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根据下面对话中的情景,在每个空白处填入一个适当的语句,使对话恢复完整。 A: Nick, are you busy now?

B: No. (1) ?

A: I need your help. I’m planning for tomorrow’s Chinese class. Can we talk about it?

B: You mean the activity of “Spring in my eyes’?

A: Yes. What are you going to do?

A: Sing a song? What’s the name of the song?


A: I don’B: Let me see. You like drawing. I think you can draw a picture about spring.

. I’ll do that tomorrow.



(Betty is talking with her friend Daming on the phone.)

Daming: Hello, this is Daming. Who’s that?

Betty: This is Betty. I want to visit your hometown——Tianjin. Can you give me some suggestions?

.What do you want to know?


Daming: Yes, you are right. It’s usually very hot in summer.

Daming:Because the weather starts to get cooler and the trees starts to change colour.

Daming: You can visit many places of interest here, such as Tianjin Ancient Culture Street and you can also try some traditional Chinese food.

Betty: I’m looking forward to visiting Tianjin. Thank you for your suggerstions. Bye-bye. Daming: Bye-bye. I hope to see you soon.



A: Good morning, doctor.

B: Morning. What’s your problem, madam?

A: It’s my son. He’’t sleep at night. this?

A: For two days.

A: No, I took his temperature an hour ago and it seemed all right.

A: Is it serious, doctor?

B: Don’’ll be better soon. A: Thank you.


根据下面对话中的情境,在每个空白处填入一个适当的语句,使对话恢复完整。 A: Hi, Bob! How was your last weekend?

B: I played basketball.

B: Twice a week. I like it very much. How did you spend your last weekend? B: Sounds interesting. Do you often go to the moutains?


B: I’d love to. But I’m afraid I can’t go with you this weekend. Maybe next week is OK.



W: What are you going to do for vacation, Jack?

M: I’m going to travel with my sister in Italy.

W: Oh, a great country! (1) M: It’s always sunny and warm.

W: (2) M: We are going to leave on July 15th.

M: We’ll stay there for a few days.

W: What are you going to do there?

W: Oh, that’s wonderful. Have a good time!

M: Thank you. Goodbye!

W: (5) !



(A reporter is interviewing a foreign visitor at the Shanghai Expo.)

Reporter: Excuse me, I’Visitor: Sure, please.

Visitor: I’m from Germany.


Visitor: Yes, just a little. I began studying Chinese two months ago.

Reporter: How do you like the Shanghai Expo?

Visitor: I like it very much. The China Pavilion(中国馆) impressed me most.

Visitor: Thank you.



A: Could you invite my friends to my house for Dragon Boat Festival, Mom?

A: Yeah. Ummm...Could you borrow some money?


A: I need to buy some ingredients(材料) to make Zongzi.

B: I’m going to the supermarket and I can buy what you need.


B: You’re welcome. Oh, could you clean your room?


B: You need to clean it again for your friends.

B: All right. By the way, do you know how to make Zongzi? Maybe we can make Zongzi together. And then we can give some to your grandparents as well.

A: Perfect.

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