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一.整体特点: 1.150-200字左右,以记叙文为主,常见话题。. 2.综合运用词汇和语法等知识判断正确答案。 3.首句不设空,目的让学生快速融入情景,判断文章有可能讲什么。

1.瞻前顾后----根据上文或根据下文或根据上下文判断设空答案。 例: This family has five people---two old persons(人), two middle-aged persons and a child. The two old persons are grandfather and grandmother. Their names are David and Jenny.____ they are old, they can’t go to work.____ they can look after the child at home. A. because B. how C. while D. when

2,词义辨析 例:When I was a young boy, I was very shy(害羞) to talk to anyone,so my classmates ____17____ laughed at (嘲笑) me. A. never B. often C. also D. still 3,固定搭配 例:Sophia is good at English and French, so I ask her to ____ me with English. A. teach B. help C. give D. answer

4,语法 例:you can see the table, some____. You can also see a teacher and two students. A. desk and chair B. desks and chair C. desk and chairs D. desks and chairs

5, 生活常识 例: Owning(拥有) a horse ranch(养马场) needs a lot of money. You have to buy the land. You have to buy the _23_. .A.horses B.houses C.farms D.stores 三.格外注意 1.注意重复的词 例: There is a ____ of a classroom. It’s a big room. In the photo, you can see a table… A. film B. photo C. place D. map 2.注意And或or前后的词,都是同一意域同意范围的词。 例:If you want to study effectively, you must have enough sleep, enough food, enough rest and___. A. homework B.exercise C. housework D. time 3.注意连词,表示转折but,表示并列and、then,表示因because,表示果so 例:We all know that Chinese students usaually study hard for long hours. This is very good, but it doesn’t __a lot. A.spend B.keep C. help D.look

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