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仁爱九年级上册Unit1 Topic1 SectionC 课课练

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九年级上册英语课课练 日日清

Unit 1 Topic1 Section C




1. 超过,多于:____________或__________ 3. 亲眼目睹:_______________________ 5. 有机会做某事________________

2. 四十多年_______________

4. 在20世纪60年代:_______________ 6. 接受良好的教育_________________ 8. 与…保持联系___________________ 10. 通过信或电报:________________ 12. 变得更加高大明亮______________

7. 没有时间做某事:_____________________ 9. 远方的亲戚_____________________

11. 自从改革开放以来:____________________

13. 享受更加多样的业余活动__________________ 14. 不但…而且…________________ 15. 而且,另外:___________________ 17. 取得很大进步:__________________ 19.记住过去____________________ 21.展望未来__________________


1. Li Ming has _____________________ (取得很大进步) in English, because he studies hard. 2. I have ____________(已经) had lunch. I am full. 3. A pineapple is _____________(一种) delicious fruit.

4. There are lots of ________________________(可供挑选的衣服) in this shop. I like doing some shopping there.

5. We all think it is important to ______________________ (梦想)about the future. 6. I _______________ ( be ) like this since last month.

7. He ____________ (teach) us since I _________ (come ) it this school.

8. They _____________ (keep ) in touch with each other since they __________ ( meet ) the first time in Beijing.


( )1. ---- to the United States?

----No, never, but I went to Canada a few years ago.

A. Have you been B. Have you gone C. Did you go D. Will you go ( )2. ----May I speak to Mabe1, please?

----Sorry. She's Paris.

16. 变得更加简单而快捷________ 18. 成功地做某事:______________ 20.立足现在__________________ 22. 可供挑选的衣服_____________

九年级上册英语课课练 日日清

A. gone in B. been in C. been to

( )3. I've finished my homework __________________.

A. yet B. already C. ever D. never

( )4. I think that you have made so rapid _____ in math.

A. a progress B. progress C. progresses

( )5.—How do you like Beijing, Miss Read?

—I’ve no idea. I _____ there.

A. have gone B. have been C .haven’t been

( )6.—What _____ to your village in recent years? D. progressed D. haven’t gone

—Lots of roads, buildings, parks and so on.

A. takes place B. have happened C. has happened D. happened

( )7. The family was _____ poor _____ they couldn’t buy a TV set.

A.so; that B. not; until C. not; but D.so; but

( )8.—_____ my daughter is only ten years old, she knows a lot.

—What a clever girl!

A. Because B. Whether C. Though D. So

( )9. It’s necessary for you _____ exercise every day.

A. taking B. to take C. take D. takes

( )10.—What did you do during your summer holiday?

—I spent my holiday _____ English in Summer Classes.

A. improving B. improves C.to improve D. improve

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