ Bill?s mother.

A. in B. on C. at D. for

7. — Hi, Jenny. Why are you so unhappy? — Because I?m _______ about the test of tomorrow.

A. worry B. worries C. worried D. to worry

8. Mr Brown is afraid of taking a plane. He feels _______ before he gets on the plane.

A. happy B. comfortable C. anxious D. excited

9. Hurry up, or you won?t _______ the train.

A. miss B. catch C. keep D. sit

10. — Why is he running so fast? — He might be running _______ exercise.

A. for B. on C. at D. of


What do the people usually do on weekends? Some people like to at home, but others like to go out for a walk or play football. Mr Smith hard in a factory during the something different. On Saturday he washes his car and on he goes with his family to a village(村庄) by car. His uncle and aunt a farm there. It isn't a big one, but there is always to do on the farm. The children help with the animals and give them some (在田里). At the end of the day, they are all and Mr Smith's aunt them a big meal.

l. A. play B. stay

2. A. works B. does

3. A. day B. year

4. A. make B. does

5. A. Friday B. Saturday

6. A. bring B. work

7. A. much B. many

8. A. food B. rice

9. A. hungry B. angry

10. A. gives B. puts



单选1-5BDCDC 6-10 DAADD




单选1-5BDABD 6-10 CCBBA


1-5 BACBD 6-10 CAAAC C. be C. makes C. weekdays C. do C. Thursday C. have C. any C. cakes C. full C. makes D. so D. studies D. month D. has D. Sunday D. find D. most D. fruit D. happy D. does

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