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英 语 试 题


第Ⅰ卷(选择题 共90分)

第一部分:听力试题(20分) (共四节,满分20分)





What will Elise have for lunch?

A B. C.

2. what did the boy forget to take?

A. B. C.


Where does the conversation take place?

A. B. C.

4. Who is calling?


A. Tom B. Peter C. Sally


What does Donna do every day?

A. B. C.


听下面5段小对话,每段对话后有一个小题,从题中所给的A、B、C三个选项中选出最佳选项,并标在答题卡上的相应位置。每段对话读两遍。 听第一段对话,回答第6小题。

6. What would the man like?

A. Beer. B. Wine. C. Tea.


7. What’s Linda going to do this weekend?

A. To watch a play. B. To see a film. C. To go to a concert. 听第三段对话,回答第8小题。

8. What does Sarah’s art teacher look like?

A. She is tall with straight hair. B. She is tall with curly hair

C. She is short with brown hair


9. How often does Tom go swimming?

A. Every day. B. Once a week. C. Twice a week.


10. What does Dr. Brown most probably do?

A. A doctor B. A teacher C. A reporter




11. What would the boy like to do?

A. To play basketball. B. To be a volunteer.


C. To make friends with kids

12. When will the job begin?

A. On Monday. B. On Saturday. C. On Sunday.


13. Who is calling?

A. Mike B. Mary C. Nancy

14. Where will Mike have a party?

A. In his new office. B. In a new park. C. In his new house.

15. How long will the party last?

A. Two hours B. Three hours. C. Five hours.




16. The students will go to Australia on A. July 8th B. July 18th C. August 10th

17. How will they travel?

A. By train . B. By ship C. By plane.

18. They will stay in_______.

A. An Australian school. B. A local Australian family.

C. An expensive hotel.

19. Whom will they have English classes with?

A. Australian students. B. American students.

C. German students.

20. How much does the travel cost each students?

A. 40,000 yuan. B. 15,000 yuan. C. 4,000 yuan.



( ) 21. My brother and I will go to the library tomorrow.

——_______. Shall we go together?

A. So can I. B. So do I. C. So will I.

( ) 22. _____ people are hurt in traffic accidents every year.

A. Two thousands B. Two thousands of C. Thousands of

( ) 23. The kind man always _______ food ______ the poor people.

A. offers, for B. provides, for C. provides, with

( ) 24. The travel spotlight_____ my brother going to visit this afternoon is Paris.

A .where B. that C. who

( ) 25. I’ll ask my parents for some more money because I’ve A. used up it B. used it up C. run it out

( ) 26. —Can you see the man clearly? Is it Mr. Green?

A. could B. mustn’t C. can’t


( ) 27. Our monitor is so clever and friendly that she can always _______.

A. cheer us up B. cheer up us C. cheers us up

( A. is B. has C. have

( ) 29. ——What’s the matter with Jim?

——There’s ___ with his tooth. He should see a dentist.

A. something serious B. serious something C. nothing serious

( ) 30. A number of students ___ in the hall and the number of them ___ over 300.

A. are, is B. is, are C. is, is

( ) 31. How does Jack go to school?

—— He ______ ride a bike, but now he ______ there to lose weight.

A. used to, is used to walk B. used to, is used to walking

C. was used to, is used to walk

( ) 32. I spent a lot of time ________ English last weekend.

A. to practice speaking B. practicing to speak C. practicing speaking

( ) 33. If I _______ you, I _______ a small present in my pocket.

A. was, could take B. were, took C. were, would take

( ) 34.Although he is from England, he _______ Chinese well.

A. does speak B. do speaks C. did speaks

( ) 35. John is funny. His brother is often made ______ by him.

A. laugh B.to laugh C. laughing



A seeing-eye dog is a dog which helps blind people walk along the streets and do

many other things. We call these dogs “seeing-eye” dogs the dogs are the

“eyes” of the blind man and they help him to “see”. These dogs all go to special

schools for several years to learn blind people.

One day a seeing-eye dog and a blind man were of people and there were no seats . One man, however, soon got up and left his seat.

The dog took the blind man to , but there was little space. The dog began

to push the people on each side his nose. He pushed and pushed until the

people moved down and finally there was enough space for the blind man. The blind

man then sat down and the dog got up on the seat with the blind man.

( )36. A. if B. because C. when

( )37. A to teach B to see C. to help

( )38. A. up B. off C. on

( )39. A. the chair B. the seat C. the driver

( )40. A. by B. in C. with


These days it is found that school students hardly have any sports. Is it because sports? It may not be true. They often say they have

more important things to do.


What are these important things? Exams! They have to get themselves ready for all kinds of exams and tests in school, so many of them almost bookworms. In the past in the summer holidays, they could from the sports.

Because of the pressure (压力)from their parents and teachers, they have to work harder and spend most of their time books. As for the students themselves, they don’t want to fail the exams because they want to continue their So it becomes necessary to give of their spare time to their studies and up their school sports.

It is true that a good education cannot go without physical training, and the same is true that a quick mind hardly goes along without body. Without a strong body, you can never do anything well, then how can you make great success in life?

( )41 A. interested B. interesting C. interest

( )42. A. very B. much C. another

( )43. A. turn B. look C. become

( )44. A. anything B. all what C. nothing

( )45 A. teachers B. parents C. studies

( )46. A. on B. for C. in

( )47. A. further B. far C. furthest

( )48. A. few B. any C. all

( )49. A. send B. give C. put

( )50. A. strong B. ill C. weak



The air around us is important to everyone. Without air, we couldn't live. Everyone understands that. But air is important in many other ways that are not always widely known.

For example, if we didn't have air, there would be no sound. Sound travels through air. Without air, there would be no fire. There would be no cars, cars need air to start. Without air, there would be no wind or clouds. There would be no weather, as we know it. The night time would be very cold and the days very hot. We would have to look for shelter (遮蔽)from the sun, as there would be no atmosphere (大气)to protect us from the sun's deadly rays(光线).

( )51. Everyone understands we couldn't live______ air.

A. with B. without C. has

( )52. If we didn't have air, the night time would be very_________.

A. hot B. short C. cold

( )53. There would be no sound if there’s no________.

A. Wind B. sun's deadly rays C. air


( )54. __________protects us from the sun's deadly rays.

A. The surface(表面)of the earth B. The cold wind C. The atmosphere

( )55.This article is mainly about________

A. Without air, we will die. B. Air is important in many ways

C. Air can protect us from the sun's deadly rays


A. 83386223 or 83338989 B. 87679690 or 83386223 C. 83338989 or 87872738

( )57. If you want to buy a new dress, you can go to A. 69 Hong Kong Road B. 635 Grand Road C. 5300 Shanghai Road

( isn’t open for two and a half hours in the afternoon on weekdays.

A. Full Hotel B. Hongnan Restaurant C. Baihe Shopping Center

( )59. On Sunday morning, the coffee shop in Full Hotel doesn’t open until .

A. 6:30 am B. 7:30 am C. 8:00 am

( A. the history of South China B. the history of Guangdong’s native people

C. the history of Shanghai


Each morning a rich man found a poor man sitting on a park bench(长凳). The

poor man always sat there, looking at the big hotel in which the rich man lived. One day the rich man got out of his car and said to the poor man, "Excuse me, but I just want to know why you sit here and look at my hotel every morning." "Sir," said the poor man, "I am a failure. I have no money, no home. I sleep on this bench, and every 6

night I dream that one day I'll sleep in that hotel." The rich man said, "Tonight your dream will come true. I'll pay for the best room in that hotel for you a whole month."

A few days later, the rich man went by the poor man's room to ask him how he was enjoying himself. To his surprise, he found that the man had moved out of the hotel, back to his park bench. When the rich man asked why, the poor man said, "You see, when I'm down here sleeping on my bench, I dream I'm up there, in that big hotel. It's a wonderful dream. But when I was up there, I dreamed I was back to this cold bench. It was a terrible dream, and I couldn't get any sleep at all."

( )61. The poor man lived in _______before he met the rich man.

A. the hotel B. his home C. the park

( )62. Every morning, the poor man sat on the bench and___________.

A. waited for the rich man B. looked at the rich man's hotel

C. enjoyed the clean air

( )63. Every night the poor man dreamed of__________.

A. sleeping in that hotel B. becoming rich C. owning that hotel

( )64. The poor man moved out of the hotel because__________.

A. he didn't want to live in such a fine room

B. he couldn't get any sleep at all there C. he couldn't pay for the room

( )65. In the end, the poor man found it________ to sleep in the hotel.

A. terrible B. nice C. wonderful


A boy and his father went walking in the mountains. Suddenly the boy fell, hurt him, and cried, “AAAhhhhhhhh!!!” To his surprise, he heard the voice repeating, somewhere in the mountain, “AAAhhhhhhhh!!!” Then the boy shouted, “Who are you?” He received the answer, “Who are you?” He got angry at the answer, so she shouted, “Foolish!” He received the answer, “Foolish!”

He looked at his father and asked, “What’s going on?” The father smiled and said, “My son, listen,” And then he shouted to mountain, “I love you!” The voice answered, “I love you!” Again the man shouted, “You are the best!” The voice answered, “You are the best!”

The boy was surprised, but did not understand. Then the father explained, “People call thisdo. Our life is just a reflection(反映)of what we have done. If you want more love in the world, have more love in your heart. If you want to be successful, work hard. This can be used in everything in life. Life will give you back everything you have given to it.”

( )66. At first the boy cried because _______.

A. he hurt himself and felt bad B. he wanted to give himself a surprise

C. he hoped his father would help him

( )67. When the boy heard the voice repeating, he thought________.

A. it was foolish to hear others’ voice

B. someone else in the mountain liked his voice

C. there were many other people in the mountain

( )68. The father shouted to the mountain to ________.


A. find out who was repeating his voice B. have fun with other people in the mountain C. show more examples to his son before giving him the answer

( )69. The underline word “Echo” means__________.

A. life itself B. repeating voice C. love in the world

( )70. From the story, we know _________.

A. the boy didn’t like others’ voice at all

B. the father had his own way to teach his son

C. it is not polite to repeat others’ voice

第Ⅱ卷 (非选择题 共60分)

第四部分: 基本技能(共三节,满分25分)


Children are amazing! They① ever wondered why? It's not because they have great natural language abilities.② So why do children still seem to acquire(学到) languages more quickly than the rest of us? It's because of the way they learn. Children learn by simply doing what comes naturally—they listen, copy and communicate. Let's take a closer look at how children ac quire languages. Perhaps we can discover a better, more "natural" way to learn English.

Children don't practice grammar drills, but use languages to talk about things that interest them. This helps them learn to express themselves. They don't worry about inadequate(不足的) vocabulary or poor grammar. They find ways to express themselves, and they do it successfully.

③Students should pay more attention to genuine(真实的) communication. Look for chances to talk with people in English. If you can't find a foreigner to talk to, talk with other English students instead. Start an English discussion group and chat about music, movies or whatever interests you.

Don't worry about making mistakes. The aim is to learn how to communicate easily and comfortably. Remember that you can communicate successfully even with a small vocabulary.

Trust your own natural ability to learn English. You've got more potential than you probably realize!

71.在文中找出① 处划线短语的同义词。_______


73. Do children worry about poor grammar when they learn to express themselves? _____________________


Genuine communication should______ ______ more attention to by students .

75. As a student, how should you learn language by reading the passage?




Mary: Hi, David! I haven’t seen you for many

years. David: Oh, I have been to London and lived with my parents. They work there. Mary: I’m very glad to see you again.

David: Yes, I have. I used to be very quiet.

Mary: That’s true. Wait a minute! Did you use to play the piano?

David: But now I prefer sports. And I’m on a football team.

Mary: Wow! People always change.

David: You have changed a lot, too.

Mary: Yeah. But now I prefer long hair.

David: You look more beautiful with long hair.

Mary: Thanks a lot.


81. It’s nearly对画线部分提问)

_________ ________ is it from your home to the school ?

82. We’ll go camping, if it doesn’t rain tomorrow. (变同义句)

We’ll go camping ________ it ________ tomorrow.

83. The TV play is really wonderful. (改为感叹句)

__________ __________ the TV play is!

84.They built a bridge between the two islands last year. (改为被动句)

A bridge ________ ________ between the two islands last year.

85. He used to read aloud in class, ________ ________ ? (反意疑问句)



86. 萨利宁愿呆在家也不愿去购物。

Sally ______ to stay at home rather than ______ shopping.

87. 我相信10年后他会实现他的梦想。

I believe he ______ ______ his dream in 10 years.

88. 他已下定主意学好英语。

He ______ a ______ to learn English well.

89. 吉米告诉电台记者他已经花光了钱


Jimmy told a radio interviewer that he____ already ____ out of money

90. 尽管他失败了很多次,但他没有灰心。

Even though he had failed many times, he didn't ______


Dear Lin Hua, 91._______ 92._______ 93._______ 94._______ 95._______ 96._______ 97._______

it’s very good for you to listen to , 98.______ 99.______ 100.______

Wish you good luck on your exams!


Mr Liu



“How to be a good learner”为题的征文比赛,请根据以下提示,写一篇英语


Habits, ways, work hard, get ready, listen to the teachers, study in

groups, homework, help each other, do sports.

要求:1. 内容要包括以上提示,可适当发挥,行文连贯。

2. 80词左右,短文的开头已给出,不计入总词数。

How to be a good learner

As a good learner, we should __________________________________________








学校: 班级: 姓名: 考号: ―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――


英 语 答 题 卡





74.____________ _________________


补全对话:(5分) 76—80:_________________________________


81、________ _________ 82、________ _________

83、________ ________ 84、________ _________

85、________ _________


86、________ _________ 87、________ __________

88、________ _________ 89、________ __________

90、________ _________


91.__________ 92. _________ 93. ________ 94. _________ 95. _________

96.__________ 97. _________ 98. ________ 99. _________ 100. _________ 作文:(满分15分)

How to be a good learner


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