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Unit 1 It might snow.

shower cloud rain







How can we know the weather?
We can know the weather through the weather forecast.
“the weather forecast” means “天气预报” Who makes the weather forecast? The weatherman makes the weather forecast. (天气预报员)

℃? It is a unit for temperature (温度). “℃” refers to degree, and centigrade. 度 摄氏温度 描述天气的形容词: cool — warm cold — hot 多云的: cloudy 多雨的: rainy 下雪的: snowy 有风的: windy 晴朗的: sunny 寒冷的: freezing

Teaching aims
1. Key words : cold snow storm cloudy rainy snowy windy skate thick ice joke might temperature degree although wet neither wish probably 2. key structure: And it’s cloudy too, so it might snow. It’s probably sunny and hot there. 3. Ability: To understand conversation about weather. To talk about possibilities.

Words and expressions
/klaud/ /'?au?/ /sn?u/ /st?:m/ /'klaudi/ /reIni/ /'sn?ui/ /'s?ni/
云,云雾 n.

阵雨 n.
雪 n.下雪 v. 暴风雨 n.

多云的 adj.
多雨的;下雨的 adj. 多雪的;下雪的 adj.

晴朗的 adj.

cloud shower snow storm cloudy rainy snowy sunny

/'wIndi/ /skeit/ /θIk / /aIs/ /d??uk/ /maIt/ /'maIn?s/

多风的;刮大风的 adj. 滑冰 v. 厚的 adj. 冰 n. 说玩笑;开玩笑 v. 笑话;玩笑 n. 可能;也许 v.aux.

windy skate thick ice
joke might temperature minus

/'temprIt?? / 温度 n.
负的;零下的 adj.


degree /?:l'e / ?u 然而;尽管 conj. although /wet/ 下雨的;湿的 adj. wet /'naIe ?:'ni:e (某人或某事物)也不 adv. neither ?/
使人烦恼的;可怕的 adj.terrible 但愿;希望 v. 或许;可能 adv. 快点

度;度数 prep.

/'pr?b?bli /
come on

wish probably

1.Work in pairs. Talk about the weather. Use the words in the boxes to help you.

cloud rain shower snow storm sun wind
cloudy rainy snowy sunny windy

cloudy -8~2o C
What’s the weather in Beijing? It’s… What’s the temperature? It’s…

2. Listen and check the correct information in the table.

√ √ √ √
√ √

3. Then correct the wrong information in the table.

√ √ √ √
√ √

5℃~8 ℃

--4℃~2 ℃

Everyday English

Are you joking? Sounds great! Me neither. Come on!

Then listen and read.
Betty: Hey, boys! Tony: Hi, Betty. Hi, Lingling. Where are you going? Betty: We’re going to the park to skate. There’s thick ice on the lake. Are you coming with us? Tony: Are you joking? It’s really cold today. Daming: And it’s cloudy too, so it might snow. Lingling: What’s the temperature? Tony:It’s between minus eight and minus two degrees! Winter is colder here than in England. Daming: Is it snowy in England in December?

Tony: Not usually, although this year it snowed quite a lot. Most Decembers are wet and rainy. Daming: What’s the weather like in Am

erica in winter, Betty? = How is the weather in America in winter? Betty: We have cold winters and hot summers. It’s snowy in New York in winter. Tony: Sounds great! I like sunny weather, and I like. snow as well. But I don’t like showers or windy weather. Betty: Me neither. Rainy weather is terrible! I wish I were in Australia now. It’s probably sunny and hot there.
as well,是固定搭配,意思是“也”。

Lingling: You can go to Hainan Island if you like sunny weather. Betty: One day I will. Lingling: Come on, better get going! We can skate in the park and get warm.

Now check (√) the true sentences.

1 Tony and Daming are going to skate. √ 2 Winter is colder in Beijing than in England. 3 It sometimes snows in England in winter. √ 4 It usually snows in New York in winter. × 5 It is not hot in the USA in Summer. √ 6 Tony does not like windy weather. √


5 Complete the passage with the correct form of the words from the box.
dangerous degree joke may minus skate temperature

skate When it’s very cold it might be safe to (1)_______ on lakes, but be very careful! Although it may (2) _______feel cold, it might not be safe. The temperature minus (3) ___________ has to be at least (4) _______ one or degrees two (5) _______ or even colder for several weeks. dangerous Falling through the ice is(6) _________.I am not joking (7) _______ !

Language points
1. come on, better get going better get going = had better go 最好现在走 / 去 如: We’d better get going (=we’d better go now),or we’ll be late. 我们做好现在就走,不然要迟到了。

情态动词: must may might 1. You must be joking! 2. It may not even be cold.

3. It might be windy.

1. must (一定): 表示具有很大的可能性。

He must be ill. He doesn’t come today.
2. may (可能): 暗含不确定的意思。 He may be at home .

3. might:表可能,但它的含义比 may 更不确定。 He might come soon .

6 Listen to the speaker asking a question or showing surprise.

What’s the weather like?

What’s the weather like?

7 Listen and write * if the speaker is asking a question or ** if he is showing surprise. * 1 When is the best time to visit your country? * 2 What clothes should she bring? ** 3 What is the temperature? ** 4 Where are you going? Now listen again and repeat.

8 Work in pairs. Tell the story.
Make a weather forecast for different cities in China. Use the correct information in the table in Activity 2 to help you. Now say what the weather might or might not be like in your town. tomorrow next week next month
It’ll probably be cold tomorrow.

1. ---Look! The man at the gate ___ be A our headmaster. He is always standing there every morning. --- No, it ________ be him. He is holding a meeting in the office now. A. must, can’t B. must, mustn’t C. can’t, can’t D. can’t, mustn’t (2009· 甘肃兰州)

2. ---____ I take some photos in the D hall? ---No, you ______. A.Can; needn't B. Must

; mustn't C. Could; won't D. May; mustn't (2009· 广州)

3.—Whose notebook is this? —It ____ Jane’s. It has her name on it. C A. must be B. might belong to C. may be (2009· 山东淄博) 4.—May I watch TV for a while? C —No, you ___ You have to finish your homework first. A. shouldn't B. needn't C. mustn't D. won't (2009· 湖北武汉)

5. ---Could you please come to the museum with me this afternoon? C ---Sorry, I ______ . I have to take a piano lesson at 2 pm. A. couldn’t B. mustn’t C. can’t D. needn’t (2009· 山东威海) 6. ---What would you send to your sister as the Christmas gift? B ---I haven’t decided yet. I ______ send her a handbag. A. shall B. may C. must (2009· 四川成都)

7. — Bob, shall we go and meet our new classmate? B — Sorry. I'm busy now. But you____ ask David to go with you.He is free. A.need B.may C.would D.must 8. —What will the weather be like tomorrow? B — It ______ be rainy, cloudy or sunny. Who knows? A. must B. might C. shall D. should

Listen to the tape and read the dialogue.

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