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be为连系动词,词义是"是",句型为"主+系+表"结构。be的形式常用am, is, are(现在式);was, were(过去式) 如,I am a student. 主语是单数名词用is/was,主语是复数名词用are/were(you除外)



1.Jane and Tom my friends. 2. My parents very busy every day. 3. She my best friend.

1).含有Be 动词的否定句:只需在be(am, is, are,was, were)后面加上not 就行。但要注意缩写形式。

如:I am not a student.

You aren’t a teacher.

He isn’t a good man.

I wasn’t a student.

You weren’t a student.

(is not=isn’t are not =aren’t was not= wasn’t were not=weren’t )

总结:am与not 一起时不缩写;is 与not 缩写为isn’t , are not 缩写为aren’t ,

2). 含有Be 动词的一般疑问句:把be动词提到句子开头就行,第一人称改为第二人称,句末用问号。


I am a student.--------Are you a student? Yes, I am.

He is reading books. --------Is he reading books? No, he isn’t.

There is a new school in my hometown. ------- Is there a new school in your hometown(家乡)?Yes, there is.



1. I ______ a boy. ______ you a boy? No, I _____ not.

2. The girl______ Jack’s sister.

3. The dog _______ tall and fat.

4. The man with big eyes _______ a teacher.

5. ______ your brother in the classroom?

6. Where _____ your mother? She ______ at home.

7. How _______ your father?

8. Mike and Liu Tao ______ at school.

9. Whose dress ______ this?

10. Whose socks ______ they?

11. That ______ my red skirt.

12. Who ______ I?


13.The jeans ______ on the desk.

14.Here ______ a scarf for you.

15. Here ______ some sweaters for you.

16. The black gloves ______ for Su Yang.

17. This pair of gloves ______ for Yang Ling.


1)be + 动词不定式即be+to do,表示"按计划安排将要做某事"。

如:The new shop is not to be opened until next Monday.

Mary told me that she was to have class at that night.

2) be+going to do,表示"打算或将要做某事"。

如:We are going to plant trees in the park.

I didn't know if she was going to come here.

be going to, will do, be to do都是用来表示将来时,区别如下:

1. be going to 表将来

a)按计划,安排要发生的事eg. The book is going to be published next month. b)有迹象要发生的事eg. Look at the dark clouds, there is going to be a storm.

2. will do 是表意愿eg. I will go back home tomorrow.


I’m tired. I think I’ll go to bed.

在有条件从句的主句中,一般不用 be going to, 而多用will, 如:

If you meet difficulties, I'll stay with you and help you

3.be to do表示客观安排或受人指示而做某事eg. We are to discuss the report next Saturday.

I am to play football tomorrow afternoon. (客观安排,如这儿有场比赛定在明天下午,不去不行,不能由主观决定)

I'm going to play football tomorrow afternoon. (主观安排,如我只是和朋友约了明天下午踢足球以消遣时间,可去可不去,可由主观决定)

3、There be句型

there be句式为:there be+主语部分+状语部分,表示"某处存在某物",be常用现在时,过去时和将来时等。如:

There is a park in Sanya.

There were many books here last night.

There will be a football match in your school next week.

注意:There be句型中be动词的单复数形式由后面挨近的一项名词的单复数决定,这就是就近原则。


如:There is a pen, two books and many pencils on the desk. 在本句中尽管有钢笔、书和铅笔,但是由于离be动词最近的一项是单数a pen,因此,be动词用单数is。

There is a book and three cats there. There are three cats and a book there. 针对数量提问的特殊疑问句的基本结构是:

How many + 名词复数 + are there + 介词短语?

How much + 不可数名词 + is there + 介词短语?

Eg: How many books are there in your bag?

How much water is there in the bottle?

There be与have的区别

用法不同:there be 表示某个时间或地方“存在”某人或某物,而have表示主语“拥有”某人或某物,作宾语的某人或某物属主语所有。

注意:there be句型不能与have连用 如:不能说There have three students in the classroom.

There be句型与have,has有时也可以通用。

如:The classroom has ten desks. = There are ten desks in the classroom. 教室




( )1.--Again, my computer does't work.

--__ must be something wrong with the CPU

A.There B.That C.It D.This ( )2.There

__ some milk ,some eggs and a few apples on the table. A.is

B.are C.has D.have

( )3.There are so many green trees on __ sides of the street .

A.either B.each C.both D.neither

( )4.There __ anything new in today's newspaper .

A.is B.are C.isn't D.aren't

( )5.__ there __books on the shelf ?

A.are﹔a B.is ﹔a C.have ﹔some D.are﹔any

( )6.There __ many elephants in Africa.

A.is B.has C.are D.have

( )7.--Is there a hotel near here?


A. Yes,please B. Not at all C. Sorry,I don't know


D. Here you are

( )8.Are there any __on the table?

A.meat B.cheese C.tomatoes D.paper

( )9.--Where is my wallet ?

--There __ a black __ on the floor.

A.is﹔it B.are﹔ones C.is﹔one D.are﹔one

( )10.There's __ eraser on __ desk.

A. an﹔the B.the﹔a C.the﹔the D.an﹔/ 答案: 一. 1.A“there is something wrong with”意为“??有些问题”。 2.A 据英语主谓一致中的就近原则,应用is,因为milk是不可数名词。 3.C 4.C 5.D 6.C

7.C 8.C 9.C 10.A 根

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