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【句型一】What + (a / an) + 形容词 + 名词 + 主语 + 谓语!

What a clever boy he is! (他是个)多么聪明的男孩啊!

What an interesting story it is! (这是个)多么有趣的故事啊!

What fine weather it is! 多好的天气啊!

What beautiful flowers they are! (它们是)多么漂亮的花啊!

【说明】 在感叹句中,What a / an 常用来修饰单数可数名词,若其前面的形容词为元音开头,则用 an。what 是用来修饰复数可数名词和不可数名词。但有些不可数名词,如 rain, surprise, breakfast, lunch 等,当前面有形容词修饰,使抽象名词具体化时,则要用 what a / an,如:

What a heavy rain it is! 多大的一场雨啊!

What a great surprise it is! 这多么令人惊奇啊!

What a rich breakfast it is! 多么丰盛的一顿早餐啊!

【句型二】How + 形容词 / 副词 + 主语 + 谓语!

How well you look! 你气色真好!

How kind you are! 你心肠真好!

How beautifully you sing! 你唱得真好听!

How clever the boy is! 这个男孩多么聪明啊!

How fast he runs! 他跑得多么快啊!


How I want to be a doctor! 我多么想成为一名医生啊!



( )1._______a clever boy he is !

A. What B. How C. What’s

( )2._______she dances!

A. How good B. How well C. What well

( )3._______quiet the park is!

A. What a B. How C. How a

( )4._____his father works!

A. How careful B. How carefully C. What careful

( )5._____noisy they are making!

A. What B. How C. How a

( )6.______delicious soup!

A. How B. What C. What a

( )7.______heavy snow!

A. What a B. What C. How

( )8.____old bike Li Lei is riding!

A. What a B. What an C. How

( )9.______exciting moment it is!

A. How B. How an C. What an

( )10.______supper we’re having today!

A. What a delicious B. How delicious C. What delicious


1. It is quite a nice present. → _______ _______ nice present!

2. We have fine weather today. → _______ _______ weather we have today!

3. It’s sunny today. → _______ _______ sunny day it is today!

4. The children are working hard. → _______ _______ the children are working!

5. She played basketball wonderfully. → _______ _______ she played basketball!

6. He is good at singing. → _______ _______ he sings!


1).________ difficult homework we had yesterday!

2).________cute dog it is!

3).________ interesting the story is!

4).________ bad the weather in England is!

5).________ honest boy Tom is !

6).________ tasty smell the cake gave off!

7).________ good time we had on the beach yesterday!

8).________ exciting news you've brought us!

9).________cool your new car is!

10).________ scary these tigers are!



1. _______ carefully the boy does his homework!

A. How B. How an C. What D. What an

2. _______ well you sing but _______ badly he dances!

A. How, how B. What, what

C. How, what D. What, how

3. ________ cheap these clothes are! I’d like to buy some for my son.

A. How B. How an C. What D. What an

4. _______ fools they were! They believed what the girls said.

A. How B. How an C. What D. What an

5. _______ difficult questions they are! I can’t answer them.

A. How B. How an C. What D. What an

6. I miss you very much. _______ I want to see you!

A. How B. How an C. What D. What an

7. Oh, ________ mistake you’ve made! It’s too bad.

A. How B. How a C. What D. What a

8. _______ lovely weather we are having these days!

A. How B. How an C. What D. What an

9. _______ delicious your supper is!

A. How B. How an C. What D. What an

10. _______ interesting work it is to teach children!

A. How B. How an

二、根据所给句子填空,使填空句变为相应的感叹句: C. What D. What an

1. The old man walked very slowly.

_______ __________ the old man walked!

2. The film is very wonderful.

__________ __________ the film is!

3. Our school looks very beautiful in spring.

__________ __________ our schools looks in spring!

4. It is a very useful dictionary.

__________ __________ __________ dictionary it is! __________ __________ __________ dictionary is!

5. The students are listening very carefully.

___________ ___________ the students are listening!

6. Kitty is a good swimmer.

___________ ___________ Kitty swims!

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