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编制人:宋晓云 复核人: 使用时间:2012.5.2 编号: Learning Goals :

1. 每组中6—8号学生掌握现在完成时态的用法、结构和标志词

2. 每组中4-5号学生还要掌握现在完成时中特殊句型have/has been to , have/has gone to 与 have/has been in的区别

3. 每每组中1-3号学生还要掌握现在完成时态中瞬间性动词与延续性动词的用法及现在完成时与一般过去时的区别

Learning Emphasis :


Learning Difficulties :


Learning Methods :

自主学习 展示提升

Thinking Navigation :

同学们,现在完成时在中考中是必考点之一,我们可以按这个思路去解答:找到标志词——思考结构——想特殊用法(have/has been to , have/has gone to 与 have/has been in的区别;瞬间性动词与延续性动词的用法)——完成答题

Learning Activities :

Ⅰ. 请你根据下面的习题回忆并写出现在完成时态的用法、结构、及标志词(每组中6-8号学生可只做单项选择题,4-5号学可只做用所给词的适当形式填空题,1-3号学生两种题型都做)


1. I ____in this school for five years.

A. teach B. taught C. have taught

2. My father ___ in the book shop since 1992.

A. worked B. works C. has worked

3. _____ you ____ your homework yet.

A. Did, finish B. Have, finished C. Does, finish

4. ____ you ever ____ a foreigner?

A. Did, speak to B. Do, speak C. Have, spoken to

5. Beijing ______ a lot in the last ten years.

A. changes B. changed C. has changed

6. My mother _____ to Beijing three times.

A. has been B. have been C. has gone

7. So far, Li Tong _____ about 100 English books.

A. has read B. reads C. have read

8.---Would you like to go and see the film with me this Sundy?

---Thank you, but I _______ it already.

A. saw B. have seen C. see

9. I _____ such a beautyful city before.

A. don’t visit B. didn’t visit C. haven’t visit

10. Lucy _____ just ______ all the new words.

A. have, copied B. does, copy C. has, copied (II)用所给词的适当形式填空:

1. Have you______(see) my pen? I can’t ________(find) it.

2. Mary, I’ve______(lose) my cap. Have you ______ (see) it anywhere?

3. We've just _______(clean) the classroom

4. They_______ (meet)that old man twice.

5. You _______(write)500 words so far.

6. We _______(live)here for three years.

7. Jim _______(study) in this school since 2009.

8. —______they______(find)the missing child yet ? — No, they______.

9. She ______ (wash) her clothes already.

10. —______you ______(have)your lunch? —Not yet.









1.She hasn’t arrived ______. She has been on the way______.

2. Have you finished your compositions ________

3. He hasn’t visited the exhibition ________.

(II)用for 或since填空

1. Jill has been in England ______Monday.

2. Jill has been in England ______three days.

3. My aunt has lived in Australia _____ 15 years.

4. India has been an independent country _____1974.

5.Mr Wang has worked in the factory _______ he came to the city (III) 句型转换

1.He has finished the work already.(改为否定句)

He______ ______ the work ______.

2.I have already cleaned the classroom.(改为一般疑问句)

______ you _______ the classroom ______ ?

3. ---Have you ever been to the swimming pool?(做否定回答) ---_____ , _____ ______ 或 ---______ , _____- 4. He has studied English for 4 years.(划线提问)

_______ _______ he _______ English?

5. He’s gone to Beijing, ______ ______?(改为反意疑问句)


(I)用have/has been to , have/has gone to 与 have/has been in填空:

1. ----Where is Tom, do you know? ----Yes, he _________ Canada.

2. My mother _________ Beijing, and she will come back in two days.

3. His father __________ Shanghai for a week. He is there on business.

4. ----_______ you ever _______ Toronto? ----Not yet.

5. ----How long _______ your brother ________ there? ----About one month. 请你回忆并写出它们的区别:


1.I like Hainan. I ________ Hainan three times.

A. went B. have been in C. have been to D. have gone

2---- Where is Mr. Liu? ----- He _______ the library.

A. has been to B. has gone to C. has been in

3.We came to Nanjing three years ago, so we ________ here for three years.

A. have been to B. have been in C. have been D. have gone


1. He died 10 years ago. He _____ _____ _____ for 10 years.

2. He borrowed the book 2 weeks ago. He _____ _____ the book for 2 weeks.

3. He bought the motorbike a month ago. He _____ _____ the motorbike for a month.

4. He arrived here three days ago. He _____ _____ here since three days ago.

5. He left here 2 years ago. He _____ _____ _____ from here for 2 years.

6. The film began 30 minutes ago. The film _____ _____ _____ for 30 minutes. 请你回忆并写出在现在完成时态中动词的延续性与非延续性的用法与转换


1. His father ______ the Party since 1978 .

A. joined B. has joined C. has been in

2.—Do you know him well ? — Sure .We _________ friends since ten years ago . A. were B. have been C. have become

3.-How long have you___here ? —About two months .

Abeen Bgone Ccome

4. Hurry up! The play __________ for ten minutes .

A. has begun B. has been on C. began

5. The door _____ _____ _____ for an hour。

A.opened B. have been opened C. has been open


A: Jim, _____ you _______(write) a letter to your aunt?

B: Yes, I ______.

A: When _____ you _______ it? (write)

B: I ______(write) one last week.



1. A: Excuse me. Have you ______(see) my pen? I ______(put) it on the shelf a moment ago.

B: Oh, yes, I have. I’m sorry I _______(forget) to give it back to you.

2. A: Mary, I’ve______(lose) my cap. Have you ______ (see) it anywhere?

B: Look! It’s over there. I _____ (see) you put it there just now.


1.The old people _______ lonely at all since we began to visit them once a week.(广州市)

A.didn't feel B.hasn't felt C.haven't felt

2.My grandfather _______ in the small town all his life.He always says he likes the town.(四川省)

A.is living B.have lived C.has lived

3.Miss Brown _______ to the Great Wall twice.(贵阳市)

A.have been B.has been C. has gone

4.His brother has been to Stone Forest twice _______ he came to Yunnan.(昆明市)

A.for B.before C.since

5.His grandpa _______ for two years.(广西)

A. died B.has been dead C. has died

6.—Have you ever_______ to Haikou?

—Yes,I_______ there with my family last August.(海南省)

A.gone;went B.been;went C.been;went to

7.His sister _______ her hometown for three years. She'll return next year.(合肥市)

A. has left B. has been away C.has been away from

V. Harvest.

Ⅶ. Homework


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