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7b u7 main task

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a madam 女士

get an award


根据汉语或首字母提示完成单词。 1. The boy ____(迷路) his way in the lost forest last night. 2. Waiters usually call a lady ________ madam (夫人) in a restaurant. 3. Next t____, I will be in Grade Eight. erm

areless 4. He was so c______ that he wrote down the wrong number.

5. I want to be a m______ of the ember
Reading Club.

用所给词的适当形式填空。 hearing 1. We look forward to _______ (hear) from you. 2. Jim can use the computer ____ (good). well 3. His father is in hospital, so he is unhappy _________ (happy). dancing 4. He does well in ________ (dance). 5. He told his children to be careful (care). ______

6. Reading is _______ (help) to us students. helpful 7. Li Lei learns English by ________ (he). himself

give a seat to someone on the bus

clean up the park

donate money, collect things …

help an old man to cross the road

Daniel is helpful, I would like

to recommend him for this
year’s Young Star Award.

1. Why did Mr. Wu write this letter? Mr. Wu wrote this _____ to letter ___________ Daniel for this year’s recommend ______ ____ Award Young Star _______. 2. What kind of boy is Daniel? Daniel is ___________. clever Daniel is ___________. thoughtful Daniel is ___________. kind

1. clever quickly He can learn things _______ (quick). He can use the computer ____ (good). well 2. thoughtful carefully He thinks ________ (careful) when he works. He plans everything ____ (good) and well takes _____ (take) part in activities.

3. kind lost his way Last week, a 5-year-old boy __________ (迷路) and cried in the street. He ____ took him __ (带……去……) the police to station. He stayed with the boy and played with him _____________ (两个小 for two hours 时) before the boy’s parents came.

1. recommend sb. for …

e.g. We want to recommend Liu Tao

for this year’s Young Star Award.


recommend sb. to do sth. 推荐某人做某事

e.g. He recommends me to do this job.

2. take part in / join in (doing) sth.
参加(做)某事 e.g. We want to take part in the sports meeting. 我们想要参加运动会。 3. in need 需要…… e.g. He often help the children in need.


4. lose one’s way = get lost 他在森林里迷路了。


e.g. He lost his way/got lost in the forest. 5. look forward to (doing) sth.
期待着、盼望着做某事 e.g. I look forward to seeing you soon. 我期待着尽快见到你。

6. hear from sb. = get a letter from sb. 收到某人的来信 e.g. She heard from her sister yesterday. 她昨天收到了她妹妹的来信。

Recommendation letter ? Introduction The first paragraph tells the receiver what the letter is about.

? Main body

The main body of the letter talks about
different points in this order. Paragraph 2: ability of your classmat

e Paragraph 3: personality of your classmate Paragraph 4: what your classmate did

? Conclusion
The last paragraph states what you

want from the receiver.

Different awards in the class

The Best Class Leader Award
(最佳班干部) The Most Popular Student Award


从候选人中选出你认为最适合当选 最佳班干奖/最受欢迎学生奖/最乐于助 人学生奖/最勤奋学生奖的同学,选择其 中一种奖项,你向班主任陈老师写一封 推荐信或自荐信。 要求:1. 词数100左右。 2. 推荐的理由要包含个人的品质, 能力,并举事例说明。

The Most Hard-working Student Award
(最勤奋同学) The Most Helpful Student Award

Who do you want to recommend? Why do you want to recommend him/her? What is your hope?

Dear sir/Madam, ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ Yours faithfully _____________

先看信的整体结构 1. 信的段落分布,推荐谁1分, 能力、

2. 字数2分;

3. 在此基础上,有语言点错误一个扣

Show your recommendation

Review all the new words and language points in this unit.

1. 推荐某人获 …… recommend sb. for … 2. 学东西快 3. 做大部分电脑工 作 4. 仔细思考 5. 参加活动

learn things well do most of the computer work think carefully take part in activities

6. 需要帮助的孩子 children in need lose one’s way 7. 迷路 8. 得到这个奖 get the award 9. 收到某人的来信 hear from sb.

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