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仁爱九年级上册Unit1 Topic1 SectionB 课课练

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九年级上册英语课课练 日日清

Unit 1 Topic1 Section B





3.从…学到很多__________________ 4. 写一篇关于……的文章5. 在过去6. 全世界 8.have a hard life

10.负担不起孩子们的教育______________________ 7.详细地描述9. 过着幸福的生活_______________

11.渡过童年时代 12.养家糊口

13.为了,以便 ,其中___________后常接动词不定式做目的状语,_______________后接目的状语从句。

14.童工 15.日夜工作

17.为贫困家庭提供帮助_______________ 16.发展迅速

二、选择填空: 18、受到良好的教育________________ 19.随着…….的发展______________________

( )1. ----By the way, where’s Li Xiang?

---- He swimming.

A. has gone B. has been C. has gone to D. has been to

( )2. In the past, most children couldn’t go to school poor economy(经济).

A. because B. because of C. since D. for

( )3. ----Have you ever slept in the open air?

. I’m very timid(胆小的).

A. Yes, I have B. Yes, I do

C. No, I don’t. D. No, I haven’t

( )4. The UN(联合国) has the poor people in the world.

A. give support to B. given support to

C. gave support to D. given support for

( )5. Could you tell me the Chinese teenagers?

A. anything about B. something about

C. something for D. nothing about

( )6. In the past, most children had no chance to go to school. ,

they had to word and make money to support their families.

九年级上册英语课课练 日日清

A. What’s more B. Because of C. So that D. In order to

( )7. Nowadays, the children in the city in the village can get a good education.

A. either; or B. neither; nor C. though; but D. not only; but also

( )8.—_____ you _____ your homework yet?

—Yes, I _____ it ten minutes ago.

A. Did; do; finished B. Have; done; have finished

C. Have; done; finished D. Will; do; finish

( )9.This is the most beautiful park I have _____ visited.

A. ever B. yet C. never D. already

( )10.—In the old days, most teenagers had to work for the landlord (地主) in the field to help _____ their families, because their families couldn’t ____education for them.

—What a pity!

A. support; supply B. afford; support

C. support; afford D. afford; give


1. 过去很多家庭人口又多又穷。

, many families and .


Now our country’s economy .


? I can’t believe it.


My brother has ________ ________.


________ I had no time ________ travel, I still felt very happy this holiday.


________ ________ ________ support her family, she has to drop school.

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