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7b u6 Integrated Skills

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Integrated Skills

What outdoor activity would you like to do?







Do you know what outdoor activity I would like to do?

I would like to fly kites on sunny and windy days. 有风的

Free talk
? ? ? ? Do you like flying kites? Where do you often fly your kites? What’s your kite made of? What does your kite look like?

What do they look like?

a bird

a plane

a fish

a square



Listen to their conversation and write the students’ names under their kites

Whose kites are they?





What can we use to make kites?

wood [w?d]

bamboo [b? m’bU: ]


We can use…to make kites. We can make kites out of…

Would you like to watch more kites?
Go to Weifang in Shandong Province. [‘pr?v?ns]

famous for making kites

kite festival

Learn the history of kites

Now flying kites is a very popular activity around the world. Do you want to know the history of kites? Who made the first kite?

Who is the first person to make kites?
Mozi over 2000 years ago

[ste?ts] the Warring States period 战国时期 [‘w?:r??] [‘ p??ri?d]

Lu Ban
the Warring States period

use bamboo to make kites

Cai Lun 东汉王朝 in the Eastern Han dynasty [‘i:st?n] [‘d?n?sti]

good at making paper

an Italian man 意大利的
[?’t? li?n] In the 13th century 13世纪 [‘sent??ri]

Marco Polo 马可.波罗

Can you read them
1 make kites out of wood [w?d]

2 use bamboo to make kites
3 in the Warring States Period


[‘w?:r??] [ste?ts] [‘ p??ri?d] 4 in the Eastern Han dynasty 5 in the 13th century 6 an Italian man 7 Shandong Province [‘d?n?sti] [‘sent??ri] [?’t?li?n] [‘pr?v?ns]

8 in the Ming and Qing dynasties

Listen and match

a told people in the West all about kites b found a new way to make paper c used bamboo to make kites

Lu Ban

Cai Lun b Marco Polo d made a bird out of wood a

Part (A3)
Read and try to fill in the blanks according to Part A2. Listen to the talk again and complete the passage. Check the answers:
1. 2000 2. Mozi 4. Lu Ban 7. Marco Polo 10. kites 5. Cai Lun 8. West

3. wood 6. 13th

9. outdoor

Group work :Retell the history of kites
In the Warring States period (Mozi,Lu Ban) In the Eastern Han dynasty (Cai Lun) In the 13th century (Marco polo) In the Ming and Qing dynasties

excited [?k’sa?t?d] 兴奋的 mobile phone [,m??ba?l ‘f??n]

Amy and Shirley are going for a picnic. They are very excited.

Listen and answer

What can they do when they have a picnic? They can fly kites.

Read the dialogue

by yourselves

A day out Feeling



What we can do What we can’t do Things we need

Try to act out your Pair work dialogue in pairs: A: We’re……. I’m so …. B: Me too. It’ll…. A: What can we do there? B: We can….. A: Can we go….? B: No, I’m afraid not. It’s…. A: I see. Remember to… B: Ok.Now Everything is re

ady.Shall we go?

Flying mood, flying dream

Home work
1 remember the new words,phrases and important sentences 2 recite the dialogue 3 Finish the learning plan

You are the best!

Go on a trip to Huayang Park

Baohua Mountain


Go on a trip to Nanjing

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