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7b u7 skills

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用 can, can’t, could, couldn’t 填空。 Can can’t 1. ____ you dance? No, I ______. couldn’t 2. Suzy ________ swim five years ago, can but now she ____. 3. He _____ count up to 100 at four. could can 4. If I have time, I ____ help you. 5. He _______ get out because he hurt his leg. couldn’t can’t 6. It is raining, so they _____ play football.

1. 我会游泳。 I can swim.

2. 去年我们就会放风筝。
We could fly kites last year. 3. 你会骑自行车吗?

Can you ride a bike?

4. 两年前你们会踢足球吗?

Could you play football two years ago?
5. 他们10个月大时不会走路。 They couldn’t walk when they were ten

months old.
6. 多重要的一本书啊! What an important book it is!

7. 昨天他买了好漂亮的花啊! What beautiful flowers he bought yesterday!

8. 多么有用的信息啊! What useful information it is!
9. 她多么漂亮啊! How pretty she is! 10. 这辆小汽车跑的多么快啊! How fast the car is running!


Lang Lang is good at/does well in playing the piano.

Sandy is a top student.She works hard. She tries her best to learn the subjects.

Learn some new words.
term n. hard adv. article n. careless adj. piano n. better adv. do well in do/try one’s best 学期 努力的,费力的 文章 粗心的 钢琴 较好,更好 …… 做得好 尽某人最大努力

Meeting parents
Mr Wu is going to meet the parents A1 of the Class 1, Grade 7 students this Friday afternoon. Listen to the report on Suzy and match the subjects with the information on the report card. Write the correct letters in the boxes.

Sunshine Middle School ————————————————— Suzy Class 1, Grade 7



A Good this term, but she needs to read more and speak more. Chinese B Suzy loves it and works hard on the subject. She knows a Maths lot about it. C Good work. Suzy writes good English articles. History D She does not do her best this term. Geography E Good, but sometimes she is careless.

A2 Mr Wu is preparing notes about his students. Complete part of his notes about Suzy with the
information in Part A1. Then listen

to the description and complete the
rest of them.

Study: good at ________, Maths, English ______ Chinese and _______ not so good at __________ History Geography Music: member of the Music Club plays _______ the piano at school ______ shows Sports: practises _________ every volleyball Monday and Wednesday _________ Others: nice and ________ friendly

Mr Wu is writing a report about A3 Suzy. Help him complete the report. Use the information in Parts A1 and A2 on page 87 to help you.

Name: Suzy

Class: 1

Grade: 7

Class teacher: Wu Bing Suzy is good at Maths. She does well in

_____________, ______________ Chinese English
and ______________ too, but she needs History

to do better in _____________. Geography

Suzy likes music, and she is a ______________ of the Music Club. She member often plays the piano at _______________.

school shows She also likes sports and she plays _____________ well. She practises hard volleyball on _____________ and _______________ Monday Wednesday after school. I think she will get into the school team next term.

Suzy is nice and _______________. friendly All her teachers and her classmates like her very much.

Discuss with your partner and get as

much information as you can about
his or her study, personality and

school life. Then, report it to the

1. work hard 努力学习,努力工作 e.g. She works hard on the subject. 她努力学习科目。 2. know a lot about ... 了解许多关于…… e.g. She knows a lot about history. 她了解许多历史。 3. do/try one’s best to do sth. 尽某人最大的努力做某事

e.g. He does/tries his best to learn English.

4. do well in/be good at (doing) sth.

e.g. He does well in playing the piano.

= He is good at playing the piano.

Speak up
What are Sandy and Daniel talking about ? They are talking about what they can and cannot do. Sandy Daniel

Play the piano

Play the violin



1. 她擅长写作。

She is good at writing.
2. 她必须更经常地读英语和用英语。 She must read English and use English more often.

3. 她是个聪明的学生,但有时不努力。 She is a clever student, but sometimes does not do her best. 4. 她懂得很多中国历史。

She knows a lot about Chinese

5. 如果她努力,她的地理就能得到更 好的结果。 She can get better results in Geography if she does her best.

6. 她能够很好地组织班级活动。 She can organize class activities well.

7. 她跳得高。 She can jump high.

8. 我想她明年能够进入学校队。 I think she can get into the school
team next year.

1. Remember the new words and the language points in this lesson. 2. Preview the next lesson.

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