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Unit 7 vocabulary练习打印

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Unit 7

1) He's always __________ about giving his address to strangers, especially in places where gun control policy has not been implemented.

A. ignorant B. cautious C. capable D. Alert

2) Almost all the buildings were damaged in the severe storm, with the ________ of a few stone castles .

A. excursion B. expedition C. exception D. explosion

3) People know that babies cry by ________ when they are hungry.

A. instinct B. distinct C. institution D. impulse

4) The man killed several people when robbing the bank. When he was arrested, no one was willing to show

_________ on him.

A. care B. mercy C. pity D. attention

5) Archeologists_______ great value to the set of ancient cooking vessels unearthed in Shanxi province.

A. granted B. devoted C. attached D. directed

6) Although he was a good swimmer, he was swept away by the _____ and drowned.

A. current B. motion C. pressure D. air

7) Different fields of research have disclosed the many different factors that can_______ both physical and

mental behavior.

A. reflected B. affected C. effected D. infected

8) Can you give me the ______ clue as to where her son might be?

A. utmost B. least C. slightest D. simplest

9) Nuclear science should be developed to benefit people _____ harm them.

A. more than B. other than

C. rather than D. better than

10) They found that rust had _________ the metal structure. A. run out of B. eaten away at

C. taken away D. brought away

11) The ________ cycle of life and death is a subject of interest to scientists and philosophers alike. A.

incompatible B. exceeding

C. instantaneous D. eternal






6. 他是个非常小心谨慎的人,在作出某项决定之前总是先周密思考。(cautious) 我把小册子浏览了一遍,但找不到地址。(scan) 在这时候街上这么多人是很少见的。(unusual) 许多孩子喜欢玩,而不喜欢干活,但吉姆是个例外。(exception) 语言是社会的一面镜子,英语也不例外。(exception) 表演结束时,观众站了起来。(get to one’s feet)

7. 遭到袭击时,他本能地回击以保护自己。(instinctively)

8. 工人们被雇来扩建这些建筑。(enlarge)

9. 文章复印之前他花了许多时间来润色。(polish)

10. 我在信封上贴上邮票然后寄了出去。(attach)

11. 婴儿能通过声音辨认自己的母亲。(identify)

12. 如果你访问一个国家却不了解该国的风俗习惯,就很容易冒犯他人。(offend)

13. 她看到一个男子面朝下直挺挺地摔了一跤,这一跤使他失去知觉。(be flat on one’s face)

14. 夜晚来临,小村子消失在茫茫的夜色中。(fade)

15. Nowadays more people have more time to spare for cultural activities, and they can also

spare more money for enjoyment.

1. He was a cautious person; he always thinks very carefully before he makes a decision.

2. I scanned through the booklet but couldn’t find the address.

3. It is unusual to see so many people in the street at this time.

4. Many children prefer playing to working, but Jim is an exception.

5. Language has always been the mirror to society, English is no exception.

6. The audience got to their feet when the performance ended.

7. When attacked, he instinctively fought back to defend himself.

8. The workers were hired to enlarge these buildings.

9. He spent a lot of time polishing his article before having it printed.

10. I attached a stamp to the envelop and mailed it.

11. A baby can identify its mother by her voice.

12. When you visit another country and do not understand the customs, it is easy to offend people.

13. She saw a man fall flat on his face, which left him unconscious.

14. As evening came the small village faded into darkness.

15. 现在越来越多的人有更多时间从事文化活动,他们也有更多的钱用于消遣。

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