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9A Unit 5---Unit6 练习题 Unit5 检测试题

I.单项选择 ( )1. You must stop ___the teather when class begins. A.to listen B.to listen to C.listening D.listening to ( )2 Hainan Island is _____of Chain. A.a second largest island B.the second largest islands C. the second largest island D.a second largest islands ( )3. Mary _____be at home . I saw her in the library just now. A. mustn't B.needn't C.shouldn't D. can't ( )4.The children____cleaning the room at this time of a day. A.can B.may C.must D.may be ( )5. Three monkeys escaped _____the zoo. A .from B.off C.to D.in ( )6.It must be more beautiful ,__________? A.mustn't it B. be it C.isn't it D.does it ( )7.We didn't win that game_____wanglei's illness. A.because B.because of C.since D.as ( )8. They might catch a bus ____yesterday. A.to work B.works C.worked D.have worked ( )9. My brother and sister _____workers. A.Are all B.all are C.are both D.both are ( )10.You_____buy the TV guide for next week. I have already bought a copy. A.Mustn't B.needn't C. don't D. can't ( ) 11.You should be careful ____the dog that does not bark. A.With B.of C.for D.at ( ) 12.I can't find my dictionary. I think I ___it in the reading room.. A.forgot B.dropped C.leave D.fall ( ).13.Don't worry, there is still ___time left. A.little B.a little C.a few D.few ( ).14.Some students don't like wearing school uniform, but they ___. A.must B.have to C.should D.need ( )15. You can't wake a person who is pretending ________. A.being asleep B. be asleep C.falling asleep D.to be asleep II.补全对话 ( A)从方框中选出适当的句子补全对话。 A:Hello, Lucy 1 Is this your book? B:No, it's not mine. Where did you find it? A:Under the bench in the gym. B:When did you find it? A: 2 . B:Oh, 3 .Because Class Two had a lesson in the gym just now. A:Let's ask Teacher of the Class Two. 4 .

B:I'm sorry I can't go with you .I must practice the piano right away. A: 5 .I have to go alone.See you . B: See you .

III.完形填空 (A) 根据短文内容,从各题的四个选项中选出一个最佳答案,并将其代表字母填在题前括号内。

Food is important. Everyone needs to 1 well if he or she wants to have a strong body. Our minds also need a kind of food. This kind of food is 2 . We begin to get knowledge even when we are young. Small children are 3 in everything around them. They learn 4 while they are watching and pstening. When they are getting older they begin to 5 story books, science books…,anything they pke. When they find something new, they have to ask questions and 6 to find out the answers. What is the best 7 to get knowledge? If we learn 8 ourselves, we will get the most knowledge. If we are 9 getting answers from others and don't ask why, we will never learn more and understand 10 . ( )1.A sleep ( )2.A sport ( )3. A interested ( )4. A everybody ( )5. A lend ( )6. A try ( )7. A place ( )8. A on

B read B exercise B interesting B something B write B have B school B with

C drink C knowledge C weak C nothing C learn C think C way C to

C certainly C well

D eat D meat D good D anything D read D wait D road D by D sometimes D better

( )9. seldom(几乎不) B always ( )10. A harder

B much


The verb "chat" means to talk(to someone)in a friendly, informal (非正式的) way. Today in many languages and about many subjects. These places called "chatroom". Sometimes you need to register (注册) to enter a chatroom. This means that you need to provide a usename(用户名) and possibly your e-mail 3 . Your username does not have to be your 4 name. It can be any name you want. When you have your username, other people in the chatroom will call you

Chatting is a good way to 6 your informal Engpsh, Messages in a chatroom are usually short sentences. not even a few words that are not really grammatically(语法)To save time, people often use abbreviations pke TTYL(talk to you later)or IDK (I don't know). So don't go to a chatroom to practice "perfect"Engpsh. Go to a chatroom to practice informal want.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

7. 8. 9. 10. IV. 阅读理解(共25分)

Now satellites are helping to forecast(预报)the weather. They are in space, and they can reach any part of the world. The satelptes take pictures of the atmosphere(大气), because this is where the weather forms(形成). They send these pictures to the weather stations. So meteorologists(气象学家)can see the weather of any part of the world. From the pictures, the scientists can often say how the weather will change.

Today, nearly five hundred weather stations in sixty countries receive satelpte pictures. When they receive new pictures, the meteorologists compare(比较)them with earper ones. Perhaps they may find that the clouds have changed during the last few hours. This may mean that the weather on the ground may soon change, too. In their next weather forecast, the meteorologists can say this.

So the weather satelptes are a great help to the meteorologists. Before satelptes were invented, the scientists could forecast the weather for about 24 or 48 hours. Now they can make good forecasts for three or five days. Soon, perhaps, they may be able to forecast the weather for a week or more ahead(提前).

1. Satelptes travel _____________.

A. in space B. in the atmosphere C. above the ground D. above space

2. Why do we use the weather satelptes to take pictures of the atmosphere? Because __________.

A. the weather satelptes can do it easily B. clouds form there

C. the weather forms there D. the pictures can forecast the weather

3. Meteorologists forecast the weather __________.

A. when they have received satelpte pictures

B. after they have compared new satelpte pictures with earper ones

C. before they received satelpte pictures D. during they study satelpte pictures

4. Maybe we'll soon be able to forecast the weather for ________.

A. one day B. two days C. five days D. seven days or even longer

5. The main(主要的)idea of this passage is that satelptes are now used in _________.

A. taking pictures of the atmosphere B. receiving pictures of the atmosphere

C. doing other work in many ways D. weather forecasting

Unit6 训练题


( )1.—What do you think of this film? ------________________.

A .Not at all B.It's wonderful C .Good idea D.With pleasure

( )2. I have lost a chance to win the match. —___________.

A. Well done B.Good luck C.What a pity D.congrtulations

( )3. He is an ___man, he never tells ties.

A. outing B.honers C.generous D.kind

( )4.—Do you think Brazil will beat Japan in World Cup 2010?.

A.hope B.prefer C .expect D.want

( )5. Some of the students are afraid of the teachers _____strict with students.

A.that is B.who is C.which are D.who are

( )6.I think the food that is a little burnt but delicious.isn't ____?

-----Yes.I think so.

A.it B.that C.one D.there

( )7.Oh,the milk ____strange. Do you think it's OK to drink?

A.tasted B. is tasting C.tastes D.was tasted

( )8.---How about going hiking this weekend?

----Sorry,I prefer ___rather than____.

A.to stay at home, go out. B. to go out;stay at home

C. staying at home, go out D. going out ; stay at home

( )9. I love singers who ___their own music.

A.write B. writes C.writing D.to write

( )10. It's getting colder and colder. I suggest ____some warm clothes.

A.Buy B.to buy C.bought D.buying

( ) 11.I pke the book which ____something to do with maths.

A.Have B.is C. are D.has

( ) 12.Which subject do you pke better, maths or physics?

----_____,I___Engpsh ____any of the others.

A.Both, pke better B.Neither, prefer to C.None, prefer to D. Neither, am good at, than

( )13.He pkes music that he can dance ____.

A.By B.to C.with D.behind

( )14.Come on,Kids. Let's sing a song ___this beautiful music.

A.with B.along with C.go with D . to

( )15.This is the school ____I worked seven years ago.

A.in which B. in that C.which D.that

III.完形填空 (共20分,每空1分)

(A) 根据短文内容,从各题的四个选项中选出一个最佳答案,并将其代表字母填在题前括号内。

Some day you may go to the moon. A tall rocket will take you into 1 . The rocket goes a long _2_ to a space station. You will __3_ there for a short time. Then a big __4_will take you to the moon.

About three days__5__, the ship slowly down and gets to the moon. You are now on the moon, but you cannot__6__your moon ship. You must put on a space suit __7__the moon is very

hot in the day and very cold at night. If you don't wear a space suit, you can't __8__there.You __9__out of the moon ship and begin to "walk". The moon is much smaller than the earth. The things on the moon are weighter than__10__on the earth. You jump high__11_every time you take a step.

The moon moves_12_, so one day the moon is as long as two weeks on the earth and one night is just as long as two weeks on the earth_13_on the moon,and everything on the moon is dry. There are no trees or other__14_things of any kind. There is nothing to do there.The earth is a far better place to live on,__15_scientists are trying to make the best of the moon.

( )1.A.the moon ( )2.A.way ( )3.A.arrive ( )4.rocket ( )5.A.ago ( )6.A.get off ( )7.A.for ( )8.A.leave ( )9.A.clim ( )10.A.these ( )12.A.slowly

B.space B.road B.sleep B.plane B.before B.get on B.if B.live B.fall B.those B.quickly

C.the air C.day C.stay C.ship C.later C.get up C.or C.work C.jump C.this C.in the air C.quietly

B.There are no plants D There are no man C.living C.but

D.live D.or D.that D.ways D.reach D.car D.behind D.get away D.so D.sleep D.run D.that D.in the water D.loudly

( )11.A.on the ground B.on the earth ( )13 .A.There are no animals C. There are no rain ( )14.A.life ( )15.A.so

B.live B.because


1.During the Spring Festival, Chinese pke___1__and have a great time. 2.If you want to stay____, you should take enough exercise. 3. If you want to be_____in pfe, you should try your best. 4. The boys look so excited. Do you know what ___them?

5.The whole family are in ____ that they'll go to Beijing on vacation next summer.



_______________________________________________________________________________ 参考答案:

I:单项选择:1--5 B C D D A 6--10 C B A C B 11--15 B B B B D

II: 补全对话:(A)1'5 C A F H E

(B)1.What time do you go to school. 2. And do you go by yourself

3. What kinds of things do you take to school?

4. What is the first thing you do 5. What do they mean?

III: 完形填空:(A)1--5 D C A D D 6--10 A C D B D

(B)1. places 2. usually 3. address 4. real 5. Nobody 6. speak 7. they 8. but

9. practice 10. friends

Iv: 阅读理解:(A) passage1. 1--5 B C A B D Passage2 1--5 C B D C A

Passage3 1--5 A C B D D

(B)1. not easy 2.enjoying the view 3. dirty

4.这并不是我旅行的终点。5.So,remember not to waste me or pollute me.

V: 翻译:1.must be the only 2.used to be 3.makes up 4.There must be something

5.escaped from

VI:书面表达: 略。



I:选择填空:1--5 B C B C D 6--10 A C A A D 11--15 D B B B A

II: 补全对话:(A)1--5 e c d g a

(B) 1.Do you pke art 2.What kind of music do you pke

3.Yes, I have. 4.What do you think of it 5.You are welcome

III:完形填空:(A)1--5 B A C C C 6--10 A A B C B 11--15 C A C C C

(B)1. to get together 2. healthy 3. successful 4. interests 5 agreement

IV: 阅读理解(A)Passage 1 1--5 D A C D A

Passage 2.1--5 C D B D B Passage3 1--5 C D A B C

(B)1-10 hours 2.senior highs 3. Go to bed the same time

4. different people need different amounts of sleep

5. the results of lack of sleep.

V: 翻译: 1.who pke asking 2. Whatever you do

3. reminds of 4. stay away from 5. who reach

VI: 书面表达:略

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