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7b Unit 8 Pets task unit

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Unit 8 Pets

Proverb (谚语)
Love me, love my dog. 爱屋及乌. Kill two birds with one stone. 一箭双雕;一举两得。 Never offer to teach fish to swim. 不要班门弄斧。 Go to the sea, if you would fish well. 不入虎穴,焉得虎子。

Do you know how to look after the goldfish?
1. Put them in clean water. 2. Feed them once a day. 3. Don?t feed them too much food. 4. Don?t pick them up with your hand. 5. Don?t put it in the sun.

I have long ears. I eat lots of vegetables.


white red long short



tail :

I have fur. I sleep a lot. My favorite food is fish.


grey blue small

size: cat

feathers: soft

I love to play with balls and sticks. Sometimes I bark at people.

color: white ears: eyes: dog small black long


I?m orange. I live in a tank. I have fins(鳍).


beautiful like an egg small

body: goldfish

I have two legs. I like to sing. I have feathers. I can fly.

color: tail:

blue red yellow long

beak(喙): hard white parrot
feathers: colorful

Amy’s favourite pet

Listen and answer.
1.What?s the cat?s name? 2. How old is she?
3.What color are her eyes?

4. How much does she weigh?
5. What will she do if she is hungry? 6. What?s her personality?

Listen and answer.
1、What?s the cat?s name? Poppy.
2、How old is she? Three years old. 3、What color are her eyes? Green.

4. How much does she weigh? About 2 kilograms. 5. What will she do if she is hungry? She will miaow. 6. What?s her personality?

She is friendly, quiet, sometimes lazy.

Read and write “T” or “F”.
1. Her favorite food is milk. ( F ) 2. She likes sleeping in the armchair.( F ) 3. She often plays with a ball. ( T ) 4. She hates to brush her fur. ( F )

5. Amy feeds the cat twice a day. ( F ) 6. Poppy is sometimes lazy.( T )

7. She often worries because we don?t take good care of her. ( F )

Para 1-2

Fill in a table
What does it look like ?
Read and find out the words to describe its appearance(外貌).

Fur Paws(爪子) Poppy Eyes Size

long and grey white green small

Para 3-6 Read and fill in blanks
friendly, quiet, lazy Its personality _____________
( clever friendly happy kind lazy quiet shy… )

cat food , fish and warm milk Its food ___________________ a basket Its home___________________ What does it like?
She likes fish and warm milk. She likes sleeping in a basket. She likes playing with a ball.

How does Amy look after it?
Feed her every day . Give her clean water. Brush her fur .

Language points.

1.fur(不可数名词)软毛,毛皮 2.weigh (动词) 重 Sb/Sth + weigh(s) +重量。某人/某物的重量是--------。 How much do/does sb/sth weigh?某人/某物的重量是多少? weight (名词) 重量 one?s weight / the weight of sth 3.kilo=kilogram 公斤,千克 a kilo of---4. play with sb和某人一起玩 play with sth 玩某物 5.brush (动词) 刷 brush(名词) 刷子 two toothbrushe

s 6.worry(动词)担心,忧虑 worry about sb/sth 担心某人/某事 7. take good care of=look after-----well 精心照料---

Group work
cat Kind 1 (种类) She’s a ________ .


2 (外表)

Introduction 介绍,概述 She has long grey and _____ paws. Her eyes are ____,_____fur white green small 2 ______ .She is _____ and weighs only ___Kilograms. She eats ____ food , but she likes fish best. She ___ cat drinkswarm milk ________ .She sleeps in a ________ and plays basket hungry miaow with balls .When she is ________, she will ________. ____ quiet She is friendly and ______ .


Personality 4 (性格)
How to look 5 after it ? Why is it 6 special ?

Main body 正文

water Amy feeds her every day , gives her clean_____ ,and ____ fur brushes her ______ sometimes.
friend worries She is a best______ and she never ________ because take good care of they ______ _______ ________ ____ her.

Conclusion 结论

These useful expressions may help you.(Page102)
I love/like my…very much. It is always very friendly/quiet/happy/noisy. My pet is… My…looks like… It usually sits/lies on the bed/ floor. It likes/does not like… It lives in a cage/basket/box. It needs… We usually/ sometimes... We should/should not…

Use the information on page 94, 96,99,100.

Work out the outline(大纲) of your favourite pet, then write an article according to your outline.


Size: small Eyes: small, black Tail: long Feathers: blue, yellow, red

clever (can speak and sing) friendly (can say “Hello”)

eat seeds(种子)and nuts(坚果) live in a cage like to repeat(重复) people?s words

How to write about our pets?
1. Introduction
Say what kind animal it is.

2. Main body
A. Describe (描述) its appearance (外貌). B. Describe its qualities ( 品质、特性).

C. Write about its food, its home, its likes and dislikes.
D. write about how you look after it.

3. Conclusion
Say why your favorite pet is special.

Thank you !

Read and complete the table.
Poppy Appearance She has_____, ______ fur and _______ white long grey paws. Her eyes are _______. She is small green and weighs only about ____kilograms. 2


She is friendly ________and _______. quiet
She eats ________, but she likes _____ cat food fish best. She drinks _______. She sleeps in a milk balls ______ and plays with ______ . When basket she is hungry she will ______. ______, miaow

Read and complete the table.
How does Amy Amy feeds her _________, gives every day look after her___________, and brushes clean water Poppy? her_____. fur Why does Amy like Poppy? She is her best friend.

My pet
Appearance Personality Lifestyle How do I look after him/her? Why do I like him/her?

The useful expressions on page 102 may help you to write about your pets. Read them and then begin to write.

Sample writing
My pet?s name is Dudu. He?s a parrot . He is t

wo years old now. Dudu has long red, blue and yellow feathers and small black eyes. He has a large beak and a very long tail. He is very clever. When I say ?Hello? to Dudu, he always tries to say ?Hello? back. Dudu likes to eat seed (种子) and nuts (坚果). His beak is very strong, so he can open nutshells (果壳) by himself.

I feed him and change his water every day. Usually, I clean his cage twice a week. Dudu is my special friend but sometimes he is noisy. When he is outside his cage, he sings happily!

Plan of presentation
? Introduction
Say what kind of animal it is . (Para. 1)

? Main body
Describe its appearance . (Para. 2~5) Describe its personality . Write about its food , its home , its likes and dislikes. Write about how you look after it .

? Conclusion
Say why your favourite animal is special . (Para. 6)

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