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2013八年级英语上册Unit 1知识点汇总

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Unit 1


Wonder(v)----wonderful(adj) different(adj)----difference(n ) like(v) ---dislike(v)

boring(adj)---bored (adj) build(v)---building(n)

wait(v)---waiter(n) active(adj)---activity(n)


1呆在家 stay at home 2 拜访我的叔叔visit my uncle 3 去夏令营 go to summer camp

4 去爬山 go to the mountains 5去度假go on vacation 6 买特别的东西 buy something special

7 和某人去 go with someone 8遇见某个有趣的人 meet someone interesting

9为测试而学习study for tests 10某个有趣的地方somewhere interesting

11照相 take photos 12相当多quite a few

13大部分时间 most of the time 14为某人买某物buy sb sth =buy sth for sb

15尝起来不错 taste good 16过得愉快 have a good /great/wonderful time

17我第一次 my first time 18去购物 go shopping 19当然 of course

20喂鸡feed some hens 21没有可做的 nothing much to do 22似乎 ①seem +adj ②seem to do ③It seems that

23记日记 keep a diary 24 到达①arrive in/at ②get to ③reach+地点

25 决定(不)做某事decide(not)to do

26 尽力做某事 try to do 尽某人最大的努力 try one’s best to do 28感觉像/想要 feel like doing 29享受沿着城镇散步 enjoy walking around the town

30等待wait for 31太多人 too many people 32 太多水too much water

33下大雨 rain hard / rain heavily 34因为 because of

35做够的钱 enough money adj/adv+enough 36 一小时后 one hour later

37 为什么不做why not +do 38 看地图look at the map

39如此…以至于 so… that 40告诉某人做某事 tell sb to do sth 41一直做某事 keep doing


1.--Where did you go on vacation?你去哪度假?

---I went to museums. 我去博物馆。

2.--Did you go with anyone?你和某人一起去的吗?

--Yes,I went with my mother.是的。我和我妈妈去的。

3.We took quite a few photos there.我们在那里照了相当多的照片。

4.I just stayed at home most of the time to read and relax.大部分时间我只是呆在家看书和放松了。

5.--Did you buy anything special? 你买特别的东西了吗?

--Yes,I bought something for my father./No,I bought nothing.是的,我为我爸买东西了。/不,我什么也没买。

6.The only problem was that there was nothing much to do in the evening but read.


7.We saw the houses of the Chinese traders from 100 years ago.我们看到了来自100年前中国商人的房子。

8.I wonder what life was like here in the past.我想知道这里过去的生活怎样。

9.We waited over an hour for the train because there were too many people.


10.When we got to the top,it was raining really hard.当我们到达山顶。正在下大雨。

11.And because of the bad weather,we couldn’t see anything below. 因为糟糕的天气,我们不能看见下面的东西。

12.My father didn’t bring enough money,so we only had one bowl of rice and some fish..


13.My legs were so tired that I wanted to stop.我的腿是如此的累以至于我想停。

14.Twenty minutes later,The sun started to come up . 二十分钟后太阳开始升起。

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