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Go for it J9

1.Tell what you are supposed to do. 2. In different situations,what should you do? 3.Learn about different customs in different countries.

1摇动,震动 shake 2握手

shake hands bow

3风俗,习惯 custom 4鞠躬 5吻,亲吻 kiss

6放松的,轻松的 relaxed

7顺便拜访 drop by
8国家,国土 land

9毕竟,终究 after all
10对于,关于 towards 11问候

greet 12哥伦比亚 Colombia
13瑞士 Switzerland

In our country ,what are you supposed to do when you meet someone for the first time ?

If you meet someone in the following countries, what are you supposed to do? Discuss in groups.

kiss bow
shake hands

★ Brazil ★ the United States ★ Japan ★ Mexico

★ Korea

Maria is an exchange student.Last night she had dinner at an American friend’s house.Listen and check the mistakes Maria made.

? arrived late

?ate the wrong food
? greeted Paul’s mother the wrong way ? wore the wrong clothes

Listen again. Fill in the blanks.

Maria: I was supposed to arrive at 7:00 , but I arrived at 8:00. Maria: In my country, it’s different. When you’re invited for 7:00, you’re supposed to come later Dan: And you were supposed to shake hands Dan: I guess you should have asked what you were supposed to wear

1. Read 3a ,answer the questions in your papers. 2.Read 3a again, fill in the chart.

3a Reading
Attitude about Colombia being on time We are pretty relaxed about time.

visiting a We often just drop by friend’s house our friends’ homes. making plans We don’t have to make plans when we get with friends together with friends.

Attitude about Switzerland It’s very important to be on time. We never visit a friend’s visiting a friend’s house house without calling first. making plans We usually make plans to with friends meet friends. being on time

1美国(全称) the United States

shake hands for the first time

3应该去做 be supposed to do 4第一次 5遇见某人

meet someone 6用错误的方式打招呼greet sb the wrong way
7到晚了(一点儿) arrive (a bit) late


eat the wrong food

9穿错衣服 wear the wrong clothes

10被邀请 be invited (to do)

make( some ) mistakes 12本应该做(没做) should have done
13在一个美国朋友家里 at an American friend’s house 14顺便拜访朋友家 drop by friend’s home =come over to…… 15制订计划 make plans (to do ) 16在城镇中心转转 17准时 walk around the town center

be on time


the land of watches

19.毕竟 终究

after all

20.晚15分钟 be fifteen minutes late 21.没有事先打电话 without calling first

22.关于…的态度attitude towards (doing) sth.

shaking hands:You should shake hands with others with a smile. At the same time you shouldn’t wear hats or gloves when you do this. Usually, the time of shaking hands shouldn

’t last no more than 3 seconds. It is polite to wait for the ladies, the leaders or the old to show their hands first, then you can shake with them.

bow:When you bow to others, you should stand at attention(立正) and take off your hat to show your respect. kiss: If you meet a friend or your relative, you can greet him or her with a hug(拥抱) or a kiss on the cheeks(脸颊). If you are a couple, you can hug and kiss, but if you are parents and children, you just kiss on the face or forehead. If you are brothers or sisters, you just kiss on the cheeks.

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